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Of a colour intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day.
  1. 'a blue silk shirt'
  2. 'With blue skies and temperatures in the 80s, southeast Alaska doesn't feel like a rainforest.'
  3. 'We both love the color red and how it looks with the sage green and pale blue trim on our house.'
  4. 'The chameleon is sometimes green, sometimes blue, it is all colours by turn, and sometimes it is absolutely colourless.'
  5. 'Hot springs oozing from an underground volcano adds tints of yellow and green to the blue ocean.'
  6. 'The sun was up, the sky was blue, there wasn't a cloud to spoil the view.'
  7. 'Each of these pixels has a red, green, or blue filter placed over it, and a light is shone from behind the screen.'
  8. 'The snow-capped mountains, rolling hills and deep blue sky paint a picture no artist could draw.'
  9. 'Out across the water, Iona lay basking under an astonishingly blue Hebridean sky.'
  10. 'Water of different depth shows different colours in the sunshine such as yellow, green, blue and transparent.'
  11. 'It was a typical tranquil morning, bright sunshine, blue sea, green trees softening the light.'
  12. 'Ashley went blue and I panicked'
  13. 'He used to go blue during the feed so I would sit him up and blow in his face and he would gasp for breath and continue his feed.'
  14. 'Victims suffered from acute cyanosis, a blue discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes.'
  15. 'a blue jay'
  16. 'Animals include duikers, eland and colobus, vervet and blue monkeys.'
  17. 'There's a pond visited by ducks, geese, blue herons, otters, deer and the odd bear.'
  18. 'Plumage on a mature blue goose is a deep slate tone except for a white head and, in some, a buff-colored belly.'
  19. 'Start early and you may surprise little green or great blue herons prowling the shallows.'
  20. 'Perhaps the boys will even be somewhere in the stands at Loftus - a small band of red dragons in a sea of blue bulls.'
  21. 'Clouds of metallic blue butterflies dispersed off their gold and waxen perches and rippled over his head.'
  22. 'A gaggle of Catholic nuns from Kerala, in full habits, delicately dipped their feet like pale blue wading birds.'
  23. 'The rest of its body looked as if it were a giant blue lizard, standing on its hind legs like an angered bear.'
  24. 'According to zoology, the origin of blue bull is not traced to the species of cow.'
  25. 'A blue worm threading its way through sploshes of paint leaves me cold.'
  26. 'The Korat is an elegant silver-tipped blue cat which has a unique colour that appears to absorb light, resulting in an intense sheen often described as a halo effect and best appreciated in the sunlight.'
  27. 'She admires the drawing above the oven: a drawing of the blue fox howling at the moon.'
  28. 'On the way we saw a blue fox cross the road.'
  29. '‘It will be great fun and the good thing is that anybody can join in, as long as they can ski the blue runs,’ said Nina.'
  30. 'The rest of the trail is rated blue/intermidiate but I think that it's only due to some recent storm damage from earlier this year.'
  31. 'So for instance, we could start off with a red quark, which emits a red-antiblue gluon and becomes a blue quark.'
  32. 'For example, if absorption of a gluon changes a blue quark into a red quark, then the gluon itself must have carried one unit of red charge and minus one unit of blue charge.'
  33. 'A blue quark will bind with a red quark and a yellow.'
(of a person or mood) melancholy, sad, or depressed.
  1. 'However, a third consecutive league defeat after conceding a goal from a set-piece left the Baggies players feeling blue.'
  2. 'Deep in their own blue mood, they're unaffected by people or events that are going on around them.'
  3. 'The air then turned blue as Smith gave vent to his feelings both on the way back to the dressing room and, even more volubly, in the dressing room.'
  4. 'He joked around with Dallas, played games with him and cheered him up when he felt blue.'
(of a film, joke, or story) having sexual or pornographic content.
  1. '‘My father never swore in his life or told a blue joke, but he was magic.’'
  2. 'Video cassettes showing blue films and cinema houses lost out to the village gurdwara.'
  3. 'We have the same sort of content as the women's classes but there is the odd slightly blue joke, too.'
Politically conservative.
  1. 'But given the complexities of blue camp politics we have to ask: On a roll to where?'
  2. 'The blue political parties, meanwhile, are closing the floodgates with all their might.'
  3. '‘Where people have voted blue, their councils have gone green,’ he wrote.'


