Adjective "Bush-League" definition and examples

Definitions and examples


A minor league of a professional sport, especially baseball.
  1. 'The peeling pastel-colored grandstand holds some 3,000 people, but the plant is less imposing than even a bush league track in the United States.'
  2. 'So I went beating around the bush leagues with a couple of NBA scouts whose jobs are, admittedly, depressing - they have to scout the high school ranks.'
  3. 'I once played in a bush league in South Trinidad where good batsmen had to ensure that they were never hit on the pads.'


Of mediocre quality; second-rate.
  1. 'One, who asked for anonymity, called it ‘brazenly absurd,’ and added that it was ‘a typical bush-league move.’'
  2. 'It costs nothing to read this public display of stupidity that gives our country a bush league image.'



1. inferior or amateurish; mediocre: a bush-league theatrical performance.