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An activity involving skill in making things by hand.
  1. mass noun 'art and craft'
  2. 'The children were taught Mugdhu dance, along with a range of other Asian skills and crafts including origami.'
  3. 'Thatch, however, is a highly skilled and time-consuming craft, with only a few practitioners left.'
  4. 'We made most of our own decorations from art supplies, crafts, sewing and woodworking projects.'
  5. 'Few of the Garifuna still practice their traditional crafts.'
  6. 'The curriculum is broad based incorporating such subjects as art, crafts, skills, etc.'
  7. 'There will be art and crafts, activities, quizzes and games at The Platform, Morecambe.'
  8. 'Other prisoners teach crafts and skills, benefiting from modern equipment and resources they might not otherwise get to use.'
  9. 'A wide variety of activities and crafts are planned.'
  10. 'There were exhibits from many areas including woodwork, art, crafts, metalwork and science from first year up to fifth year.'
  11. 'And it also keeps alive ancient trades, skills and crafts by channelling them into making products for the western consumer.'
  12. 'the shop sells local crafts'
  13. 'The square attracts many people and there are lots of local people selling their crafts.'
  14. 'Photograph and take home handmade local crafts.'
  15. 'Most traditional crafts use local natural materials.'
  16. 'Traditional handmade crafts were not only useful but also decorative, with colorful and intricate designs.'
  17. 'They feature the hand-made crafts of local artisans.'
  18. 'This is the place to see a wide range of beautiful local crafts and it is a must for avid shoppers.'
  19. 'These old edifices camouflage well-stocked shops that carry crafts, jewellery, trinkets, carrots, clocks, wants and necessities.'
  20. 'It is expected that some well known craftsmen will display their crafts at the fair.'
  21. 'I caught the bus to historic Scottsdale, which has more than 100 shops and boutiques, selling Indian jewellery and crafts.'
  22. 'It would include a carnival procession, medieval banquet, bands, an ox roasting and a traditional fair with crafts.'
  23. 'the artist learned his craft in Holland'
  24. 'There is also a lack of understanding of how long it takes to master the craft.'
  25. 'But editing isn't about revenge; it's about honing a craft.'
  26. 'Evidence of craft, skill and ingenuity were in evidence everywhere.'
  27. 'They've honed their craft and can easily create any atmosphere they like.'
  28. 'Your professional wisdom and craft are appreciated and fresh opportunities in your field of activity are made available to you.'
  29. 'Along with the craft one should master the science and grammar of dance.'
  30. 'a craft baker'
  31. 'The bar sells locally-brewed cask and craft ales alongside premium continental brews, European bottled lagers and farmhouse ciders.'
  32. 'Over many years we've demonstrated an unyielding commitment to craft coffees and teas of uncompromised quality.'
  33. 'It is a unique craft tea house unlike any other tea house in Orange County.'
  34. 'The federal government shutdown could leave America's craft brewers with a serious hangover.'
  35. 'That creativity is what has attracted many to craft brewing.'
  36. 'At the earliest age possible I joined the Craft - and discovered my Father was a freemason.'
Skill used in deceiving others.
  1. 'She has done this for so long that she has gotten good at it, perfected her craft of deceiving people.'
  2. 'Jonson allows the head male character to be exceedingly great at his craft of deception.'
A boat or ship.
  1. 'Existing requirements governing mechanically propelled pleasure craft introduced in 2001 have been incorporated into the new regulations.'
  2. 'The route that Columbus took is a route, which was feasible for a sailing craft, such as of the Viking type, much earlier.'
  3. 'These craft run the gamut from sleek international racing yachts to historic workboats.'
  4. 'Traffic on the River Ouse consists almost entirely of pleasure craft these days.'
  5. 'At 10.30 am they dashed into the boat, and Anthony and his oarsmen pulled the craft out into the surf.'
  6. 'Waiting for the ships to arrive were groups of US sailors who had flown into Sydney to join their respective craft.'
  7. 'Waterborne commerce, vital to any archipelago, was conducted in crude sailing craft.'
  8. 'Floating flak jackets were developed for the crews of the US Navy's inshore patrol craft.'
  9. 'And then there are sailboats and power boats disguised as pleasure craft or fishing vessels.'
  10. 'The Navy vessel located the pleasure craft and stood by her until the local lifeboat arrived to take the stricken vessel in tow.'
  11. 'Within a few seconds, she flew the craft out of the starship.'
  12. 'One thought the ambulance that came to get him was an alien space craft.'
  13. 'The hatch between the craft and the Space Station will be opened about 90 minutes later.'
  14. 'Design went ahead rapidly since the new aircraft was basically a higher powered refinement of the first craft.'
  15. 'During the test, the craft became airborne and Don decided to take the Flying Wing for a circuit.'
  16. 'She handed it to Cary who gazed questioningly at the picture which vaguely resembled a landing space craft.'
  17. 'For example, look at the solar panels mounted on the craft's service module and on its orbital module.'
  18. 'Now calling all passengers to board the shuttle craft immediately.'
  19. 'The craft will now lift off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on 9 November.'
  20. 'Before this test program, the system had primarily been used on fighter air craft.'


Exercise skill in making (an object), typically by hand.
  1. 'a beautifully crafted object'
  2. 'a carefully crafted peace process'
  3. 'Move your listeners and express yourself more effectively by crafting your songs the way hit writers do.'
  4. 'They were crafted from wagon spring steel, one of the few sources of steel available to blacksmiths in 1863.'
  5. 'Makers created presentation models crafted from expensive woods with carved elements and inlays of mother-of-pearl or ivory.'
  6. 'Ben has received rave reviews in the music press thanks to his beautifully crafted songs and superb voice.'
  7. 'We help clients with the demands of crafting their future direction.'
  8. 'He has put out a finely crafted piece of work.'
  9. 'Crafted from the highest-quality spring steel I had, these shoes will compliment any office cube or trophy case.'
  10. 'However, even great powers have difficulty crafting different policies at the same time.'
  11. 'She has lovingly crafted this album using all her talents, lifelong influences and delicate taste.'
  12. 'Yet his eyes lighted up when he saw the exquisitely crafted scarf.'

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1. an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill: the craft of a mason.

2. skill; dexterity: The silversmith worked with great craft.

3. skill or ability used for bad purposes; cunning; deceit; guile.

4. the members of a trade or profession collectively; a guild.

5. a ship or other vessel.

6. a number of ships or other vessels taken as a whole: The craft were warned of possible heavy squalls.

7. aircraft coll

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"dresses can be crafted."

"works can be crafted."

"statements can be crafted."

"replicas can be crafted."

"products can be crafted."

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(craft)Old English cræft ‘strength, skill’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kracht, German Kraft, and Swedish kraft ‘strength’. craft (sense 3 of the noun), originally in the expression small craft ‘small trading vessels’, may be elliptical, referring to vessels requiring a small amount of ‘craft’ or skill to handle, as opposed to large ocean-going ships.