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Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
  1. 'a classic car'
  2. 'Charlotte is the author of the classic novel Jane Eyre, one of the top 20 most popular reads in the country.'
  3. 'Provided you know the rules, investing in a classic car is an ideal way to get your hands on a sporty roadster or upmarket saloon for a fraction of the price you'd pay for a new model.'
  4. 'The story is a classic tale of an unaccountable bureaucracy versus the little guy.'
  5. 'Twelfth Night is the classic Shakespearean comedy revolving around disguise, misunderstanding and love.'
  6. 'It will happily cruise along all day at around 70 mph, which makes it an ideal classic car for those who expect to be doing a fair few miles on a regular basis.'
  7. 'Carefully-chosen classic antiques and quality paintings should yield solid returns over time.'
  8. 'Overall I was very impressed with the quality of classic car that I saw at the show.'
  9. 'Finding the ideal location took as long as finding a rare classic car.'
  10. 'She was still interpreting great, great classic songs.'
  11. 'I worked on films one after the other and after a while they all sort of blend together and you don't get the feeling it was a classic period in your life.'
  12. 'You'll find classic designs for a wide range of tastes and styles, including necklaces, bracelets and hair charms.'
  13. 'A necktie is so classic it is almost a joke, but it doesn't have to be!'
  14. 'Only the more classic styles will pass with a dressy outfit.'
  15. 'This jacket can be worn with sleek pants and a stylish shirt, or a classic sweater and jeans.'
  16. 'Get with the trend and purchase this classic jean jacket style corduroy jacket.'
  17. 'The white fur shawl and the light brown loose trousers blend beautifully with her simple, classic hair style.'
  18. 'If you live in your jeans, classic styles like relaxed fit transfer well from year to year.'
  19. 'These designs take a classic style and make it even more sophisticated.'
  20. 'Other than that, it's an awesome take on a classic design.'
  21. 'Pair neutral pants with a classic shirt color like navy blue, and your belt can be either brown or black.'
Very typical of its kind.
  1. 'I had all the classic symptoms of flu'
  2. 'Doctors failed to properly investigate a woman with a family history of heart disease who died within a year of showing classic symptoms of a heart condition, it was alleged yesterday.'
  3. 'They are the classic cartoon character archetypes - the trio of the nice guy, the angry guy, and the dumb guy.'
  4. 'One classic example of the so-called fiscal drag applies to benefits paid by companies to their employees.'
  5. 'Fortunately in Cambridge there are several of the former and one classic example of the latter.'
  6. 'Random glucose testing is easy and inexpensive; elevated levels in patients with classic symptoms should be confirmed by a second test.'
  7. 'When those patients are evaluated, almost half of them have a normal pumping function of the heart, despite having all the classic signs and symptoms of heart failure.'
  8. 'The classic allergy symptoms such as stuffiness, eczema, wheezing, and itching may be absent, yet cognition and behavior remain affected.'
  9. 'The report claims the retail pharmacy market exhibits a number of the classic symptoms of potential market failure.'
  10. 'Runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, headache, aching muscles and a high fever are the classic symptoms of influenza.'
  11. 'You're looking at the classic symptoms that the dog demonstrates.'


