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In a state of peaceful happiness.
  1. 'I was happy after my marriage, Logan and I were very content with each other.'
  2. 'He'll happily party for five days, literally, but I know Jo will end up very content with a nice little home and if not a picket fence than perhaps some shrubbery.'
  3. 'Hotsuma looked at her face, she seemed as though she were asleep, content and peaceful.'
  4. 'Smiling, I turned around the drove the rest of the way back to Trevor's with a content feeling.'
  5. 'He's not in any rush, though, and is quite content in Bulgaria.'
  6. 'They were a devoted couple who were very content in each others company and the sympathy of the whole community goes out to Lionel in these sad and lonely days.'
  7. 'She looked so peaceful, so content and comfortable… even though she was a so far away from the ground.'
  8. 'She rested back against it's trunk, quite content on not being disturbed by anyone that couldn't find her.'
  9. 'I don't generally reckon it a good idea to go back to live in places you've lived before, no matter how happy or content you may have been there.'
  10. 'But there seem to be the regulars who appear quite content with their way of life and, if someone is willing to put a roof over their heads, that would appear to be a bonus.'
  11. 'he had to be content with third place'
  12. 'He is quite content to let whole neighbourhoods, whole cities, indeed whole countries be submerged in crime, so long as it does not affect him personally.'
  13. 'They appeared quite content with gestural communication with the children.'
  14. 'Not content with continuing to sing both old roles and new in defiance of his 62 years, Domingo is preparing to embark on another new project.'
  15. 'However, it seems that Alice was quite content with carrying on with her waitressing - until Nicolas stepped in.'
  16. 'Not content with patenting the test, the company moved quickly to ringfence the genes themselves.'
  17. 'I am quite content with my work life, I can't say I love everyone in office, because some of them I hardly know.'
  18. 'He's quite content with the knowledge that his films aren't for everyone.'
  19. 'And in fact she does seem more at ease with herself than I've heard she was, and very content with her life.'
  20. 'But ten days ago both sides were quite content with the result, both realising that they had come perilously close to losing.'
  21. 'He is generally quite content with himself and his life, and he lacks for nothing, except honor.'


Satisfy (someone)
  1. 'Jane is contented with her teaching and the company of the house's inmates.'
  2. 'This, in our judgment, they have manifestly failed to do, contenting themselves instead with deciding the case solely on the credibility of the witnesses.'
  3. 'This was the best time she had ever had and she was contented with life as it was.'
  4. 'In Scotland, though, and with some justification we have contented ourselves in the belief that our police forces are trustworthy and industrious.'
  5. 'I wasn't contented to stay at that moment, knowing whatever she spoke of, would terrorize me with the vanity.'
  6. 'When the race began, the crowd contented itself by lazily torturing his teammates, and, by early appearances, they were in rare form.'
  7. 'The men's team was not at full strength and contented themselves here with a fifth place, but there were, nevertheless, some impressive performances.'
  8. 'I contented myself just looking through them and soaking in the library atmosphere.'
  9. 'And until that day, he was contented with being the vagabond that he was.'
  10. 'Meanwhile, Jack and a small group of boys were contented to hunt.'
  11. 'we contented ourselves with a few small purchases'
  12. 'I wouldn't mind contenting myself with that for a day.'
  13. 'She contented herself with not leaning against Walter, and paid attention.'
  14. 'As recently as 10 years ago media consultants contented themselves with eight to 12 campaigns in an election cycle.'
  15. 'What it contents itself with, typically, is causes or other parts of causal circumstances.'
  16. 'Although no details have been disclosed, it is difficult to think that they contented themselves with just repeating their cases.'
  17. 'Don't content yourself with an adequate performance from yourself or your students.'
  18. 'He, meanwhile, will content himself with what, by comparison, are relatively modest talents.'
  19. 'A prudent man, a man of less courage but more sense, would have contented himself with three more rounds of boxing.'
  20. 'In scientific research, we content ourselves with nothing less than best-in-class.'
  21. 'I content myself with just watching him from afar, and nothing makes me happier than just seeing him enjoying himself with the rest of the team and enjoying the game that we all love.'


A state of satisfaction.
  1. 'After their first fistfight outside the bar they sit next to each other exhausted, satisfied and content.'
  2. 'I would ask those who champion the beach book why they are content to champion a dull novel in a comfortable environment.'
  3. 'We were content to coexist in peace, but you could not have it so!'
  4. 'They stood there for a few seconds, content with the peace of the garden.'
  5. 'You realise how much when he returns and effortlessly captures the spotlight, turning the crowd from content to jubilant.'
  6. 'They appear comfortable and content to be allowed to develop in a steady, laid back, logical flow instead of jerky revelatory leaps.'
  7. 'They are content to rest comfortably in the mainstream of life, remaining unnoticed.'
  8. 'Together we drift off into a much needed sleep, both comfortable and content.'
  9. 'She'd rest her head on my shoulder, wherever we were, and we'd just stay like that, comfortable and content.'
  10. 'Both felt comfortable and content as they drifted into a gentle sleep.'
A member of the British House of Lords who votes for a particular motion.


