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An amount of cargo or number of passengers which will fill a ship or boat.
  1. 'PORT St Johns has had enough of so-called anglers who come in, drop anchor in the Umzimvubu River for a couple of nights, catch everything they can and then head off home with a boatload of fish to sell.'
  2. 'When a boatload of condoms arrived at the dock in Losuia as part of Papua New Guinea's national family planning program, the islanders blew them into balloons and sent them drifting out to sea.'
  3. 'At least five people drowned and many more are feared dead after a trawler attempting to ferry a boatload of illegal immigrants capsized Sunday in bad weather off the southern coast, police said Monday.'
  4. 'I just don't get why so many people are so passionate in their support of his turning away a boatload of refugees.'
  5. 'At dinner, on the banks of this biblical river, we watch a boatload of teenagers rocking to hot rhythms, Algerian ‘rai’ music, I'm told.'
  6. 'Can you imagine a boatload of white Zimbabwean farmers being turned away?'
  7. 'Ship of Fools, based on the Katherine Anne Porter novel about a boatload of vaguely doomed passengers in the 1930s, is pretty much a disaster.'
  8. 'A boatload of refugees has provoked a nervous reaction in Australia, but attitudes toward immigration may be shifting'
  9. 'A boatload of refugees rescued from their sinking vessel at sea has finally been allowed to land, after a two week standoff.'
  10. 'He expected to rub elbows with celebrities on the cruise but found he was the only celebrity on the good ship, Quaker City, among a boatload of pious Christians.'
  11. 'the Telecommunications Reform Act created a boatload of new regulations'
  12. 'Have you taken a look at the boatload of new MPs to hit Ottawa recently?'
  13. 'Paint the tires black, dump a boatload of additives into the gas tank, raise the gas pedals a little… lots of cheap, quick fixes.'
  14. 'The very word is laden with a boatload of meaning that unavoidably springs to mind when you say it.'
  15. 'It's almost as though Ang Lee went back in time with a boatload of Hulk books and gave them to Sophocles to read and write a play about.'
  16. 'Lyle and Erik went out and spent a boatload of money after the murders, and this sort of cast suspicion on them immediately.'
  17. 'An image eventually begins to appear (based on a boatload of research and an eon of enforced intuitive reflection).'
  18. 'For this year's romp through their back catalogue, they've rafted in a boatload of friends who don't have day jobs they shouldn't quit.'
  19. 'He's facing a boatload of ugly challenges and dilemmas.'
  20. 'At one point later on, I'm crossing the famous Skinny Bridge just as it's being raised for a boatload of partiers.'
  21. 'I just got a boatload of new possibilities for moving, and I am feeling distinctly hopeful again.'
  22. 'But presumably you did this because you knew this boatload of people was on its way, is that correct?'
  23. 'However, I know from hallway conversation that there's a boatload of Open Source technology worth reading.'

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1. the cargo that a vessel carries or is capable of carrying.