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The mass or size of something large.
  1. 'Fagan relies on the sheer bulk of evidence to make his case.'
  2. 'Make the pockets out of lining or lightweight fabrics to reduce bulk.'
  3. 'The materials used in transmission and engine have been specially developed to reduce weight and bulk.'
  4. 'The vehicle drove away and the woman straightened her burgundy dress as she looked up at the two-tone bulk of the Blue Horizon.'
  5. 'Given the sheer bulk of commentaries on Horace from ancient times to the present, the search for new approaches can obscure more than elucidate.'
  6. 'This reduces the weight and bulk when compared to the protective mask currently used by CVC.'
  7. 'As greater mass and bulk are added to provide specific protection, discomfort escalates.'
  8. 'The sheer bulk and weightiness of the story and its politics, removes the profundity from the last shot of Inba's forlorn face.'
  9. 'Yet, the sheer weight and bulk of detail in this Department report are an indication that things are happening - and have been happening for a considerable time.'
  10. 'The first time he is confronted with the sheer bulk of the super size meal, Spurlock is genuinely amazed.'
  11. 'he moved quickly in spite of his bulk'
  12. 'Hines is exactly what is needed: his sheer bulk makes him difficult to stop and his handling ability ensures that he invariably plays the ball out of contact.'
  13. 'Arriving at the dockside, you are reminded of the sheer bulk of the ship.'
  14. 'In the first place, his presence is considerable, not just his physical bulk but the sheer sense of purpose he brings to any gathering.'
  15. 'At the appropriate moment Dad came around behind me and in a movement surprisingly graceful for his age and bulk, he bent down and netted the fish, tail first.'
  16. 'Badly in need of linebacker help and some bulk on the defensive line, the Packers drafted speedy linebacker Nick Barnett and defensive tackle Kenny Peterson.'
  17. 'Tracking big game in the heat of the southern African bush is a far cry from the cold, grey bulk of Yorkshire's oldest stone fortress.'
  18. 'Today the winners of body building competitions sometimes say they achieved their body bulk without drugs.'
  19. 'The Sierra based Lightning Rods are incredibly quick around Bovingdon, where the cars' sheer bulk and power leads to a tight pack of bumper-to-bumper racing throughout the day.'
  20. 'From an early age he was fat, perhaps seeking in food both the bulk to defend himself and the comfort he could not find at home.'
  21. 'What about Embassy Court Brighton, a building whose horizontal emphasis and overweening bulk wrecks the stuccoed urbanity of the Hove seafront?'
  22. 'He visited a £32m project to stabilise mines under the town by pumping them full of a mixture of fuel ash and cement which sets to form a solid bulk, similar to breeze blocks.'
  23. 'It is of a design, bulk, mass and scale appropriate for the location and should not have any adverse impact on surrounding occupiers.'
  24. 'With all the mountains reigning high over them not much light can shine through the bulks of rock.'
  25. 'The theatre has a similar bulk and presence in the opposite direction, as its south side presents long views across the Rhine harbour.'
  26. 'bulk orders of over 100 copies'
  27. 'The charity single went on sale yesterday but unlike in London where there were early morning queues and bulk orders at record stores, shoppers in Swindon were a lot more subdued.'
  28. 'What now seems to be in fashion in Bulgaria is the bulk registration of sensible names to be put on bid afterwards and sold for much higher fees.'
  29. 'Anything that can break down the bulk adoption of textbooks by states would certainly help.'
  30. 'Nurses' dresses typically cost under £10 as part of a bulk order for the NHS.'
  31. 'The group has reserved a bulk order with the Post Office, planned to enable it to blitz Britain with a huge leafleting campaign over the holidays.'
  32. 'Their differences are resolved when Bell agrees only to sell his eggs in large bulk orders that Windy could never fulfil.'
  33. 'Avolar capped its official launch with a bulk order for Learjets and Beechjets.'
  34. 'In recent years the company's emphasis has been on exporting bulk quantities of its Muller Thurgau-based White Cloud.'
  35. 'So he hired a manager to run the shop and went out to secure bulk orders from local hotels and hospitals.'
  36. 'Occasionally, wrongdoings are revealed: last March, it disallowed ‘a large quantity’ of Guardian-Observer bulk sales.'
  37. 'Dietary fiber - also known as roughage or bulk - includes all parts of plant foods that your body can't digest or absorb.'
  38. 'Insoluble fiber provides bulk or roughage to your diet, but you don't digest it.'
  39. as modifier 'the port is specially designed for the largest dry bulk vessels'
  40. 'A Federal Government change to the Tasmanian Wheat Freight Subsidy Scheme looks set to end bulk shipments of grain to that state from July 1.'
  41. 'Most freight tends to be large bulk cargo which is moved out of hours, but the major impact has been on tourism and retail.'
  42. 'The roundhouse at San Lázaro was vacated, and afterwards used for bulk grain storage.'
  43. 'Inefficient handling of bagged wheat gave way to bulk handling, and the marketing of wheat became more organised through the formation of the Australian Wheat Board in 1939.'
  44. 'Until last year, the port's wharfs were only intended to accommodate bulk cargo which was not transported in containers.'
  45. 'How do I know that the bulk dried herbs I buy in a store still have all their medicinal benefits?'
  46. 'The skull and cross bones may have been replaced by organised gangs looking for bulk cargos; but some old clichés persist.'
  47. 'It has built new, specialised quays for handling cement, timber and scrap metal, and several warehouses for bulk fertilisers and other dry cargoes.'
  48. 'Georgia is also expanding the dry bulk cargo handling facilities of its Black Sea ports.'
  49. 'The next points of interest are mounds of bulk cargo shrouded in heavy white polythene sheets.'
  50. 'The instrument used to measure bulk is called a micrometer. Four sheets of paper are measured and the figure divided by four to establish the paper stock's calliper, for example 12 or 15 points.'
The greater part of something.
  1. 'The bulk of the book deals with the development of the U.S. Naval pension fund, which is fascinating in part because it seems so unusual to the modern student of pensions.'
  2. 'Rents and taxes from the offshore sector make up the bulk of the income of the State.'
  3. 'Well, it is nearly impossible for the private sector to not to be the cause of a recession, as the private sector represents the bulk of the economy.'
  4. 'But he had hoped at this stage of the summer to have had the bulk of his business completed and his squad almost at full strength.'
  5. 'There is only one way to ensure that base load and the bulk of our electricity comes from a reliable source that does not damage the atmosphere - nuclear power.'
  6. 'Articles about the process of storytelling make up the bulk of the central portion of this volume.'
  7. 'They did keep the bulk of their forces outside the city, as they were asked to do.'
  8. 'The bulk of the book is spread over chapters seven to 11, which take almost 100 pages to describe medical privacy laws and issues in 51 countries.'
  9. 'An efficient metro rail system will not only push the bulk of traffic underground, but also ensure that people use their vehicles sparingly.'
  10. 'The payout was 23% up on what the directors received in 2003, with the five top executives sharing the bulk of the increases.'


