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An act of choosing between two or more possibilities.
  1. 'Context and class determine the choice between modern and traditional clothes.'
  2. 'He did specify though that if it came down to a choice between a bridge or a ferry service he would opt for the bridge option.'
  3. 'Given a choice between two ways to make money, everyone chooses the way that makes us feel good.'
  4. 'We forget that when people are given a choice between freedom and tyranny, they will choose freedom.'
  5. 'It will almost certainly come down to a choice between which of two groups of advisers you choose to believe.'
  6. 'I said my mom gave me a choice between Seattle and the beach and that I chose Seattle.'
  7. 'The capacity of consumers to drive efficiency can be undermined by an inability to make an informed choice between plans.'
  8. 'CJ is given a choice between her job and Danny and she chooses her job without a second's hesitation.'
  9. 'I had a choice between cancelling my appointment, or attempting the journey with one mirror.'
  10. 'I take it that you don't see this as an easy choice between these two men.'
  11. 'I had to do it, I had no choice'
  12. 'Science alone should not be given the task of answering questions about freedom and choice.'
  13. 'We are concerned about the people and their ability to have choice.'
  14. 'By allowing residents from across west London to choose where they want to live we are giving more choice, more freedom and more flexibility.'
  15. 'Within my home country I have little freedom or choice, and would rather live elsewhere.'
  16. 'Diversity is not just freedom and choice; it is also disorientation and fragmentation.'
  17. 'For a man who says he favors human freedom and choice, McKibben is awfully eager to limit both.'
  18. 'Let's not agonise over the people's choice in an election where no choice was offered.'
  19. 'In reality, it is the schools that choose, and parental choice becomes almost meaningless.'
  20. 'They also posit that creative leadership is just as much about choice as ability.'
  21. 'These conditions constrain choice rather than offering freedom.'
  22. 'With the closed question, the respondent is given a limited choice of possible answers.'
  23. 'There is a choice of cottages ranging from one to four bedrooms.'
  24. 'Have you ever, when considering what to buy a friend for Christmas, made your choice of a price range by reference to the value of what they bought you last year?'
  25. 'The choice of bar can range from a close-knit pub setting to a party animal's dream.'
  26. 'The choices will range from low risk to medium risk managed funds invested in a mix of equities.'
  27. 'In fact, people living near Weld now have choices that were not possible until recently.'
  28. 'Walkers set off from Cudham village on a choice of routes ranging from three to eight miles.'
  29. 'We've reduced our choice of possible destinations to two.'
  30. 'With an ever growing range of options for shoppers the choice has never been better.'
  31. 'Consumers should be afforded a choice insofar as possible through increased competition.'
  32. 'this disk drive is the perfect choice for your computer'
  33. 'Living alone, and with no family, they had deemed him a perfect choice to carry out their attack.'
  34. 'If you had to pick just one pop song to illustrate just how great the medium can be, this would be a perfect choice.'
  35. 'The flight prize was an easy choice for the leading lawman with a long-standing interest in aviation.'
  36. 'Philip Glass is the perfect choice to provide a soundtrack to a film about the life of Virginia Woolf.'
  37. 'A true lover of art, culture and literature, he has proved himself to be a perfect choice as the Trust's chairman.'
  38. 'Why are Al Green's 1970s soul singles still the perfect choice for a dark bar or a wedding dance?'
  39. 'Particularly, chopsticks are also a good choice when people send presents to relatives and friends.'
  40. 'Residential property seems an unlikely choice for small investors.'
  41. 'And platinum, because of its subdued, understated style, becomes the perfect choice.'
  42. 'A perfect choice for an album closer, this track would be an ideal candidate for second release.'


(especially of food) of very good quality.
  1. 'It is said that he came to this little town with but ten dollars, ten potatoes and few choice books.'
  2. 'And it was another of his controversial selections who stepped up to prove himself a choice pick.'
  3. 'Mostly the Dutch just got started earlier, so they snapped up some of the choice cargoes.'
  4. 'Ice cream cups and soup bowls made of shells are choice items for friends.'
  5. 'It is considered very polite to occasionally select a choice morsel for the person sitting beside you or to place it on his or her plate.'
  6. 'If you've never thought of anything but coffee as your cup of tea, try these ten choice selections.'
  7. 'Next, all the bunny needs is patience, a little tender loving care and a few choice spices.'
  8. 'Sweet but not cloying, it's a choice dessert for health-conscious diners.'
  9. 'Then he would eat his favourite food by picking off choice meat off of the bone of extra rare chicken tikkas.'
  10. 'She sprang on the deer the moment that Temer pulled back and started feasting on some of the choice meat.'
(of words or language) rude and abusive.
  1. 'Grumbling, Lacey finally emerged from the undergrowth with a few choice words for Alaindar.'
  2. 'He denounced my son Tim's plan to move to New York City with some very choice language.'
  3. 'Sample a few choice words, throw them in scare quotes and repeat.'
  4. 'He greeted Warne with a few choice words when he went in to bat on the Friday afternoon.'
  5. 'His forwards had a few choice words for him on that one.'
  6. 'You can imagine the way I felt and a few choice words were said.'
  7. 'But during his brief tenure, Thomson has had choice words for both the government and the opposition.'
  8. 'We were both ready to jump on the salesman and end up being arrested for assault but left with a few choice words from Debbie!'
  9. 'Now he is taking a leave of absence, and had a few choice words for the newspaper.'
  10. 'I wrote a rather nasty post which involved some rather choice words.'


1. an act or instance of choosing; selection: Her choice of a computer was made after months of research. His parents were not happy with his choice of friends.

2. the right, power, or opportunity to choose; option: The child had no choice about going to school.

3. the person or thing chosen or eligible to be chosen: This book is my choice. He is one of many choices for the award.

4. an alternative: There is another choice.

5. an abundance or variety from which to choose: a

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"cuts can be choice."

"ribs can be choice."

"chucks can be choice."

"keepers can be choice."

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Middle English: from Old French chois, from choisir ‘choose’, of Germanic origin and related to choose.


by choice
of choice
of one's choice