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Cut (something) into pieces with repeated sharp blows of an axe or knife.
  1. 'finely chop the parsley'
  2. 'A sharp knife is not required to chop the story to pieces; a dull two-by-four will suffice.'
  3. 'After that, take them out and leave them to soften slightly for 15 to 20 minutes, then peel them with a sharp knife and chop them into chunks.'
  4. 'They first asked me if it was OK if they chopped the tree into pieces.'
  5. 'Season inside and stuff with finely chopped onion and parsley.'
  6. 'The harvested plant material was chopped up and returned to the soil to allow it to decompose so that no labelled nitrogen was lost from the system.'
  7. 'Blend it until the garlic is chopped up and the marinade forms an emulsion.'
  8. 'It was chopped up into small pieces and taken away.'
  9. 'They are chopped up and mulched and used in the planting of other trees.'
  10. 'I garnished with strips of prosciutto and finely chopped chives and parsley.'
  11. 'To isolate protoplasts, the embryonic axes were chopped into small pieces using a razor blade.'
  12. 'If I spend one night away from him I feel as if my right arm has been chopped off.'
  13. 'It does need keeping in hand, but that can easily be done by chopping bits off to give to your friends.'
  14. 'I thought that if I let go, the car door would chop my head off.'
  15. '‘It was not like it was an accident - someone took an axe or saw and chopped them off deliberately,’ he said.'
  16. 'Dozens of shoppers looked on as paramedics and firefighters descended on a crashed car in Hull city centre, stabilising the traumatised driver and chopping the roof off her car.'
  17. 'I end up buying them and chopping the bottoms off.'
  18. 'Luke's mother Julia told the Guardian: ‘When he gave the snapping turtle some lettuce its head popped out and it spat at him and nearly chopped his fingers off.’'
  19. 'That is why Oliver Cromwell permitted King Charles the First to be dressed like a king and to act like a king up until the final moments when his head was chopped off.'
  20. 'This controversy comes a month after council chiefs in South Shields sparked outrage by chopping branches off a horse chestnut tree.'
  21. 'He underwent an 18-hour operation at Withington Hospital in Manchester after his fingers were chopped off in a guillotine accident.'
  22. 'the boy chopped down eight trees'
  23. 'Large pine trees were left standing but smaller silver birch and beech trees were chopped down.'
  24. 'Before it was built, locals waged a long but vain battle to save the Italian poplar tree which was eventually chopped down.'
  25. 'Legend has it that Carver once chopped down a cherry tree.'
  26. 'The trees, which have been chopped down, but not uprooted, have been replaced by new turf.'
  27. 'Enraged homeowners are calling for action against developers, who chopped down dozens of trees near a former asbestos factory.'
  28. '‘The trees to be chopped down were identified, but the work to uproot them was not completed,’ sources say.'
  29. 'Haitians have chopped down so many trees that the soil is eroding, making it harder to farm.'
  30. 'More than 300 six-year-old oak and beech trees have been chopped down at the Millennium Wood at Crowle, North Lincolnshire.'
  31. 'In the first stage, 8,000 trees are being treated with a copper spray, to contain the canker when trees are chopped down and burnt.'
  32. 'Residents in Station Road are angry trees have been chopped down to prevent leaves falling on to the railway line.'
  33. 'With the Yanks leading 2-1, Orlando Cabrera chopped a ball to third base to lead off the bottom of the sixth.'
  34. 'McLaren, who had been over-indulgent on the left flank, eventually managed to unravel himself from close marking and chop the ball back to Hay, who launched a long cross into the box.'
  35. 'His ball shot through the green and settled in the thick rough behind the green but the South African chopped it out and sank it for a birdie.'
  36. 'I hate the idea of missing a fairway and having to just chop it out of heavy rough.'
  37. 'Humphreys, having started the wickets rolling by snaring Martin Leech with a snick to Walker, then got a delivery to lift and Kaushal chopped it onto his stumps for 12.'
  38. 'He chopped a ball hard on to his leg stump but the bail, instead of falling, spun and settled lengthways across the top of the stump, completely clear of the middle stump.'
  39. 'Bowling closer to the batsman's body may have seen an intended cut fly to slip or chop the ball onto the stumps, but it was not to be, and the English attack was accordingly flayed.'
  40. 'Guzman chopped a ball which Cairo cut off in short right but had no play on, loading the bases.'
  41. 'The impetus was maintained by Mirza who struck a confident run-a-ball 40, while Walker was unlucky to chop the ball onto his stumps for 27 and so end his knock.'
Abolish or reduce the size of (something) in a way regarded as ruthless.
  1. 'Staffing levels at the city's library could be chopped.'
  2. 'Exports to Iran, Iraq, China, and Egypt were chopped.'
  3. 'The strategy is risky, but suppliers say it is the result of years of intensive pressure to chop prices.'


