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Of or at a low or relatively low temperature, especially when compared with the human body.
  1. 'it's cold outside'
  2. 'At the same time, autumn is the right season to undertake exercises to build up one's body for the coming cold winter.'
  3. 'The cold air hit her body with the force of a stone wall.'
  4. 'The water was warm, almost scalding compared to the cold shock of the temperature that one day.'
  5. 'It's a cold climate with temperatures in the 20s in the winter and in the 50s in the summer.'
  6. 'I'm begging someone, anyone pinch me, shake me, pour a bucket of cold water on my body.'
  7. 'In cold climates the body achieves its constant temperature by a combination of heat production and heat conservation.'
  8. 'Christmas eve, there is a cold wind, the temperatures in the desert dip below freezing.'
  9. 'Within weeks of the murder inquiry being launched, it emerged that her killer might have stored her body somewhere cold.'
  10. 'Not a minute too soon either as the air temperature is very cold.'
  11. 'Salmon marine survival rates are known to be very poor in winters of particularly cold sea temperatures.'
  12. 'she was cold, and I put some more wood on the fire'
  13. 'When we are cold and uncomfortable, we tend to lose focus on the task at hand.'
  14. 'It has to be done at the time, whatever the conditions and however tired, wet and cold people may be.'
  15. 'He misinterpreted that to mean she was still cold, and gently began to rub her bare arms with the palms of his hands.'
  16. 'Despite layers of thermal underwear and polar fleeces under my oilskins, I am so cold that I have lost all feeling in my right hand.'
  17. 'I quickly ran to him and wished him happy birthday and he in return hugged me and told me to sit in the blanket because I was very cold.'
  18. 'We all slept together in the bed because we were so cold.'
  19. 'For the first time in months I was cold, the gentle caress of the breeze put a smile on my face for the first time in days.'
  20. 'The finest tackle in the world won't catch you fish if you are so cold and miserable that concentration has dropped as low as the temperature.'
  21. 'And then I was really cold and I couldn't get up to make a hot-water bottle in case there was a scary thing in my kitchen.'
  22. 'She simply could not fathom that the heat in the entire building would not be turned back on just because she was cold.'
  23. 'serve hot or cold'
  24. 'Fears about smells and litter mean the only cafe on the beach would be limited to ice cream and cold food.'
  25. 'Tea is almost always consumed hot, as people in Kazakhstan think that drinking cold beverages will make one sick.'
  26. 'Shortly after his release from captivity, he contemplates his pique at being served cold soup.'
  27. 'Serve with crusty buns topped with any cold meat you may have on hand.'
  28. 'Then in the evening we strolled over Tower Bridge and drank cold beers by the river at Butlers' Wharf.'
  29. 'A superb buffet was then served with a selection of cold food and good Lancashire hot-pot.'
  30. 'Melvin waved hello to her, as he sat at the table with Bill, eating cold pizza and drinking flat soda.'
  31. 'I drank some more cold tea and goosebumps erupted all over my bare arms.'
  32. 'There is a display cabinet with wrapped sandwiches, salads (mackerel or ham) and cold puddings.'
  33. 'Less well known is ocrochka, a cold soup made of potatoes, egg, ham, green onion, dill and cucumber in a milky base.'
  34. 'She felt rooted to the spot, her disappointment and fear a cold, hard knot in the pit of her stomach.'
  35. 'The night before, for the first time since the Sars outbreak in Singapore, I felt cold fear.'
  36. 'I've seen several pieces of footage of such monkey hunts and they all elicit the same cold gnawing fear in my gut.'
  37. 'So far, however, it does not appear to have hurt the company or reduced shareholders to fits of cold shivers.'
  38. 'Taking a step back, Joel felt a cold fear clutch at his chest as he forced himself to breathe.'
  39. 'His fingers tightened around Xavier's hand and Xavier could feel the cold fear in his blood.'
  40. 'Even a day later, just thinking about the interview gives me cold shivers down my spine.'
  41. 'Its presence set a shiver of apprehension down the warrior's spine, and cold fear bubbling in his stomach.'
  42. 'I'm sure most GMs know the cold horror of watching from behind your screen as the group charge off after an irrelevant plot point.'
  43. 'She was here for every child who saw their parent turn upon them, for every boy and girl who felt the cold grip of fear as a man called to them on a secluded footpath.'
  44. 'she was out cold'
  45. 'That gave him the opportunity to tackle Anthony down again, knocking him out cold.'
