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Closely and neatly packed together; dense.
  1. 'The towns that were affected were mostly small communities of brick houses, a compact commercial area, a church or two, a school, and maybe a health clinic or a hospital.'
  2. 'Rugosa roses make up a dense, compact hedge at the end of the garden without distracting from the sea view.'
  3. 'Its texture ranges from dense porcelain-like to a compact granular material composed of minute crystals.'
  4. 'Furthermore, in cultivated soils, dense compact subsoils frequently underlie the loosened topsoil.'
  5. 'The protein units appear to be packed in a compact hexagonal way and from the position and distribution of the spots it is possible to derive some structural parameters.'
  6. 'This theme is carried through to the interior with a lower seating position, aluminium trim elements, a higher centre console and a compact instrument cluster.'
  7. 'We snuggled together around the fire we had built, all together in a compact ball around the small flames.'
  8. 'Because it is only 1 micro m wide, we can make a much denser, more compact, device.'
  9. 'Then it's sent to a bale press, which compresses loose cotton into compact, dense bales.'
  10. 'Near the port area is compact Ladadika, a cluster of squares and streets which formerly comprised olive oil warehouses and markets.'
  11. 'this compact car has plenty of boot space'
  12. 'The human brain keeps experience and memory and everything else that makes its owner who they are, in a nice compact space.'
  13. 'The device would fit all sizes of pram or buggy, including three-wheelers, and was compact enough to fit into the overhead lockers on aeroplanes.'
  14. 'There were around 80 teenagers in around their mid-to-late teens, all dancing on a wooden floor in a compact space.'
  15. 'These two-dimensional examples give us an idea of how to build the more difficult three-dimensional, topologically compact spaces.'
  16. 'A compact version of a space ship floated right outside the doorway.'
  17. 'It's also compact enough to tuck neatly into an entertainment center or tabletop without being too obtrusive.'
  18. 'Dark colors are dramatic but will make a compact space seem smaller.'
  19. 'For travelling it is carried split in a padded carry case, which is compact enough to fit even a small overnight travel bag.'
  20. 'Excellent marksmanship is one of the key skills required of the marshals, who work in very compact spaces often tens of thousands of feet in the air.'
  21. 'Be assured, this latest XJ is compact enough to fit into a normal-size garage, and can easily cope with the tight spaces of multi-storey car parks.'
  22. 'Her green eyes take in every inch of the young man's frame, from his dark gold hair to his gray eyes to his muscular, compact figure.'
  23. 'He sees Strang, a compact man with deep-set eyes and a broad forehead, scratching his thick brown beard and leaning against a door jamb.'
  24. 'He's compact and sturdy yet runs like a sprinter.'
  25. 'He's compact, with salt-and-pepper hair and mustache and an open-collar gray shirt.'
  26. 'Her husband, Willy, a compact man with a Marine crew cut and Popeye forearms, is her catcher.'
  27. 'His father Lou, an accountant, is a short, compact man with an intense, handsome face who suddenly and permanently leaves home.'
  28. 'Overall the sheltie is a compact dog with a moderately long head, the tiniest of ears and an expression of wisdom and kindness.'
  29. 'He was compact, stylish and just too good to be true.'
  30. 'He was compact, mostly black, and quite dapper.'
  31. 'The modern bouvier de Flandres is a powerful but compact dog.'
  32. 'Those who wish to read an overview of cancer of the lung will find this concise and compact book very useful.'
  33. 'A compact summary of his ideas is difficult to pull off.'
  34. 'Chapter 2 has a this-happened, then that-happened quality that defies a simple and compact summary.'
  35. 'As a result, this complete yet compact book is crowded.'
  36. 'This is a compact, intelligent, plainly written and well organised account of the elements of the craft of writing fiction.'
  37. 'Soon, we have witnessed a compact summary of the scientist's obsessive quest to develop a genetically modified human being.'
Composed or made up of.
  1. 'Canada is a compact of some very different people who have all managed to remain united through their common loyalty to the Crown of Canada.'


