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Tolerant or liberal in one's views and reactions; not easily offended.
  1. 'Perhaps more important is how much we have to gain if we approach problems with the same broad-minded and interdisciplinary attitude that the Greeks themselves displayed.'
  2. 'Although this is a family newspaper, I feel the readers are broad-minded enough to make their own judgment as to its suitability.'
  3. 'These traits indicate someone who is more tolerant and broad-minded.'
  4. 'Legend is the title of the one reggae album that every broad-minded progressive is guaranteed to have in their record collection.'
  5. 'True upper-class ladies are low-keyed, cultured and broad-minded.'
  6. 'However, he maintained a lifelong interest in the game and while a firm and committed Garrymore supporter, he was very broad-minded and recognised and appreciated the good players in all the clubs.'
  7. 'Now I'm a broad-minded fellow, but one sickening perversion we must not tolerate is the insertion of an apostrophe into the possessive 'its'.'
  8. 'On a similar theme, I quoted from Roger Scruton's ‘On Hunting’ a few days ago - not as broad-minded as it may have seemed, because I am anti-anti-hunting.'
  9. 'In the letter I wrote back, I said, ‘Yeah, they are good parents, but that's because they're very open and broad-minded and they've taught me to be like that.’'
  10. 'It's allowed me to be broad-minded and open to all combinations of flavours,’ said Peter.'



1. free from prejudice or bigotry; unbiased; liberal; tolerant.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be broad-minded."

"researchers can be broad-minded."

"readers can be broad-minded."

"opinions can be broad-minded."

"onlookers can be broad-minded."

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