Adjective "Cool-Headed" definition and examples

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Not easily worried or excited.
  1. 'Yet despite knowing this to be true - in an objective, cool-headed way - I still couldn't wait for it to end.'
  2. 'While the Games will be great, cool-headed analysts estimate the economic impact at perhaps one percent a year for a few years.'
  3. 'Remaining calm and cool-headed was always essential.'
  4. '‘I must sincerely call on everyone to be rational and cool-headed,’ he said.'
  5. 'Think, talk to cool-headed agent Smith, and decide.'
  6. 'And what the world needs now are cool-headed leaders.'
  7. 'The cool-headed leader Rose continued her pace.'
  8. 'The other was a highly educated, enormously well-read, famously cool-headed master spy for the Soviet Union.'
  9. 'We were halfway to the casino when the thing suddenly sat up and meowed, striking wholescale panic into my usually cool-headed, crack reporting team.'
  10. 'Collectively, these factors mean that a cool-headed plaintiff will not bring a case in which the expected outcome is smaller than the cost of litigation.'



1. not easily excited; calm.

More examples(as adjective)

"buyers can be cool-headed to prices."

"attitudes can be cool-headed."

"victories can be cool-headed."

"tellers can be cool-headed."

"skills can be cool-headed."

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