Blue colour or pigment.
  1. 'the dark blue of his eyes'
  2. 'She had the children in mind in choosing colours, wares, right down to bathroom sets in blue for boys and pink for girls.'
  3. 'It's cluttered and the colours (dark blue and purple) will not be to many people's tastes.'
  4. 'All samples are shown at the same magnification, with spindles in green and DNA in blue.'
  5. 'My room is colored in blue with glow in the dark stars and planets on them.'
  6. 'There was a photograph on the wall of a model with tresses boldly streaked in blue - I was concerned.'
  7. 'Inside are piles of battered registers, marked with the date in blue.'
  8. 'The water-resistant fabric is available in blue, green or natural.'
  9. 'The words in blue are ‘hyperlinks’ and clicking on them will take you to an area with more information.'
  10. 'It is even available in bright colours like blue, green, yellow and orange.'
  11. 'Just remember, if you see text in blue in this article, that means we clipped it from the editorial section.'
  12. 'Susan wore blue'
  13. 'Mother was wearing a heavily embroidered gown of light blue that suited her perfectly for once.'
  14. 'The police wear blue because that is the color of the police only and no one else.'
  15. 'Had Chelsea decided to follow McNeill's nose, Ronaldo might now be wearing blue not red.'
  16. 'Caroline finished her toilette by herself, wearing a simple morning frock of blue.'
  17. 'The old man was robed in deep blue with a cloak of the same purple the guards wore.'
  18. 'Unlike the shades of blue which she wore currently, the shirts were a light grey, the pants, black.'
  19. 'Those who wore gray were for it, and those who wore blue were against it.'
  20. 'Andrew, wearing all blue, created by metallic clothing, walks into a small office.'
  21. 'He always picks out white shirts until he doesn't have any left, and then he wears blue.'
  22. 'Suddenly the door slid open, and a tall man wearing nothing but blue came into the room.'
  23. 'At the same time he discovered laundry blue.'
  24. 'In 1765, Whatman discovered a means of whitening paper by adding laundry blue to the typically yellowed paper pulp.'
  25. 'far out upon the blue were many sails'
  26. 'A single tiny cloud appeared above the ridge but soon dissolved into the blue.'
  27. 'Sitting on the cold soft sand on the deserted beach I stared out into the blue.'
A small butterfly, the male of which is predominantly blue while the female is typically brown.
  1. 'A cool day in midsummer is always a good day to watch blues taking shelter in the grass.'
  2. 'It was easy to get the species mixed up as the female blues that had orange spots on the upper hindwing (see the photograph on the right) were Chalkhill Blues.'
A person who has represented Cambridge University (a Cambridge blue) or Oxford University (an Oxford blue) at a particular sport in a match between the two universities.
  1. 'He was an Oxford blue in hockey and a regular columnist on hockey in the London press.'
  2. 'An accomplished swimmer since his schooldays, David was a university blue in water polo and later served the sport in other capacities.'
  3. 'He could spring the surprise shock of the season by beating the blues at Stamford Bridge but you would need to believe in miracles as well as the tooth fairy for that!'
  4. 'After winning a blue at Oxford University, he was signed by Premiership club Bath.'
  5. 'He has a rugby blue, and he does not bother to list either distinction in his Who's Who entry because he also possesses the virtue of restraint.'
  6. 'Drew was a sports enthusiast, earned a rugby blue at Cambridge, and played rugby for the England B team.'
An argument or fight.
  1. 'I can honestly say that I never started a blue, but my stupid pig-headed nature would not allow me to back down.'
  2. 'She had a blue with her then boyfriend, fast bowler Mick.'
  3. 'He told me that Crystal and himself had had a blue with a taxi driver as well, not as big a blue as I had with mine, but a blue all the same.'
A mistake.
  1. 'I've made a bit of a blue with this Challenge!'
  2. 'Has Frank made a blue when compiling his stats?'
  3. 'What about a Prime Minister who calls them as he sees them and if he's made a blue just be man enough to come into the House of Representatives and say, ‘Look, a bit of a mistake here, here's correction of the parliamentary record.’'
A nickname for a red-headed person.
  1. 'Hey red, in Australia we call redheads ‘blue’ or ‘bluey’.'
A supporter of the Conservative Party.
  1. 'Amid all the hysteria over ‘hug a hoodie’, he has been falling over himself to show how environmentally friendly he is, that the Blues are the Greenest party ever to exist.'


Make or become blue.
  1. 'blued paper'
  2. 'The atmosphere in this video is darkened yet strangely luminous, the video palette seemingly blued and grayed.'
  3. 'All there were were tiny wisps of clouds now and the whole area had blued out.'
  4. 'nickel-plated or blued hooks'
  5. 'Yes, it is a 16 penny nail that has been polished up a bit and blued.'
  6. 'The entire pistol was then fine bead blasted and blued.'
  7. 'The barrels' subtle blue-grey colors result from charcoal bluing.'
  8. 'The steel of the action and barrel is beautifully machined, polished and blued.'
  9. 'Weatherby barrels and actions were polished and blued to a glittering, mirror-bright finish.'
  10. 'In the past, a turkey hunter used his regular shotgun, which might have a blued or even a nickel-finished barrel and a glossy stock.'
  11. 'All in all, it is an attractive rifle, with nicely blued metal contrasting with an attractive piece of walnut.'
  12. 'Having owned several and examined many others I see no difference in terms of overall fit and finish, metal polishing and bluing, or action smoothness.'
  13. 'However, over the last two decades bluing and case coloring, as well as nickel plating, have improved significantly, resulting in a most attractive revolver.'
  14. 'Eventually this sixgun will be totally refinished, in this case restored to its original appearance with case-hardened frame and hammer and the balance of the gun deeply blued.'
Wash (white clothes) with bluing.
  1. 'She would blue the laundry / For the children.'
  2. 'Washing was a long involved process which started with making the soap using lye, lard and ashes, then scrubbing, boiling, rinsing and bluing the clothes in huge outdoor vats of water.'
  3. 'I rinsed and blued most of them.'


Squander or recklessly spend (money).
  1. 'It is again time to break open a bottle of bubbly and to blue our money till kingdom comes.'


1. the pure color of a clear sky; the primary color between green and violet in the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 450 and 500 nm.

2. bluing.

3. something having a blue color: Place the blue next to the red.

4. a person who wears blue or is a member of a group characterized by some blue symbol: Tomorrow the blues will play the browns.

5. (often initial capital letter) a member of the Union army in the American Civil War or the army itself.Compa

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be blue in faces."

"skies can be blue with clouds."

"people can be blue on knees."

"people can be blue on alls."

"windows can be blue against golds."

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Mid 19th century: perhaps a variant of blow.


boys in blue
blue on blue
bung (or stack) on a blue
do something until (or till) one is blue in the face
out of the blue
talk a blue streak