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(of food) needing to be chewed hard or for some time before being swallowed.
  1. 'cook the meat too long and it will end up tough and chewy'
  2. 'Before dinner was even served, we had devoured a basket of chewy bread and a bottle of unlabeled wine.'
  3. 'He peeled back the wrapper carefully and took a bite from the end of the chewy chocolate bar, munching thoughtfully on it.'
  4. 'It was the kind with the hard outside and then a thick but slightly chewy fruit flavored middle.'
  5. 'She sat at the table enjoying the soup filled with large chunks of meat and soft chewy vegetables.'
  6. 'They can be sweet or savoury, and range in texture from soft, ephemeral desserts to chewy confectionery.'
  7. 'Buy some chewy onion flatbread to nibble alongside, and serve a crisp Riesling and icy lemonade to sip.'
  8. 'Clever use of lemon juice, vinegar, fresh pepper, and chewy meats can compensate for the shortcomings of ordinary wines.'
  9. 'I ended up picking out the crab avocado centres and rejecting the chewy rice.'
  10. 'They have a chewy texture not unlike meat and, since they are basically tasteless, you can flavour them any way you like.'
  11. 'The result is a rich, thick soup with a large portion of tender pork leg, bamboo shoots, mushroom and chewy pork tendon.'


Chewing gum.
  1. 'We spent the next ten minutes trying to get chewy and sand out of my crush's hair.'
  2. 'I used to have the chewy goin' all day.'
  3. 'A waiter spotted picked up a lump of her discarded chewie.'


1. (of food) not easily chewed, as because of toughness or stickiness; requiring much chewing.

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"textures can be chewy."

"sweets can be chewy."

"starters can be chewy."

"rices can be chewy."

"porridges can be chewy."

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