A work of art of recognized and established value.
  1. 'The latter, in fact, has become an enduring American classic.'
  2. 'Interestingly, it is not the bestsellers but classics and literary books that find place at these counters.'
  3. 'So I have my own peculiar view of modern classics of American literature.'
  4. 'Imagine if we could all value each other as much as we value the classics of literature.'
  5. 'In 1883, he published Treasure Island, a much beloved children's classic.'
  6. 'Their program of four operas includes three recognized classics and one new work that has already won many important prizes in China.'
  7. 'Ideas and concepts in the book met with vigorous opposition, but today the book is recognized as a classic that was far ahead of its time.'
  8. 'What make this movie such a classic is its entertainment value plus its originality.'
  9. 'His repertoire spans traditional pop classics and folk music.'
  10. 'So, he started to read Western literary classics.'
  11. 'Traditional classics (we don't call them conservative) are still dominant, but styles that are trendier have a definite place.'
  12. 'While trends are instantly recognizable by length, pattern, or decoration, classics transcend time with their cut, style, and fabric.'
  13. 'From the classics and the power ties, to the coolest retro neckties around, dress for success with these 12 options.'
  14. 'Instead, opt for solid colors such as plain whites, blacks and grays; they're classics and can easily be matched with the rest of your wardrobe.'
  15. 'It is a classic hunting jacket that has been around for decades and is as good as ever.'
  16. 'The stones of jewelry have also changed over the decades though some classics remain constant.'
  17. 'Don't hesitate to purchase solid pattern suits because they will always remain classics.'
  18. 'Black is a timeless classic that suits every person and occasion.'
  19. 'Keep in mind that frames consisting of a simple square, rectangle, oval or round shapes are classics that can work with everything.'
  20. 'High quality clothing lasts longer and classics don't lose their style.'
  21. 'he's hoping that tomorrow's game will be a classic'
  22. 'The duel is a cautionary classic as well as a textbook example of strategy.'
  23. 'Certain classics stand out in both media - but it would be stretching it to say they had a separate influence on my opinions.'
  24. 'The waffle-lined basket is a comfortable classic and easy to keep looking fresh, as the lining can be removed and put through a hot wash whenever it starts to look tired and grubby.'
  25. 'A fur-and-pearls clientele come to be comforted with well-cooked classics such as tortellini al tartufo.'
  26. 'His chicken curry, for example, is a retro classic made with Granny Smith apples, chicken stock and desiccated coconut.'
  27. 'Crowds flocked to the dockside to admire the fine array of classics, which included elegant Triumphs and the rather rugged armed vehicles driven by the 14 Signal Regiment.'
A subject at school or university which involves the study of ancient Greek and Latin literature, philosophy, and history.
  1. 'That aspect of his career began when he was just six years old, and his mother was studying Sophocles' Antigone as part of a university Classics course.'
  2. 'He was educated at Malvern College and University College Oxford on a Classics scholarship.'
  3. 'His Oxford doctorate in Classics, earned studying Latin ghost stories and adultery tales, is of little relevance to this.'
  4. 'Social Science was her favourite subject and she hated Classics.'
  5. 'A little under seven years ago I left a doctorate in Classics that I'd been undertaking at Bristol University.'
  6. 'He graduated with honours in Classics from Melbourne University despite leaving Ormond after a row.'
  7. 'I was an English major for a year before I decided to study Classics.'
  8. 'He taught Classics at Birmingham University, 1929-36.'
  9. 'The book grew out of a lecture course that I delivered over several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s to final-year undergraduate students in the Faculty of Classics at Cambridge University.'
  10. 'He was an ardent student of the classics, especially of Plato, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius, a devotee of liberty of thought, and an amateur of art.'
  11. 'In this sphere, as always, he was indebted to the classics, but the new research also showed that he was paying careful attention to contemporary events.'
  12. 'Also the way he approaches the classics, indeed, the way he approaches all of history, is examined afresh.'
  13. 'He had also read all the Latin classics, which he placed into four divisions: historians, poets, orators and philosophers.'
  14. 'Stripped of his offices in 1688, he returned with success to the theatre, and began a brilliant series of translations from the classics, particularly Virgil's Aeneid and The Georgics.'
  15. 'Scholars should know the Classics and be familiar with the literary collections written by Chinese scholars because the Chinese have a superior culture.'
  16. 'The role of the public school was to educate potential political leaders and gentlemen, and the bulk of a public school curriculum reflected the liberal arts through the classics.'
  17. 'It's become very unfashionable to read the Classics, the Greeks and the Romans, and their literature.'
  18. 'Between 1660 and 1789, the Latin language, and the Latin literary classics, remained the basis of secondary education.'
  19. 'He was not especially intelligent, indeed he was quite unintellectual, lacking a deep understanding of law, of the classics, of theology.'
A major sports tournament or competition, especially in golf or tennis.
  1. 'So the Classics and the World Cup races are your target this year?'
  2. 'The Sir Alex Ferguson Golf Classic and Gala Dinner takes place on Friday, July 19.'
  3. 'Please do not forget the Golf Classic at Ardattin Golf Course.'
  4. 'There is a Golf Classic in Cloverhill organised for Saturday, July 10.'
  5. 'Below are the results of the Crossmolina Deel Rovers Golf Classic held in Ballina Golf Club on Saturday, May 22.'
  6. 'The Abbey Community College Parents Association will hold a Golf Classic in Waterford Golf Club this Friday May 6th.'
  7. 'The Golf Classic is in aid of Charlestown Christmas Lights.'
  8. 'The club will hold their Golf Classic at Borris Golf Club on Friday, June 26.'
  9. 'New Mexico travels to Texas Tech to play in the Hispanic College Fund Football Classic.'
  10. 'They also have a Dubai Desert Tennis, Snooker, Cricket, Soccer and even Table Tennis Classic.'
  11. 'This filly was winner of seven of her nine races, including three Classics in 1985.'
  12. 'He has data files from nearly all the World Cups and Classics from the best riders.'
  13. 'His sire had won the Classic in '98.'


1. of the first or highest quality, class, or rank: a classic piece of work.

2. serving as a standard, model, or guide: the classic method of teaching arithmetic.

3. of or relating to Greek and Roman antiquity, especially with reference to literature and art.

4. modeled upon or imitating the style or thought of ancient Greece and Rome: The 17th and 18th centuries were obsessed with classic ideals.

5. of or adhering to an established

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Early 17th century: from French classique or Latin classicus ‘belonging to a class or division’, later ‘of the highest class’, from classis (see class).