Treat (a product) so that its quantity appears greater than it is.
  1. 'This method of cooking is much more economical than grilling or roasting, since the meat can be cut into smaller pieces and bulked out with liquids and other ingredients, and since boiling or stewing makes even the toughest bits edible.'
  2. 'In the coal-fired kitchen, you'll learn the cunning ways that mothers bulked out mince pies with apple and carrot, and baked Christmas cakes in the shape of Anderson shelters.'
  3. 'Still, a large part of the adoration must be nostalgia for past glories on the basis of the dreary recent material which bulked out their set.'
  4. 'To bulk it out, serve with walnut bread, a baguette or toasted brioche.'
  5. 'Why Watson bulked out his modest little story to such extravagant length, alas, we shall never know.'
  6. 'Non-organic foods are bulked out with air, fat and water, so paying extra for organic means you get more quality food for your money.'
  7. 'He later went on to star at the University of Minnesota where he would take his training to a new level and bulk up to his current proportions.'
  8. 'Diets are a major culprit, and although it's much less common for someone bulking up to get dehydrated, water is still the easiest, cheapest and most effective single nutrient you can add to any eating plan.'
  9. 'Eggs serve as a good source of protein for bodybuilders interested in bulking up.'
  10. 'There could also be bigger deals as second-tier players look to bulk up and muscle into new markets.'
  11. 'Then clear up the misunderstanding explaining why it is unlikely that most women would bulk up or develop large muscles like some men who train with weights.'
Combine (shares or commodities for sale)

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    1. magnitude in three dimensions: a ship of great bulk.

    2. the greater part; main mass or body: The bulk of the debt was paid.

    3. goods or cargo not in packages or boxes, usually transported in large volume, as grain, coal, or petroleum.

    4. fiber (def 9).

    5. (of paper, cardboard, yarn, etc.) thickness, especially in relation to weight.

    6. the body of a living creature.

    7. bulk mail. adjective

    8. being or traded in bulk: bulk grain. verb (used without object) 9. to inc

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    "people can be bulk in accounts."

    "people can be bulk from pounds."

    "sugars can be bulk."

    "prices can be bulk."

    "carriers can be bulk."

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    (bulk)Middle English: the senses ‘cargo as a whole’ and ‘heap, large quantity’ (the earliest recorded) are probably from Old Norse búlki ‘cargo’; other senses arose perhaps by alteration of obsolete bouk ‘belly, body’.


    bulk large
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