    The things that are held or included in something.
    1. 'All orders come packaged in the eponymous brown box and wrapped in parcel paper - but their contents include a dazzling array of delights.'
    2. 'There's a still silence as they examine the contents which include pen, stickers, balloons, magnets and a few chocolate bars.'
    3. 'Even so, a steady trickle of boxes flowed through the living and dining rooms, and their contents were emptied and loaded into the new storage and display units.'
    4. 'Firebugs who torched a double garage wrecked the contents, including a car and a freezer packed with food, it was revealed today.'
    5. 'He even moved to Brazil and opened a bar but drank the contents and went bust after three years.'
    6. 'For sale with all its contents included, this apartment also comes with a parking space.'
    7. 'The guild's next meeting will be on Tuesday night, April 9 and the competition is guess the contents of the parcel.'
    8. 'We set off with a springing step - me particularly - as I had left most of the contents of my small pack at the hut.'
    9. 'Inevitably as we pack the remaining contents of my condo the boxes of photos had to surface.'
    10. 'I then shake the contents of my drink, and smell.'
    11. 'soya milk has a low fat content'
    12. 'Fish contains plenty of cholesterol and fat, only it is slightly lower than the cholesterol content in beef and chicken.'
    13. 'Eat meals with a low fat content, and avoid coffee, chocolate, milk, alcohol, nicotine and tomatoes.'
    14. as modifier 'the contents page'
    15. 'Each section begins with its own table of contents and lists chapters and subchapters of that section.'
    16. 'The search will produce a web page containing the book's table of contents, a sample chapter, and a list of the corporate sponsors.'
    17. 'The phrase is used as a section heading in the book's table of contents.'
    18. 'The ‘my computer’ section lists the contents of your hard drive.'
    19. 'Multiple tables of contents featuring different general subject matter make it easy to find what you need.'
    20. 'He's continually picking one up and putting another down, shuffling between indices, tables of contents and bibliographies.'
    21. 'The first is the traditional way: simply, from the table of contents at the front of the book to the appendix at the back.'
    22. 'It has no table of contents, no chapter titles or headings and no index.'
    23. 'The table of contents provides major section headings that can be expanded to show subheadings and subsubheadings.'
    24. 'Some of those books will allow you to go through the table of contents, first chapter, and index right there on your screen.'
    25. 'Angelina's family background informed the style and content of her literary works.'
    26. 'Yet despite all that it probably was still the speech of his life - strong on content if short on style.'
    27. 'Basically, I find myself more often having issues with the style, rather content, of a Galloway speech.'
    28. 'What I mean by this is that I want the background image to appear, even when the content is there, rather than the content section being a plain opaque colour.'
    29. 'The contents of the Web site, however, compensate for its traditional image by being versatile and very user-friendly.'
    30. 'Like any type of writing, if you want to work in online content you need sample pieces to show prospective clients what you can do.'
    31. 'An indication that audiences are being created for blog content which extend well beyond the bloggers themselves.'
    32. 'Intrusion detection, log monitoring, and of course patch management all become part of the overall security of the website and the contents.'
    33. 'The newly added contents should be available to web surfers at the next database updates which normally take few days up to few months.'
    34. 'Then again, I haven't figured out yet how any content sites are going to make any money off the web besides advertising.'
    35. 'The title tag includes the title text that you created for each specific web page, the title that provides information about the contents of your web page.'
    36. 'You know what content you want on the website but have no clue how to present it to the user.'
    37. 'Make sure the contents on your website is optimized properly with proper focus on keywords and nice heading, title and description.'


    1. Usually, contents. something that is contained: the contents of a box. the subjects or topics covered in a book or document. the chapters or other formal divisions of a book or document: a table of contents.

    2. something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts: a poetic form adequate to a poetic content.

    3. significance or profundity; meaning: a clever play that lacks content.

    4. substantive information or creative materia

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    "people can be content with places."

    "places can be content with things."

    "people can be content with things."

    "people can be content with stakes."

    "people can be content with lives."

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    (content)Late Middle English: from medieval Latin contentum (plural contenta ‘things contained’), neuter past participle of continere (see contain).