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Giving out or reflecting much light; shining.
  1. 'her bright, dark eyes'
  2. 'A bright light shines from behind and the silver armor is put on her.'
  3. 'It started to rise, and a bright light shined through what was opening.'
  4. 'Her dark eyes were bright with reflected light, and her cheeks were rosy.'
  5. 'His dark eyes were reflecting the bright flashing lights of the carnival, and he looked like the most adorable puppy.'
  6. 'The sun was bright and shone through Jim's window sternly, as if warning that it was time to get out of bed.'
  7. 'The door opened and a bright light shone into the dimly lit room.'
  8. 'The door to my cell was flung open and a bright light was shined in.'
  9. 'Soon enough, Raymond reached the hospital, its lights shone bright into his eyes, blinding him.'
  10. 'Some filmmakers shine a bright light that blurs the intimate, the indistinct and the fugitive.'
  11. 'The thick foliage wouldn't allow the moon's bright light to shine through.'
  12. 'For the first time, she looked innocent, her bright eyes full of light.'
  13. 'It has 148 square metres of bright and spacious accommodation.'
  14. 'The shiny exterior glimmered in the lights of the bright room and reflected each of their faces in a warped way.'
  15. 'The nine other rooms above the restaurant are comfortable, bright and spacious, but only four have lake views.'
  16. 'The intense bright of the chamber and the nothingness in the surround was unnerving.'
  17. 'It was bright, full of pretty things, and I was her new prize.'
  18. 'Through these, Wilton could see a bright, spacious lobby.'
  19. 'The rooms are bright, spacious, spotless and reasonably priced.'
  20. 'This house is bright, comfortable and full of character.'
  21. 'Haig was taking full advantage of the bright conditions at night for prospecting expeditions.'
  22. 'the long, bright days of June'
  23. 'The day was bright, and surprisingly sunny for the time of year.'
  24. 'It was a warm day already, a bright day at the height of summer.'
  25. 'It was a bright day, yet the cool breeze and winter chill kept the temperature down.'
  26. 'It was a bright summer day and all the preparations for the attack had been made.'
  27. 'The sun was nearly blinding, but it made for a gloriously bright day.'
  28. 'A butterfly rested on the petals of a brilliant red flower, sipping nectar peacefully on a bright summer day.'
  29. 'The ash had stopped falling and the day was bright and beautiful, and everyone was outside.'
  30. '… It had been an unusually chilly day in the country for the bright summer season.'
  31. 'The day was bright and sunny as I walked swiftly towards the hospital.'
  32. 'the bright green leaves'
  33. 'This particular painting was full of bright colors and happiness.'
  34. 'Colors showed small signs of fading, though were generally bright and full.'
  35. 'Commonly seen white flowers cover the foliage, but a striking bright purple is also available.'
  36. 'She wears the same bright red cowboy boots every week.'
  37. 'Behind is a huge, bright yellow full moon, and the grassy field underfoot is composed of green, blue, and brown.'
  38. 'It was a beautiful weekend; the sun was shining brilliantly in the bright blue sky.'
  39. 'Cwery's bright blue eyes were shining with tears, giving Brayden's heart a good wrench.'
  40. 'They are like cartoons, with their bold lines, bright colours and flat shapes.'
  41. 'Try bright colours like yellow or green on your cabinets or try a cherry red lacquer on pantry doors.'
  42. 'Still looking peaceful, her fair skin shone under the bright white lights, her hair still silky about her.'
  43. 'The blooms have bright clusters of yellow flowers with interesting leaflets.'
  44. 'Alice sees this garden, with bright flowers and fountains, through the tiny door soon after she arrives in Wonderland.'
  45. 'The pathways were grassy, and tall grasses appeared between bright flowers.'
  46. 'He still wore the glasses, but the bright tie lay on the ground beside his chair.'
  47. 'In the current environment for fiction, he is like a bright Spanish flower.'
  48. 'Vegetable harvest coincides with bright autumn foliage, chrysanthemums, asters and sedum.'
  49. 'With tailored suits and ties as bright as a skyrocket, he's dapper.'
  50. 'Birds twittered gaily, nestled safe between the trees, and flowers unfolded into bright, matured blooms.'
  51. 'With the other hand behind his back, he produced a bright bouquet of flowers with an exaggerated flourish.'
  52. 'I must have spotted at least four of five types of palms, not to mention bright flowers and a variety of crotons.'
Intelligent and quick-witted.
  1. 'a bright young journalist'
  2. 'He's very bright and intelligent and he's, honestly, probably the most wonderful person to look up to.'
  3. 'I can't remember whose bright idea it was to add the radio to our sad little party.'
  4. 'The problem he had, he was extremely intelligent, very bright, but he had a face that was just past puberty.'
  5. 'Whose bright idea was it to settle this far north, anyway?'
  6. 'His assistant, a pretty young woman, is bright, very capable, and eager to help.'
  7. 'Always bright and perky, Robin has shone in all subjects.'
  8. 'Young and bright, she is the darling of her district today.'
  9. 'Consternation deepened; then somebody had a bright idea.'
  10. 'During that time, he found Bryce to be bright, highly intelligent, and for the most part, unafraid.'
  11. 'She's very smart, bright, witty, full of grace and elegance.'
Cheerful and lively.
  1. 'she gave a bright smile'
  2. 'The programme will be bright, lively, entertaining and will provide real insights that go beneath the headlines.'
  3. 'She shook the sadness out of her and forced herself to act bright and cheerful as she always did.'
  4. 'The five weeks to the trial went slowly, the only bright period was a visit from Myra.'
  5. 'She was bright and cheerful and for some reason she made him feel like a teenage boy who had a crush on her.'
  6. 'Charging through the door were two bright and cheerful bundles of female energy.'
  7. 'She said cheerfully, smiling that bright smile of hers again.'
  8. 'As Thomas walked, passersby greeted him with a bright smile and a cheerful, ‘Merry Christmas!’'
  9. 'Her fresh and natural look is enhanced by her bright smile.'
  10. 'But she had a bright smile, cheerful face, and an eye for color, so she was excellent at helping out her customers.'
  11. 'He is someone who starts off bright, cheerful and confident and then has everything taken away from him.'
  12. 'these young people have a bright future ahead of them'
  13. 'They're building a bright, glorious future here too.'
  14. 'Kathy was young, attractive, and had a bright future ahead of her.'
  15. 'Tess ends her affair, and the future looks bright.'
  16. 'We need to maximize opportunity, growth, and health to have a future bright with possibilities.'
  17. 'I believe we have a bright future ahead of us, and with that hope, I know we can succeed.'
  18. 'At that time, they seemed to be fine, and they were expecting a bright future ahead of them.'
  19. 'And, you know, I kind of think this company has a pretty bright future ahead of it.'
  20. 'I feel like there is a bright future ahead for me.'
  21. 'Just by looking at him I knew that he was definitely going to have a really bright future ahead of him.'
  22. 'I suggest you look towards the bright future that lies ahead of you.'
(of sound) clear, vibrant, and typically high-pitched.
  1. 'The overall sound was very bright, while it was bordering on the harsh.'
  2. 'The bubbly bright sound caught my attention, she was a beautiful woman.'
  3. 'It's like floating through storm clouds, getting lost in the at-once bright and ominous sound.'
  4. 'The sound is indeed bright and clear most of the time.'
  5. 'That bright sound propelled him faster to the narrow staircase at the end of the hall.'
  6. 'The ensemble sound was bright, with the trumpets and woodwind producing particularly expressive sounds.'
  7. 'Carlile heard a sharp bright sound and saw that the heron had broken free from a thin layer of ice.'
  8. 'He felt her body moving with his in time to the music and heard her bright laughter as she tried to impress him.'
  9. 'She sings the lead in a voice that's clear and bright, but also a little deadpan.'
  10. 'The sound is a little bright for my taste, but very clear.'


