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A yellowish-beige colour.
  1. 'C. infundibuliformis is funnel-shaped, as the specific name indicates, and has a cap of variable colour: buff, ochre, brown, or reddish.'
  2. 'There are more than 200 varieties in many different colours including make-up shades like buff, rose, chocolate and cream.'
  3. 'The whole room is a zebra pelt of black and white and that colour that has been the fashion staple for so long they've invented a dozen names for it - taupe, camel, fawn, buff.'
  4. 'The white underside of this sparrow is streaked with buff and brown across the breast.'
  5. 'These are characterized by small villages of rectangular pit-houses, cremation of the dead, and plain grey or brown pottery, sometimes painted red on buff.'
  6. 'During the last financial year I have fallen into the unhealthy habit of not opening bills or indeed anything buff and brown with my name typed on it.'
  7. 'If you prefer lighter shades, pale blue and buff always look tremendous together.'
  8. 'In the raffle, if they call out ticket 315, chances are I'll have it, but in buff when they want blue.'
  9. 'Pelage color varies considerably, but is usually some shade of brown, gray, or buff.'
  10. 'Body fur may be black, brown, grey, buff, red, white or multi-coloured, with many varieties of face markings.'
A stout dull yellow leather with a velvety surface.
  1. 'The buff coat was a standard piece of clothing for both the foot soldier and and the cavalryman. It offered moderate protection against blows from swords, but was ineffective against musket fire.'
  2. 'Men know him as a lonely figure riding of a morning through Rock Creek Park, wearing an immense sombrero, kid gloves, buff waistcoat and an old riding coat.'
A stick, wheel, or pad used for polishing.
  1. 'The method of manufacturing a resin filled board according to claim 3, wherein said surfaces of said conductive layer are mechanically polished using a buff.'


Polish (something)
  1. 'Waxed surface may be buffed occasionally to restore shine.'
  2. 'Solvent removes dirt and old wax, and leaves a thin wax coating which must be buffed.'
  3. 'When I'm done I'll rub on a paste wax of some sort and buff the piece to a soft glow.'
  4. 'This surface is then buffed and polished with ever finer materials, like lambs wool, until the characteristic lustre is achieved.'
  5. 'Then, the blades are sintered at a temperature of over 1,000 degrees, surface finished, tumbled and buffed.'
  6. 'Their boots were buffed into black mirrors, the red bands around their caps looked like slashes of blood against the khaki.'
  7. 'The most beautiful was a series of small graphite paintings, buffed to a dull sheen that recalls the surfaces of ancient mirrors.'
  8. 'It must be thoroughly buffed, following directions on wax label.'
  9. 'It must have taken me about ten minutes to select my favourite - and by that time, the chatty beautician had filed and buffed my fingernails, ready for painting.'
  10. 'Underneath, an orange jumper, a light jacket with a peachy-orange check, an orange handkerchief tucked into his pocket and the shiniest light-tan leather shoes, buffed to mirrored perfection.'
  11. 'Processing can be carried out on full grain and buffed leather of any origin and on leather fibre materials.'
  12. 'The buffing operation also releases particulates, which may contain chromium. Leather tanning facilities, however, have not been viewed as sources of chromium emissions by the States in which they are located.'
Make (an element in a role-playing or video game) more powerful.


    (of a person or their body) in good physical shape with well-developed muscles.
    1. 'Maybe on the thin side, but he was still a buff guy.'
    2. 'A large buff man sat by a table collecting money.'
    3. 'The lecturer is a buff guy in his mid-forties with a husky voice, and he's standing next to a blowup mattress.'
    4. 'Now, you can just go straight home - and still get a buff body even if you don't have a lot of time to spare.'
    5. 'I looked into that face, that pale face, buff body, shaggy black hair, and red eyes.'
    6. 'And for the safety of you and your friends, hire the most buff lifeguard to man the stands on party day.'
    7. 'Tomorrow's buff body loses out to the dread of today's workout, and a reduced risk of cancer is obscured by the pleasure of a cigarette.'
    8. 'And then she saw the very buff man in a muscle shirt hovering over Trent, shouting words of motivation.'
    9. 'Far ahead, a door opened and a buff man stepped out.'
    10. 'Strengthening them is essential for, preventing injury as well as developing a buff upper body.'


    A person who is enthusiastically interested in and very knowledgeable about a particular subject.
    1. 'If you're a film score buff or someone interested in good 20th century music, this CD issue won't disappoint.'
    2. 'As film buffs know, sequels seldom live up to the original.'
    3. 'He is a film buff, theatre-goer, art connoisseur, reader and amateur boxing referee.'
    4. 'It's the perfect partner for workout enthusiasts and exercise buffs!'
    5. 'For example, offering a net-based service costs very little and the expertise is often found among young computer buffs.'
    6. 'But even devoted space buffs long ago lost interest in the shuttle program.'
    7. 'Older readers of Cotswold history buff Dennis Hughes' latest book are guaranteed a musical trip down memory lane.'
    8. 'Young computer buffs are lining up to catch a rare glimpse of endangered red squirrels - by using quick ‘mouse’ action.'
    9. 'Well, this Film Snob says you're not a film buff if you don't watch older movies.'
    10. 'Beyond the obvious implications for sci-fi buffs and other space enthusiasts, the episode sheds light on the versatility of free enterprise.'


    1. a soft, thick, light-yellow leather with a napped surface, originally made from buffalo skin but later also from other skins, used for making belts, pouches, etc.

    2. a brownish-yellow color; tan.

    3. a buff stick or buff wheel.

    4. a devotee or well-informed student of some activity or subject: Civil War buffs avidly read the new biography of Grant.

    5. Informal. the bare skin: in the buff.

    6. Also called buffcoat. a thick, short coat of buffalo leather, worn especially by Engl

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    "tickets can be buff with lines."

    "envelopes can be buff."

    "forms can be buff."

    "folders can be buff."

    "beauties can be buff."

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    (buff)Early 20th century: from buff, originally applied to enthusiastic fire-watchers, because of the buff uniforms formerly worn by New York volunteer firemen.


    in the buff