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Relating to Bologna or its people.
  1. 'Its influence was so significant in Italian legal and political circles that a fourteenth-century Bolognese jurist wrote a reference index to its contents.'
  2. 'He was also the first Bolognese composer to publish solo violin sonatas.'
  3. 'His style appears to derive from Ercole de' Roberti and shows affinities with that of Lorenzo Costa, during his Bolognese period.'
  4. 'He developed an eclectic style under the influence of Nicolas Poussin and the Bolognese and Venetian masters whose works he could study in Rome.'
  5. 'Gabrielli also added to the important repertory of Bolognese trumpet pieces.'
Denoting a sauce of minced beef, tomato, onion, and herbs, typically served with pasta.
  1. postpositive 'tagliatelle bolognaise'
  2. 'Does bolognese pizza sound horrid?'
  3. 'Executive chef Frank Whittaker seems to do his best work with pastas like a fresh, chunky version of lobster bolognese.'
  4. 'Entree choices are grilled king salmon, rotisserie lemon-sage chicken, rigatoni Bolognese and squash ravioli.'
  5. 'There's artichoke asparagus ravioli, linguini bolognese, macaroni and cheese, and asparagus risotto.'
  6. 'There are as many recipes for Bolognese Sauce as there are people who eat Bolognese Sauce.'


A native or inhabitant of Bologna.
  1. 'In this country the typical Italian is a Genoese; but the Bolognese are as different from these in stature, appearance, and character as are the English.'
  2. 'In November he went to Bologna and there he made a colossal bronze of the Pope in his role of conqueror of the Bolognese.'
  3. 'Generally, the Bolognese exhibited less of a taste for philosophical issues than the Neapolitans, preferring to address concrete problems in specific fields such as anatomy.'
  4. 'Reflecting on why the walking pace of the average Bolognese was so slow, he realized it was because the arcades meant that the pace was set by the tortoise, rather than the hare.'
A pasta dish made with bolognese sauce, in particular spaghetti bolognese, or the sauce itself.
  1. 'the bolognaise was delicious'
  2. 'In a luxurious take on the classic, duck replaced beef in a rich Bolognese over firm rigatoni.'
  3. 'You could have Bolognese, carbonara or mushrooms, and then homemade pizza with a wide choice of toppings, accompanied by a green salad.'
  4. 'The lasagna most familiar to those in the United States is the classic Bolognese, said to have roots in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.'
  5. 'He stopped abruptly as he placed the fork loaded with bolognaise into his mouth.'
  6. 'The dense but tame Bolognese begs for red pepper and garlic.'
  7. 'Anyone who dismisses spaghetti and meat sauce as cafeteria food never had Sandro's rich Bolognese of veal and beef.'



1. of or relating to Bologna or its inhabitants.

2. Italian Cookery. served with a cream sauce typically containing prosciutto, ground beef, and cheese.

3. Fine Arts. noting a style or manner of painting developed in Bologna during the late 16th century by the Carracci, characterized chiefly by forms and colors derived from the Roman high renaissance and from the Venetians.

noun, plural Bolognese.

4. a native or inhabitant of Bologna.


Italian; the form bolognaise is via French.