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Having or showing an attitude of patronizing superiority.
  1. 'a condescending smile'
  2. 'But nothing could be more patronising and condescending than his own view that being a farm labourer is an inadequate occupation.'
  3. 'Even the Indians, towards whom some of my fellow countrymen have a condescending attitude, made strenuous efforts to revive the long-dead language of Sanskrit.'
  4. 'Miller, a middle-aged man with gray blonde hair and a compassionate face, didn't appreciate the condescending attitude of this upstart kid!'
  5. 'To be sure, the condescending attitude of the promoters of the project was no help to their cause.'
  6. 'Our schools are only just recovering from the condescending attitude that we ought to expect worse standards from the poor.'
  7. 'Some faculty members seem to express a condescending, at times almost disdainful, attitude.'
  8. 'It was because that group poses a threat to the Maori vote that is now currently held by a Government that treats that vote in a condescending, patronising manner.'
  9. 'He evaluates the host culture from his own perspective and approaches it with a condescending or even contemptuous attitude.'
  10. 'Even when youth activism is accepted it is usually in a condescending or patronizing manner when older and more experienced organizers run and co-opt youth efforts.'
  11. 'I still find their attitude to us condescending and disgraceful.'


1. showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority: They resented the older neighbors' condescending cordiality.

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"editors can be condescending in tones."

"attitudes can be condescending."

"tones can be condescending."

"manners can be condescending."

"ways can be condescending."

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