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(of the skin) become cracked, rough, or sore, typically through exposure to cold weather.
  1. '‘Prevent chapping by wearing hats, gloves, and scarves to cover your skin,’ Stone says.'
  2. 'It's essential to moisturize baby's delicate skin to protect it and prevent chapping, especially in cold, dry weather.'
  3. 'A layer of sun-protective lip balm is all it takes to prevent chapping.'
  4. 'People with eczema and allergies tend to have lips that chap easily.'
  5. 'chapped lips'
  6. 'Heaving a sigh, she pressed her slightly chapped lips together and began to read.'
  7. 'Apply petroleum jelly to dry and chapped skin near the nose.'
  8. 'Her lips were chapped from the wind and I thought her nose was too small.'
  9. 'Clinical manifestations are dryness of the mouth, lips and nose, dryness of the tongue, dry, rough and chapped skin, dry stool, etc.'
  10. 'My lips were chapped, so I ran my tongue over them quickly.'
  11. 'My lips were chapped, so I dug into my backpack for some lip balm.'
  12. 'If your skin is windburned, sunburned or chapped, calm it with soap rich in soothing glycerin and aloe vera, and avoid bars with fragrances, which can further irritate the skin.'
  13. 'To be fully effective, it is necessary to use a moisturizer three or more times daily, in the same way that chapped hands in the winter need many treatments.'
  14. 'Winter air can chap the skin of children and adults, which can lead to winter itch.'
  15. 'Thirty-eight testers on two coasts - armed with dry, chapped, rough skin - soaked, scrubbed, moisturized and massaged to find out what really works.'


A cracked or sore patch on the skin.


    The lower jaw or half of the cheek, especially that of a pig used as food.
    1. 'Bath chaps can be sliced and eaten like ham.'

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    1. to crack, roughen, and redden (the skin): The windy, cold weather chapped her lips.

    2. to cause (the ground, wood, etc.) to split, crack, or open in clefts: The summer heat and drought chapped the riverbank. verb (used without object), chapped, chapping.

    3. to become chapped. noun

    4. a fissure or crack, especially in the skin.

    5. Scot. a knock; rap.

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    "lips can be chapped."

    "faces can be chapped."

    "skins can be chapped."

    "heels can be chapped."

    "hands can be chapped."

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    (chap)Mid 16th century: of unknown origin. Compare with chops.