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A factory that produces butter and cheese.
  1. 'The year 1896 is claimed to be the first time that this creamery started up butter making.'
  2. 'There was never any question of it selling the creamery to a competitor, he added.'
  3. 'The creameries and cheese makers could be independent businesses or cooperatively owned by dairy farmers.'
  4. 'The creamery employs 169 people and was sold to the Solarus Group by McCains some years ago.'
  5. 'Staff from the Hawes-based creamery are helping to organise the Cheese Show.'
  6. 'They opened a creamery and the craft of cheese-making was taught to the local girls.'
  7. 'Not only that, I am just round the corner from one of the two creameries on the island.'
  8. 'The real privilege for us is that people actually came to the creamery and saw what the creamery is all about.'
  9. 'The farm was the first organic dairy west of the Mississippi, and the creamery was the first wholly organic dairy processing plant in the United States.'
  10. 'With $2.1 billion in annual sales, including joint ventures, it has grown from an alliance of rural Illinois creameries to one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the United States.'
  11. 'The relentless demise of small farmers who brought their milk to the crossroad creameries, now replaced by bulk collection from increasingly larger farms, has led to the closure of the creamery stores.'
  12. 'In addition there is no creamery, no bakery and no chemist shop, he said.'

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noun, plural creameries.

1. a place where milk and cream are processed and where butter and cheese are produced.

2. a place for the sale of milk and its products.

3. a place where milk is set to form cream.


(creamery)Mid 19th century: from cream, on the pattern of French crémerie.