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Made denser or more concise; compressed or concentrated.
  1. '"With these new guidelines, parents can easily sort through carefully selected and condensed information to figure out what is best to feed their infants and toddlers."'
  2. 'A condensed and edited transcript of the conversation follows.'
  3. 'He states clearly the premisses of his argument, but the argument itself is very condensed and I do not find it easy to follow.'
  4. 'The script used is Potter's own condensed and Americanised version of the BBC's, written, according to Humphrey Carpenter's fine biography, in 1990.'
  5. 'Song downloads will be limited to a catalogue of 500 mobile mixes, or condensed versions lasting 90 to 120 seconds.'
  6. 'As international cricket tours become increasingly condensed, the scheduling of warm-up and practice matches is ever more complicated and important.'
  7. 'The History of Language is a necessarily condensed account, aimed at the general reader, of the principles that underlie comparative philology.'
  8. 'condensed soup'
  9. 'Condensed soups are pretty much just cans of flavour.'
  10. 'Sales of condensed soups in those familiar red cans have stagnated.'
  11. 'After about two minutes add two cans of condensed beef consommé with enough water to bring it to about 3 cups of liquid.'
Changed from a gas or vapour to a liquid.
  1. 'A funnel cloud is formed by condensed water droplets when accompanied by a rotating column of wind.'
  2. 'Since the oils do not mix with water, they are easy to recover from the condensed liquid.'
  3. 'As masonry surfaces tend to chill and collect condensed moisture, painting early in the morning and late afternoon should be avoided except in dry climates.'


1. reduced in volume, area, length, or scope; shortened: a condensed version of the book.

2. made denser, especially reduced from a gaseous to a liquid state.

3. thickened by distillation or evaporation; concentrated: condensed lemon juice.

4. Printing. (of type) narrow in proportion to its height.Compare expanded (def 3).

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"milks can be condensed."

"statements can be condensed."

"versions can be condensed."

"tannins can be condensed."

"soups can be condensed."

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