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Relating to ancient Greek or Latin literature, art, or culture.
  1. 'classical Latin'
  2. 'These common readings reveal that a large population of Florence would have been able to understand the Christian, classical, and literary themes in art.'
  3. 'It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old.'
  4. 'However, the corrosive effect of such exposure to classical culture must not be exaggerated.'
  5. 'Painters of all styles and schools, from the most playful and sensual rococo to the most severely neoclassical, routinely took their subjects from classical mythology and history.'
  6. 'However, there were other Church Fathers who defended the value of studying classical literature and philosophy.'
  7. 'We take this foundation for granted, for the simple reason that the Greeks of the classical age seemed to have discovered so many things which today matter a great deal.'
  8. 'Throughout classical literature, the virtues of peace were extolled, and the evils of war denounced.'
  9. 'But the balance in the secondary schools of Europe was overwhelmingly in favour of classical culture.'
  10. 'His classicism is evident not only in his frequent quotations from classical literature, but often in his style.'
  11. 'Many cultures in the ancient and classical world built canals to extend the irrigation provided by rivers.'
  12. 'The building has a significant presence at the entrance to the campus and evokes the sense of order and balance characteristic of classical architecture.'
  13. '18th century artists and theorists were in a position to take a new look at classical art.'
  14. 'An inclination toward classical art and, most likely, the residual Protestantism of her Canadian-Scottish heritage were also evident.'
  15. 'Her profile recalls Greek classical sculpture as well as fashion mannequins of the period.'
  16. 'When the military returned to power in 1976, it promoted classical art forms.'
  17. 'His asymmetries make the kind of gratifying sense that symmetry makes in classical art.'
  18. 'These grandly conceived spaces, together with the smaller ancillary rooms, constituted an extraordinary museum of classical art.'
  19. 'At the assembly, as also in other events, those in senior classes can perform only classical art forms and dramas.'
  20. 'He has been inspired by the French tapestries of the medieval period, as well as classical architecture and exotic animals.'
  21. 'I'd been traveling across Greece and Turkey with a small group of college students, studying Byzantine and classical art and architecture.'
Representing an exemplary standard within a traditional and long-established form or style.
  1. 'The traditional repertoire of most classical dance styles is strongly based on the stories and characteristics surrounding divinity in Hinduism.'
  2. 'These are imaginary landscapes, but within the rich classical Western landscape tradition.'
  3. 'In 1998 she started English Youth Ballet to give young dancers outside London an opportunity to perform classical ballet within a professional setting.'
  4. 'The album merges sounds and influences from East and West, and stretches the boundaries of musical experimentation by fusing traditional folk songs and classical styles with the popular.'
  5. 'The concert started in full-on classical style, before being broken up by a small foray into traditional Irish songs.'
  6. 'A design vocabulary for high buildings was well established within the classical tradition.'
  7. 'The traditional classical concert establishes a whole set of formal relationships before even a note has sounded.'
  8. 'The play is a unique piece bringing together elements of Australian mythology and culture - a far cry from the traditional, classical European-based ballets.'
  9. 'In English, it has become synonymous with ballet danced in the grand classical style (think rows of identical ballerinas in white tutus).'
  10. 'But one thing is clear: The mood is frivolous, with most designers steering clear of traditional and classical styles and opting instead for adventure.'
  11. 'classical mechanics'
  12. 'This is related to the fact that the period of classical cinema has ended.'
  13. 'As was common throughout the classical period of Indian mathematics, members of the family acted as teachers to other family members.'
  14. 'classical physics'
  15. 'Experimental data was accumulating throughout Europe that could not be reconciled with the established formulae of Newtonian classical physics.'
  16. 'Newton's Law of Gravitation was the beginning of classical field theory.'


1. of, relating to, or characteristic of Greek and Roman antiquity: classical literature; classical languages.

2. conforming to ancient Greek and Roman models in literature or art, or to later systems modeled upon them.

3. marked by classicism: classical simplicity.

4. Music. of, relating to, or constituting the formally and artistically more sophisticated and enduring types of music, as distinguished from popular and folk music and jazz. Classical music includes symphonies,

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"portions can be classical in faades."

"kores can be classical in spirits."

"buildings can be classical in treatments."

"musics can be classical."

"theories can be classical."

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Late 16th century (in the sense ‘outstanding of its kind’): from Latin classicus ‘belonging to a class’ (see classic) + -al.