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Clever at achieving one's aims by indirect or deceitful methods.
  1. 'Steve was, and is, a pretty crafty hardware and software guy.'
  2. 'Perhaps jurors minds were perverted by the words of some pretty crafty lawyers?'
  3. 'I knew not that thy men were crafty and deceitful like a fox.'
  4. 'She's very crafty… but, of course, I'm the one who agreed to it.'
  5. 'The tiger was too careful and too crafty to reveal himself just like that.'
  6. '"Oh, he's much too crafty for that, " replied Armand.'
  7. 'As crafty administrators will tell you, appoint a committee to insulate yourself against public criticism.'
  8. 'Beware of a crafty and clever individual who can talk you into making a bad financial deal.'
  9. 'But elders get to be elders by being cunning and crafty.'
  10. '‘He was courageous, clever, confident, some people even say he was crafty,’ a friend describes the young schoolboy.'
  11. 'he sneaked off to a toilet for a crafty smoke'
  12. 'He watched her stare at him and held a crafty smile across his face.'
  13. 'He pieces together the history behind the crafty tricks and cunning plans of conflict.'
  14. 'My red lips curl into a crafty little smile at the thought of that suave, devil of a man sitting on the sixty-eighth floor.'
  15. 'The crafty machinations of the camera yield the spontaneity of the snapshot.'
  16. 'And while I was in there any thoughts of having a crafty fag dispersed at the sight of the smoke alarms.'
  17. 'He is kidnapped and his friends try to save him - but are are captured by the Queen's crafty cunning.'
  18. 'The government has wised up to the crafty ways of the wily general.'
  19. 'She would have to do some fairly under handed and crafty lying to convince him to leave without revealing the conspiracy.'
  20. 'This is particularly true in the office, where crafty technologies help bosses keep abreast of what their employees are doing.'
  21. 'The carrot-and-stick strategy at first seemed ingenious or at least crafty.'
Involving or relating to the making of objects by hand.
  1. 'Tap into your inner Picasso with these crafty tricks.'
  2. 'If you are interested in joining a group of crafty ladies do come along and join in the fun.'


1. skillful in underhand or evil schemes; cunning; deceitful; sly.

2. Obsolete. skillful; ingenious; dexterous.

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"people can be crafty."

"ways can be crafty."

"touchs can be crafty."

"sods can be crafty."

"people/places/organizations can be crafty."

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Old English cræftig ‘strong, powerful’, later ‘skilful’ (see craft, -y).