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Giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive.
  1. 'A brief and concise explanation of the rules would be appropriate but far too difficult.'
  2. 'First, there must be a clear and concise formulation of the data to be transmitted.'
  3. 'We need to have a clear, fairly concise, number of recognisable brands.'
  4. 'The production is clear and concise with no sounds distorting or dropping out.'
  5. 'It's good to see an argument stated in a clear and concise way but with all its essential components.'
  6. 'I was given clear and concise information, and, on the basis of this, my verbal consent was obtained.'
  7. 'She had been taken off the system because management only used staff with clear, concise and friendly voices, it said.'
  8. 'It needs to make up its mind because investors like to see a clear and concise strategy.'
  9. 'The bandwidth constraints of the internet force us to find more concise ways to represent information.'
  10. 'It is fantastic - clear, concise, and just what you would need if you were visiting for the first time.'


1. expressing or covering much in few words; brief in form but comprehensive in scope; succinct; terse: a concise explanation of the company's retirement plan.

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"statements can be concise."

"dictionaries can be concise."

"definitions can be concise."

"summaries can be concise."

"manners can be concise."

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Late 16th century: from French concis or Latin concisus, past participle of concidere ‘cut up, cut down’, from con- ‘completely’ + caedere ‘to cut’.