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At or near boiling point.
  1. 'In my haste to prepare supper I screwed it all up, and dumped the stuffing into the boiling water.'
  2. 'These plastics may soften at high temperatures so never put boiling or hot water in them.'
  3. 'The former carried a tray with a basin of boiling water, soap, and fresh bandages piled to the side.'
  4. 'Mom was standing at the stove over a pot of boiling water.'
  5. 'Maybe he should try to convince whatever doctor worked on Tom to at least wash his hands and put his instruments, or saw, in boiling water first.'
  6. 'Foolish Julie pulled a pot of boiling water from the stove.'
  7. 'Ginseng is placed into boiling water for three minutes.'
  8. 'The most effective remedy for an acidic stomach is a cup of mint tea, made by infusing fresh mint leaves in boiling water, perhaps with a little honey.'
  9. 'Once you have designated a working area, place a large bowl on the table and pour the boiling water into it.'
  10. 'In that centralized composition, two men face each other, a pot of boiling water between them.'
  11. 'Saturday is forecast to be boiling and sunny'
  12. 'Hasan's servant having on one occasion thrown a boiling hot dish on his master obtained his liberty with monetary help by reciting this verse.'
  13. 'I walked stiffly into the lounge and had the sudden urge to have a boiling hot bath.'
  14. 'It's so cold today, that if you tossed a cup of boiling hot water into the air, the water would instantly freeze and disappear.'
  15. 'I pulled over to the side and there was stuff squirting out the engine and there were little fragments of boiling hot metal on the floor.'
  16. 'It is like a boiling hot bath which no living being could enter, until a wild person came and jumped into it.'
  17. 'I was already feeling faint as we were wearing winter clothes and it was boiling hot weather.'
  18. 'Then I feel like a very lonely lizard in a boiling hot desert.'
  19. 'It has remained very popular with walkers because no matter if it's boiling hot weather or freezing cold, the Mint Cake and its texture remains consistent.'
  20. 'Sitting in a boiling hot and cramped drafting room, the early discussions suffered from the self-same problem of woolly jargon.'
  21. 'We might not even be halfway into summer but already it's boiling isn't it?'


Boiling point.
  1. 'Enter above thrilling ingredients into a melting pot and stir past boiling.'
  2. 'Doctors and experts have stressed that boiling kills the virus.'
  3. 'This results in boiling and separation of a hydrothermal fluid from the magma.'


1. having reached the boiling point; steaming or bubbling up under the action of heat: boiling water.

2. fiercely churning or swirling: the boiling seas.

3. (of anger, rage, etc.) intense; fierce; heated. adverb

4. to an extreme extent; very: August is usually boiling hot; boiling mad.

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"waters can be boiling."

"points can be boiling."

"reactors can be boiling."

"oils can be boiling."

"times can be boiling."

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