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Sweets; confectionery.
  1. count noun 'pink and yellow candies'
  2. 'Unlike refined sugars found in candy and desserts, these simple sugars bring energy in a nutritious way.'
  3. 'It didn't take long to arrive at Sweet Treats, her favourite candy store in Greenwood, where all varieties of chocolates and candies were sold.'
  4. 'And the restaurant sells its own line of chocolate candies, brownies, and sumptuous dessert toppings from a retail counter up front.'
  5. 'I answer through a mouthful of chocolate candies.'
  6. 'These sweeteners are most often found in sugar-free candies, gum and ice cream.'
  7. 'I stocked up on some sugar free candy for the train trip, and strolled back.'
  8. 'Other studies of potato chips and chocolate candies show drastic increases in snacking when the subject is given a larger bag of food.'
  9. 'Use a variety of candies to decorate, like raisins, red hots, gum drops, etc.'
  10. 'Chew sugarless gum, suck on sugarless candy, and drink plenty of unsweetened fluids.'
  11. 'These are hard peppermint candies with a chocolate filling.'
  12. 'It's much like candy in that respect, it's shiny and tasty, but not really filling.'


Preserve (fruit) by coating and impregnating it with a sugar syrup.
  1. 'An Aussie sweet wine that never lets you down, this is a perfumed, floral style with notes of orange peel and candied fruits.'
  2. 'She took him to Inverness and laid a picnic on Shell Beach, and then he made her a dinner that included candied walnuts.'
  3. 'I'm not a big fan of fruitcake; candied fruit is not my thing.'
  4. 'It was garnished with some candied orange peel, all of which combined perfectly with my glass of Muscat De Lunel.'
  5. 'Once candied, these cherries will keep for a few weeks in the refrigerator.'
  6. 'Soon after, apricots, peaches, honey and candied fruits come into play as you sip towards the bottom of the glass.'
  7. 'Cardamom seeds and candied citron may be difficult to find; try the local health food store.'
  8. 'I had half a mind to make some kind of winter squash soup, and was toying with the idea of adding candied orange peel to make it more interesting.'
  9. 'Soon he is asking my opinion of a gingery chutney full of succulent candied orange peel and honey infused with rose petals.'
  10. 'Okay, it's not exactly sugar-free, since some of the dried fruits are candied with sugar.'

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1. impregnated or incrusted with or as if with sugar: candied ginger.

2. prepared by cooking in sugar or syrup: candied yams.

3. honeyed; flattering: candied words.

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"fruits can be candied."

"peels can be candied."

"stems can be candied."

"angelicas can be candied."

"yams can be candied."

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Mid 17th century (as a verb): the noun use is from late Middle English sugar-candy, from French sucre candi ‘crystallized sugar’, from Arabic sukkar ‘sugar’ + qandī ‘candied’, based on Sanskrit khaṇḍa ‘fragment’.


be like a kid in a candy store (or shop)