A downward cutting blow or movement, typically with the hand.
  1. 'Then she made two quick movements - first a quick, but effective chop to Bobby's neck, then a retrieval of the gun.'
  2. 'Neither talked for quite a while, both just sat listening to the steady swish, chop, swish, chop, of the axe in the wood.'
  3. 'He landed a fist to her chin and she countered with a chop to his neck.'
  4. 'Then a minute later the first yellow card and subsequent sending off ever in the National Hurling League came when James Walsh was sent to the line after a chop on his opposite number Gerry Quinn.'
  5. 'With one arm out, the hapless soldier was quickly disarmed, then dispatched by a chop across his neck as he turned to run.'
  6. 'Then, with a single disarming chop to the back of his neck, Alex's eyes rolled back into his head, he swayed once, and then fell on the floor.'
  7. 'As the swimmer completes his pull with a quick, downward chop of the hand, notice that he still maintains a broad surface area with the hand.'
  8. 'On the 41st minute though referee David Ross had Downpatrick howling for his instant dismissal of Peter Telford whose tackle seemed more a case of bad timing than a vicious chop.'
A thick slice of meat, especially pork or lamb, adjacent to and often including a rib.
  1. 'Heat the oil in a frying pan and sear the pork chops for four minutes on one side, pressing them down in the pan.'
  2. 'Pork chops in a Peking-style barbecue sauce are scrumptious.'
  3. 'Roasted cod has a brisk glaze of vinegar and Riesling; thin, tender venison chops are paired with an engaging juniper-and-celery-root gratin.'
  4. 'Other Sunset Specials include egg and bacon quiche, steak sandwich, pork chop with a choice of mushroom or peppercorn sauces and even a chicken curry Madras.'
  5. 'Finally, they would bring the entrée, which might be a steak, lamb chops, roast pork, rabbit, ox tail stew or veal.'
  6. 'Cut open bag and slice lamb into individual chops.'
  7. 'Among the English classics will be steak and kidney pudding, lamb chump chops, topside of beef, bangers and mash, and fish, chips and peas.'
  8. 'In today's society we go to the market to pick up steaks, pork chops, bacon, and other meat products, and we normally don't think twice about it.'
  9. 'In the past two weeks I have barbecued skinny lamb chops marinated in spicy harissa, Greek sausages, calamari and some beautiful little sardines.'
  10. 'The restaurant serves a range of culinary treats and the head chef lists fillet steak, veal chops and seabass among his specialities.'
A person's share of something.
    Crushed or ground grain used as animal feed.
    1. 'At least 30 peer-reviewed studies from grain, silage and green chop were analyzed.'
    2. 'To adjust price back to green chop, account for losses during storage.'
    The broken motion of water, owing to the action of the wind against the tide.
    1. 'This is nearly twice the power usually found on boats this size and provides lots of power for punching through chop and motoring against foul winds and currents.'
    2. 'The tide had perceptibly slackened and the surface of the sea settled from a small chop to an oily slick in which virtually every subsurface movement for yards around the boat could be seen though our polarised sunglasses.'
    3. 'From belowdecks the heartbeat picked up and darker smoke pumped from the smokestack as the engines were throttled up, the bow cutting through a light chop and sending a mist of icy spray across the deck.'
    4. 'A gale had come up, turning the surface of the sea to whitecapped, agitated chop.'
    5. 'The bulbous bow does bounce in small chop, but the clever design makes the Sitka feel as stable as a boat two inches wider.'
    6. 'A westerly gale had hit the area earlier in the evening, and there was a severe chop in the harbor.'
    7. 'I told the technical advisor: five-foot chop does not contribute to quality surf.'
    8. 'The boat can be a bit tricky to handle in a following sea in part because the fine entry that makes her superb in a chop acts against her in a following sea.'


    A trademark; a brand of goods.

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      1. diced, minced, or cut into small bits.

      2. (of an automobile) streamlined; lowered.

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      "parsleys can be chopped."

      "onions can be chopped."

      "tomatoes can be chopped."

      "herbs can be chopped."

      "basils can be chopped."

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      Early 19th century: from Hindi chāp ‘stamp, brand’ (see chaap).


      not much chop