  46. 'She came back a while ago, and now she's asleep, only I can't tell if she's asleep or out cold.'
  47. 'Really, she'll be out cold for at least another couple of hours.'
  48. 'I must have been knocked out cold because I didn't even hear Anna talking to Blair when he came by.'
  49. 'It was enough to send us into happiness, and to knock Spurs out cold.'
  50. 'The only solution to that problem would be setting it back in place, and luckily, the boy was still out cold.'
  51. 'Then they turned to see that David was still out cold but the other two were looking confused as to where they were.'
  52. 'My votes will go to the candidates that can intellectually knock the others out cold.'
  53. 'Four with respiratory diseases were on the same examination table, out cold from anesthesia.'
  54. 'The poor sap never even knew what hit him, since the blow knocked him out cold.'
  55. 'Neither of us said a word as we watched the bright flame devour the cold, stiff copse of our dead son.'
Lacking affection or warmth of feeling; unemotional.
  1. 'cold black eyes'
  2. 'Anyway, the charm was meant to bring true happiness and I'm sure a gloomy cold person like Ian would need some of that.'
  3. 'Maclean has always been a maverick, described more than once as cold and unfeeling.'
  4. 'Even when she got them to talk to her, she had found that they were cold and harsh.'
  5. 'She checked on the students regularly, always in her same formal cold manner.'
  6. 'He was taken away from his mother by Mimi and brought up in a cold, austere home with little affection or comfort.'
  7. 'People may say we are cold, but what is wrong with being less demonstrative?'
  8. 'At dinner, Kestril was cold and withdrawn, as if he faced a trial the next day.'
  9. 'Neither was there a hint of fear in Izumi's cold gray eyes, nor was there a gleam in Tenshi's.'
  10. 'It is intoxicating, a potentially cold and academic work warmed by the power and skill of the actors, notably Valk.'
  11. 'While being a rather cold and calculating man on the whole, Maddock had a soft spot for children.'
  12. 'Statistics can be used to say anything, but always appear relentless and objective and cold.'
  13. 'Spare a thought for the machinations of the global economy and the cold statistics we hear and read so much.'
  14. 'Their victory had been a triumph of cold logic over raw emotion.'
  15. 'Elise was cold and barren'
  16. 'Sexual or cold, scheming or honest, Huston seems as driven to triumph as Lily is.'
  17. 'The old resorts are seen as melancholy places where the skies are perpetually cloudy and the beaches cold and windswept.'
  18. 'It's a cold and clinical design that has none of the warmth and charm of its predecessor.'
  19. 'London's image to many is cold, wealthy and impersonal, but its real history is of revolt and subversion.'
  20. 'I would much rather that than the cold impersonality we had going on right now.'
  21. 'Balthazar said, motioning for them to follow him through the cold, sterile airport.'
  22. 'His eyes were a cold shade of blue, something that made you want to pull your jacket tighter to yourself.'
  23. 'They seemed to almost cloud over before the whites of his eyes flashed a cold blue.'
  24. 'The snow seemed amazingly white against the cold grey of an Ontario winter sky.'
  25. 'King Sila was a hard, stern man with cold blue eyes and dark hair, flecked with grey.'
  26. 'His face was flawless, oddly familiar but never the less flawless, his eyes a clear, if not cold, blue.'
  27. 'His eyes were a dark, cold blue, but it didn't seem to darken his appearance at all.'
  28. 'Some people think blue is a cold colour, but it doesn't have to be.'
  29. 'Her black hair, tall frame and dark, cold blue eyes, and everything clicked.'
  30. 'The only notable difference was the fact that this girl had hazel eyes while the inquisitor girl had cold blue.'
  31. 'In fact the only thing he knew for certain at this point was that the floor was grey, and a cold grey at that.'
(of the scent or trail of a hunted person or animal) no longer fresh and easy to follow.
  1. 'The trail's gone cold and we haven't heard anything in about two months.'
  2. 'Some later reports placed him in Waziristan, Pakistan, but thereafter the trail has gone cold.'
  3. 'Most of the abductees never return and the trail grows cold.'
  4. 'The trail has to be cold by now, too much time has gone by and we don't know if he's changed his look again.'
  5. 'Last night officers insisted the trail had not gone cold.'
  6. 'Police sources say the trail then went cold, but Noye was later to return to southern Spain until his arrest in 1998.'
Without preparation or rehearsal.
  1. 'When he's warmed up at the start of a game instead of coming in cold off the bench, he is in less danger of injury.'
  2. 'But it's still notable he was able to step in cold and run the offense so efficiently.'