Exert force on (something) so that it becomes more dense; compress.
  1. 'compacted earth'
  2. 'It's the story of Hanta, an old man who has worked for decades compacting waste paper, books especially, in his press, selecting a couple to take home with him and read.'
  3. 'The problem is that walking on earth compacts it, causing a need for deep double digging in spring to get the air back in the soil.'
  4. 'I was forced to compact a six-shelf collection of boxes for my impending move and my collection would take up a lot less weight and room if this was implemented sooner.'
  5. 'Everyone passed paper back to Timmy, and he compacted it into the most lethal paper wad ever conceived.'
  6. 'The long DNA chain is naturally compacted in a dense form in most biological systems.'
  7. 'When using the combat roll, your downward energy is compacted and the tight roll causes a slight flowing impact.'
  8. 'These act as a giant poultice, drawing toxins out from the skin, compressing and compacting the soft tissue.'
  9. 'I've been using Zip compression to compact files for storage and transmission for longer than that.'
  10. 'When the mulch is compacted too tight, this air flow cannot take place, and as the mulch continues to decompose it becomes extremely hot as the organic matter ferments.'
  11. 'It's also good to use early in the spring instead of heavier equipment which compacts wet spring soil.'
  12. 'And if you work it or walk on it when it's wet, it compacts easily.'
  13. 'I think our center will compact to the density of a neutron star.'
  14. 'He had been on the second floor of a seven-storey building that compacted into a pile of rubble.'
  15. 'As a video junkie, I don't advocate that often, but let's face it: the combination of subtitles and high speed martial arts isn't something that compacts easily onto a TV screen.'
  16. 'Snow will often accumulate and can eventually compact to form glaciers and ice caps.'
  17. 'His throat burned for oxygen and he felt his ribs compressing, compacting, and ready to break.'
  18. 'It is formed from snow falling in the interior of the Antarctic which compacts into ice.'
  19. 'the foundation of the walls, compacted of Granite and Lime'
  20. 'Carried to its extreme, this hypothesis suggests that at one time all the matter of the universe was compacted together.'
  21. 'In the way that des Esseintes imagines literature as being compacted into a single chiseled phrase, Huysmans sees the mother as being condensed into the perfection of a prayer that invokes and replaces her.'
  22. 'Listening to this astonishing 6-track set is like listening to the entire history of music compacted into short sweet segments.'


A small flat case containing face powder, a mirror, and a powder puff.
  1. 'Her stomach fell as the box went up while the girl pulled out a compact from her $700 flare jeans and started to check her perfect unblemished reflection.'
  2. 'The chic leather compact also has a mirror, lip brush and dual-ended eye brush.'
  3. 'Vintage bowling bags have been reinvented as women's accessories, from compacts to purses.'
  4. 'Philippa pulls a cigarette from a silver compact and taps it against the cover.'
  5. 'There were lipstick holders, compacts and mirrors discreetly designed to go inside.'
  6. 'The woman standing next to me applied makeup from a compact, oblivious to our impending doom.'
  7. 'Veréd Cosmetiqué's bronzing powder is encased in a beautiful silver compact with a mirror and separate compartment for the brush applicator.'
  8. 'After touching up her lip-gloss, Sally closed her compact.'
  9. 'I almost regretted agreeing to let her help me get ready for the party when I saw the array of brushes, compacts, bottles, and tubes littering the top of her sink.'
Something that is a small and conveniently shaped example of its kind, in particular a compact camera.
  1. 'Used as a family snapshot camera it's on a par with early colour compacts, using cheap colour film and cheap laboratory processing.'
  2. 'The baby-size pocket guns, the compacts, the full size, and the long target models, all fit the same holster.'
  3. 'But you can't ignore them: sport compacts, rice rockets, whatever you want to call them, they're today's hot rodders.'
A mass of powdered metal compacted together in preparation for sintering.
  1. 'Most titanium metal powders currently available in commercial quantities do not have sufficient purity to produce ductile metal compacts.'


A formal agreement or contract between two or more parties.
  1. 'a peace compact'
  2. 'But at the heart of this collection of treaties, compacts, laws and court decisions are two sets of documents.'
  3. 'All the Liberal Party candidates refused to sign the compact.'
  4. 'It was that very success that encouraged the community of nations to try its collective hand at drafting a similar compact to deal with global warming.'
  5. 'It was rather a ‘federal’ approach, a compact between indigenous lords and their nominal superiors.'
  6. 'The compact under multiculturalism is that each community within a society must have the freedom to sustain its own identity, traditions and culture.'


Make or enter into (a formal agreement) with another party or parties.


    1. joined or packed together; closely and firmly united; dense; solid: compact soil.

    2. arranged within a relatively small space: a compact shopping center; a compact kitchen.

    3. designed to be small in size and economical in operation.

    4. solidly or firmly built: the compact body of a lightweight wrestler.

    5. expressed concisely; pithy; terse; not diffuse: a compact review of the week's news.

    6. composed or made (usually followed by of): a book compact of form and co

    More examples(as adjective)

    "theories can be compact in terms."

    "texts can be compact with informations."

    "snows can be compact for races."

    "people can be compact in systems."

    "pellets can be compact to breakdowns."

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    (compact)Late 16th century: from Latin compactum, past participle of compacisci, from com- ‘with’ + pacisci ‘make a covenant’. Compare with pact.