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Involving mutual assistance in working towards a common goal.
  1. 'Of course, we do have some international institutions that are making progress toward cooperative solutions.'
  2. 'We live in a civil society with people working for cooperative goals.'
  3. 'Some of these relationships are competitive, predatorial, and parasitic; others are mutual, cooperative, and supportive.'
  4. 'Such top-down control over reproduction is a common feature of cooperative animal societies.'
  5. 'I'm starting to see a trend in game design away from one-winner-take-all games and more towards cooperative games which can have multiple winners or no winners at all.'
  6. 'Both countries agreed to work towards a constructive and cooperative relationship for the twenty-first century.'
  7. 'Teams that had developed collectivist rather than individualistic values were found to have cooperative goals.'
  8. 'It is oriented specifically toward adoption of cooperative learning in postsecondary settings.'
  9. 'The earlier interest in voluntary associational schemes, such as land settlement communes and cooperative enterprises, lapsed.'
  10. 'The co-operative commonwealth itself is, they insist, for the distant future.'
  11. 'they have been extremely considerate, polite, and cooperative'
  12. 'Your client did not really display any very co-operative attitude towards the police officer.'
  13. 'To my surprise most people were fairly co-operative, and no one even complained about the scoring system.'
  14. 'Participants should act in a timely and co-operative manner to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents.'
  15. 'The partner institutions have been consistently cooperative and responsive.'
  16. 'The first team was very responsive and cooperative in updating data.'
  17. 'So they won't be very cooperative if our goal is just to get them to stop building.'
  18. 'He is also a very co-operative and accommodating person and a joy to have around.'
  19. 'He said most hotels were co-operative and normally helped travel agencies find other accommodation when forced to close or when under redecoration.'
  20. 'He is cooperative but still uncomfortable with the responsibility.'
  21. 'She has been co-operative and compliant with completing this Parenting Capacity Assessment.'
  22. 'There was no street trading, only large state-managed outlets for the distribution of goods from state-controlled co-operative farms and industries.'
  23. 'These have poured in from Vietnam, where cooperative farming produces much cheaper rice.'
  24. 'According to the tribe, their cooperative businesses have turned a profit every year since 1986.'
  25. 'Respondents agreed the work still remains a cooperative business.'
  26. 'He also admitted that it would probably take two or three decades for the peasant to be convinced that cooperative agriculture would be more efficient.'
  27. 'According to the current legislation, neither cooperative farms nor leaseholders can use the land as a guarantee for a loan.'
  28. 'Farmers can give away control of their cooperative businesses, but it cannot be taken away from them.'
  29. 'Eight members of our faculty carried on cooperative housekeeping.'
  30. 'Second, they are more likely to have members committed to cooperative organization than are coops founded when socialist ideology is weak.'
  31. '‘The changes are a step back to the state-controlled cooperative farms,’ he said.'


A farm, business, or other organization which is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits.
  1. 'Farm supply and sugar cooperatives ended the year with larger net losses than in 2000.'
  2. 'The trade unions and cooperatives also had 100 reserved seats each.'
  3. 'In other parts of the world unions are active in promoting democratic worker cooperatives to organize workers.'
  4. 'Rosemary has been an active member of women's co-operatives since leaving university, where she completed an MA in religious studies.'
  5. 'In some cases, members of agricultural cooperatives were permitted to farm individually.'
  6. 'As those markets change, so too, do the fortunes of cooperatives and members.'
  7. 'As a political force, worker cooperatives are only beginning to find their voice.'
  8. 'The plant has been a great asset to its member cooperatives and has saved them a considerable amount of money.'
  9. 'From a financial standpoint, cooperatives may need to rethink how benefits are paid.'
  10. 'What must cooperatives return to members in exchange for higher levels of equity investment?'


1. working or acting together willingly for a common purpose or benefit.

2. demonstrating a willingness to cooperate: The librarian was cooperative in helping us find the book.

3. pertaining to economic cooperation: a cooperative business.

4. involving or denoting an educational program comprising both classroom study and on-the-job or technical training, especially in colleges and universities. noun

5. a jointly owned enterprise engaging in the production or distributio

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"places can be cooperative in areas."

"coordinators can be cooperative in areas."

"polices can be cooperative in things."

"snips can be cooperative as people."

"people can be cooperative with people."

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Early 17th century: from late Latin cooperativus, from Latin cooperat- ‘worked together’, from the verb cooperari (see cooperate).