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Suffering from cramp.
  1. 'Getting to his feet, he stretched his cramped muscles and sighed in contentment, feeling quite full.'
  2. 'He stretched his muscles, cramped from lying on the floor, and then looked about for the stone he had used the night before.'
  3. 'I got out for the car and stretched my cramped muscles.'
  4. 'Now she lifted herself up to shake out her cramped muscles, and went in search of her backpack and something to eat.'
  5. 'They can alleviate or eliminate back and leg pain, sore or cramped muscles, and swelling caused by water retention.'
  6. 'I had trouble moving, for my muscles were so cramped.'
  7. 'Legs cramped from running, I slumped down onto the floor and burst into tears.'
  8. 'Their leg muscles felt cramped and pained when they all stood up.'
  9. 'She sat up straight and immediately regretted it, as her cramped muscles screamed in protest.'
  10. 'She took a few steps away from the others and then started doing a few exercises to loosen up her cramped muscles.'
Uncomfortably small or restricted.
  1. 'She couldn't bear moving from one place to place… tents were much too cramped.'
  2. 'I have visited Odsal police station on a number of occasions and conditions there are cramped and unsuitable.'
  3. 'The centre is cramped for space, but we will make do.'
  4. 'It was too cramped up in the trunk, really, so I was glad when we could get out.'
  5. 'Some cabins are roomy and plush, while others are cramped and plain.'
  6. '‘Yes, we should,’ agreed Tiffany, who was more than happy to leave that cramped room.'
  7. 'The other Jeep was cramped with five people and cargo.'
  8. 'They complain it is cramped and up to 25 per cent too small.'
  9. 'She, however, wanted to show me how unappetizing the food was and how cramped the living conditions were.'
  10. 'I explored two small stores, each of which was cramped, narrow, and unchanged since their construction in the 50s.'
  11. 'Black risks taking on a cramped position with backward development in order to test both players' positional abilities.'
  12. 'The printing was hurried and the cramped letters ran together as if Alec had been in a great hurry to get them on paper.'
  13. 'The lettering is cramped and pushed so far to the right that it runs off the paper onto the board behind.'
  14. 'Usually this ends up being a cramped, scribbled list, and hard to understand.'
  15. 'I heard the front door and looked up from the papers spread out on the desk, my cramped handwriting covering just about every square inch.'
  16. 'I mumble, trying to read Ian Anwar's cramped handwriting.'
  17. 'These do not appear on the Rochdale posters on this occasion so that information is not cramped.'


1. affected with a cramp in a muscle or muscles.

More examples(as adjective)

"souls can be cramped by spirits."

"seats can be cramped for adults."

"people can be cramped in organisations."

"people can be cramped in holes."

"kitchens can be cramped for spaces."

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