A low temperature; cold weather; a cold environment.
  1. 'they nearly died of cold'
  2. 'This evening neither one of them was in the least inclined to brave the cold.'
  3. 'Approaching the cub, Erik could see that it was shivering violently from the cold and from fear of him.'
  4. 'But now they could die of starvation or cold as temperatures drop to freezing at night.'
  5. 'The cold of winter dominated their life there as they had over 150 inches of snow in each of those winters.'
  6. 'These roses can often grow back from their roots if their tops die from winter cold.'
  7. 'This cold is deadly, and if we try to seek shelter in the wild tonight, I doubt if we will survive.'
  8. 'The cold may make football difficult to cover but other sports have their own problems.'
  9. 'The cold against my hot skin felt nice until I looked up into the mirror and saw someone that was not myself.'
  10. 'The cold of night is sharpened by the disappearance of the surface winds.'
  11. 'The cold of the autumn rain made her very bones ache; worry for her brother grew into real fear.'
A common infection in which the mucous membrane of the nose and throat becomes inflamed, typically causing running at the nose, sneezing, and a sore throat.
  1. 'a bad cold'
  2. 'Well, colds generally last a week, while allergies can last an entire season or longer.'
  3. 'Minor illnesses such as colds and flu were the most common cause of sickness absence but most employers said stress was on the increase.'
  4. 'Common colds spread through nasal droplets being inhaled and by hand to face contact.'
  5. 'It seems to boost the immune system, lower the frequency of colds and other infections.'
  6. 'If she gets a cold she coughs for two days and it stops after this whether we give her medicine or not.'
  7. 'Chinese medicine offers a variety of treatments for colds and chest infections.'
  8. 'I was on the fag end of an extended cold, unshaven, lacking decent sleep and possibly a little dehydrated.'
  9. 'Edward was suffering from a cold, but you would never guess his discomfort.'
  10. 'And if workers have colds or sore throats, they should also be excused from phone work so as not to damage their voices.'
  11. 'Many everyday illnesses like colds and sore throats can be easily treated at home without visiting a doctor.'


Completely; entirely.
  1. 'The mud gets so thick and sticky that the clumps in my V-brakes stop my wheels cold.'
  2. 'When Dallas took away Barber in the second half last Sunday, the offense was stopped cold.'


1. having a relatively low temperature; having little or no warmth: cold water; a cold day.

2. feeling an uncomfortable lack of warmth; chilled: The skaters were cold.

3. having a temperature lower than the normal temperature of the human body: cold hands.

4. lacking in passion, emotion, enthusiasm, ardor, etc.; dispassionate: cold reason.

5. not affectionate, cordial, or friendly; unresponsive: a cold reply; a cold reception.

6. lacking sensual d

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