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Of, like, or appropriate to a child.
  1. 'She wears perfume on her thin, childish wrist and her eyes light up at the sight of big hooped earrings and jewelled necklaces.'
  2. 'With a little love, devotion and childish enthusiasm even a silly story can inspire hope in the future of the nursery world.'
  3. 'Even at 35 you still get that same sense of childish excitement when you notice that it has been snowing overnight.'
  4. 'That childish hope that the world is a good place, I retain, and I think that is childlike.'
  5. 'It's not often that a circus like this comes to town, exceeding any childish expectations.'
  6. 'A radical change of attitudes to ageing finds many of us determined to cling to childish things for as long as we jolly well like.'
  7. 'There was a certain puerile joy in her, a childish excitement shone in her eyes.'
  8. 'When choosing a young tree, however, be sure to put a tactful check on childish enthusiasm.'
  9. 'Several tracks convey the impression of a childish, playful imagination at work.'
  10. 'Binoculars were lifted to the eyes of the big man and what he saw in the sky brought on an outpouring of childish excitement.'
  11. 'She says she ‘can be very childish and very silly’, but fails to give me any examples.'
  12. 'I also banned her IP, because if she's going to be childish, she can do it someplace else.'
  13. 'I gave a small laugh and gazed at the ceiling, feeling monumentally stupid and childish.'
  14. 'She liked looking at stars and if she saw a shooting one she was sure to wish on it even if it was stupid or childish.'
  15. 'Thank you for always listening to my childish secrets and stupid rattlings.'
  16. 'Alex followed behind him meekly, feeling dumb for her childish outburst.'
  17. 'This whole project sounds like the most puerile, childish and willfully obnoxious cinematic venture in years.'
  18. 'He immediately snapped out of his reverie, feeling quite stupid and childish.'
  19. 'She took a deep breath and mentally berated herself for being so silly and childish.'
  20. 'John said he thought it was childish and silly, and that they had to be taken seriously now.'


1. of, like, or befitting a child: childish games.

2. puerile; weak; silly: childish fears.

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"vanities can be childish in adults."

"people can be childish to alls."

"games can be childish."

"people can be childish."

"voices can be childish."

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