  1. 'The sun was shining so bright I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open.'
  2. 'It was unnerving how bright they shone and so I tried to look away.'
  3. 'The sun is shining bright in the sky and nobody else is around.'


Bold and vivid colours.
  1. 'The series spans extremes of smoldering darks and luminous brights.'
  2. 'Choose decorative pillows that are printed with enriched brights; blues and yellows, orange and greens.'
  3. 'It works efficiently as a basic color and can be worn with pastels or brights as accents.'
Headlights switched to full beam.
  1. 'Jack finally looked in his rearview mirror, and the woman began flashing her brights at him.'
  2. 'Finally, it got too dark to see as even my brights wouldn't show enough of the road to continue on safely.'
  3. 'Getting out of the car, I flipped the brights lever, illuminating the Don.'


1. radiating or reflecting light; luminous; shining: The bright coins shone in the gloom.

2. filled with light: The room was bright with sunshine.

3. vivid or brilliant: a bright red dress; bright passages of prose.

4. quick-witted or intelligent: They gave promotions to bright employees.

5. clever or witty, as a remark: Bright comments enlivened the conversation.

6. animated; lively; cheerful: a bright and happy child; a bird's bright song.

More examples(as adjective)

"outlooks can be bright in places."

"outlooks can be bright for states."

"people can be bright in/at/on mornings."

"people can be bright as buttons."

"outlooks can be bright in/at/on weeks."

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Old English beorht, of Germanic origin.


bright and early
(as) bright as a button
bright lights
look on the bright side