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Bulky and thick.
  1. 'Originally a deluxe sneaker for mad joggers, this model was made with a chunky thick heel for cushioning and was originally known as the Aztec.'
  2. 'The bracelet was chunky, a silver concoction of thick ropes linked together.'
  3. 'Get the urban-preppy look by wearing pink with work boots, loose jeans or a chunky belt.'
  4. 'The most adorable pair of black capris, a red-flowered sheer shirt (over a white spaghetti strapped shirt of course) chunky black flip flops.'
  5. 'A shirt with French cuffs, or a fabulous chunky bracelet worn with a clean-lined cardigan will draw your eye away.'
  6. 'Whitesnake are pumping out of the speakers, and two men dressed in faded jeans and chunky leather belts stand either side of a table eyeing each other up.'
  7. 'Forget the gold charm bracelet and chunky gold necklaces, big does not have to be brash!'
  8. 'She wore tight black jeans ripped at the knees, a tight black shirt, and chunky black combat boots.'
  9. 'Made with extra thick glass, this chunky wine goblet is a durable and versatile choice for casual entertaining.'
  10. 'As he approaches, the jewellery catches the light - a gold earring, a gold chain, a chunky silver watch, chunkier silver bracelet (bearing his initials) and a silver ring.'
  11. 'a squat, chunky man whose face was stitched by tiny red veins'
  12. '‘They're here to see Asher Downing,’ the officer said to the chunky nurse behind the desk.'
  13. 'A tall, pretty, chunky woman in her mid-twenties with slightly disheveled hair breezes into the room.'
  14. 'With deft fingers, she carefully sculpted the whitish-gray mass into a semblance of a man, a fat, chunky man with sagging limbs, but a man nonetheless.'
  15. 'At 15, I was chunky, not very attractive and none of my crushes was ever requited.'
  16. 'A short, chunky man in a gray suit walked over to the bar.'
  17. 'I think he was really chunky as a kid and still has issues about it.'
  18. 'There'll be no shifting him now, and he's quite a chunky lad anyway.'
  19. 'She saw a short, chunky girl standing at the edge of Andy's yard.'
  20. 'Now, I don't mind a chunky woman, but it's an issue of proportion.'
  21. 'He was more chunky than chubby, and wore a denim jacket with denim pants.'
(of food) containing chunks or thick pieces of something.
  1. 'Beat the vanilla seeds into the egg and mix into the dry goods, followed by the butter, working with a wooden spoon until a chunky dough forms.'
  2. 'The wait for ribs and sliced pork yielded plates of succulent meat accompanied by chunky homemade potato salad and fried okra.'
  3. 'Transfer the solids into the food processor (or only part if you enjoy chunky soup like I do), and whizz into a purée.'
  4. 'It requires only a large pan, a variety of vegetables, good stock and perhaps a hand-held blender, if you prefer smooth and creamy to thick and chunky.'
  5. 'I'm now eagerly waiting for the next batch to ripen, so I can start making my own sun-dried tomatoes and chunky tomato sauce.'
  6. 'Mushroom-Smothered Chicken: the chunky sauce is over the top in more ways than one.'
  7. 'The main course has delights such as chicken puttanesca - chicken dices cooked with bacon, olive, tomato, and bell pepper in a chunky tomato sauce, served with steamed rice.'
  8. 'We're boosting our profile with a soup so chunky you won't know whether to eat it with a spoon or a fork’.'
  9. 'It's cold and tangy, a delicious vegetarian stew of eggplant, chickpeas, and onion in a chunky tomato sauce.'
  10. 'This salsa is very chunky and crammed full of tomatoes.'
  11. 'The sauce is chunky and has a sweetness from the lightly blackened tomato skins.'
  12. 'The relish will be thick, creamy, chunky and shocking pink!'


1. thick or stout; stocky.

2. in chunks.

3. full of chunks; coarse: chunky peanut butter; The soup was so chunky it was almost a stew.

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"animals can be chunky in bodies."

"machines can be chunky."

"sweaters can be chunky."

"people can be chunky."

"soups can be chunky."

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