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Consisting of or rich in chalk.
  1. 'They will grow in most soils but dislike thin chalky soil or wet clay and do best in a sheltered site where winter sun will light up the beautiful foliage.'
  2. 'The land is chalky too, which makes those grapes bubble like nobody's business.'
  3. 'The soils of Champagne are chalky and full of minerals and the climate is on the cool side for making fine table wines.'
  4. 'No longer, do the grey legions of workers spend their precious leisure time walking the chalky downs, or being Mr Polly and bicycling the byways for refreshing half-pints of scrumpy.'
  5. 'Waste products were dumped and over the years a chalky layer has been produced.'
  6. 'So, the team has constructed a dew pond, an artificial reservoir traditionally favoured by farmers of chalky landscapes such as those in which the wood is situated.'
  7. 'It also had ‘splendid views across chalky downland to Savernake Forest several miles away’.'
  8. 'Mountains and chalky crags abut the broad, deep-green swale of larch forests and hay-meadows of the Ampezzo Valley, just an hour's drive east of Canazei.'
  9. 'His hands are usually full of paint or charcoal or whatever those chalky crayons are called.'
  10. 'Other teachers preferred to throw the board rubber which if you were lucky got you with the cloth soft covered side rather than the wooden bit, but if you were hit you carried the chalky mark around with you all day on your blazer.'
Resembling chalk in texture or paleness of colour.
  1. 'The simplicity and strength of design of his compositions reflect his lasting admiration for Cézanne, but their cool, chalky colours are distinctive.'
  2. 'The flesh is firm, chalky white and incredibly thick for such a small fish.'
  3. 'But ask him to sit through some hotel cabarets and his hair will rise to the perpendicular and his face will turn a chalky shade of green.'
  4. 'Textures were subtle, colours chalky and lines clean.'
  5. 'The views were to a hazy mid-distance, over fields of green, chalky white and jazzy yellow - a spectacle of colour.'
  6. 'The main point of concern beyond suspension is to ensure that no floury or chalky mouthfeel is induced in the final product.'
  7. 'If the surface is chalky, crumbly or sandy after cleaning, a masonry surface conditioner may help consolidate the stucco.'
  8. 'So that the oesophagus shows up on the X-ray, you have to drink a white, chalky liquid called a barium meal beforehand.'
  9. 'Why so often this particular shade of pale, chalky green, I wonder?'
  10. 'They also worked on my physical body in ways that would have caused unbelievable pain in the real world, opening my entire abdominal cavity and coating the insides with a white, chalky substance.'


1. of or like chalk.

2. of a chalklike consistency: chalky soil.

3. without resonance, color, warmth, etc.: several high tones that were quite chalky.

4. Photography. lacking in detail, due to extreme contrast: a chalky print.

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"soils can be chalky."

"earths can be chalky."

"whites can be chalky."

"substances can be chalky."

"dusts can be chalky."

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