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Make or become black or dark, especially as a result of burning, decay, or bruising.
  1. 'she smiled at Mary, revealing blackened teeth'
  2. 'Leave the cannas in the ground until frost blackens the foliage.'
  3. 'He blackened the wood by burning it with the heated piece of iron; this enabled him to create the details of his creations.'
  4. 'England's skies blacken as coal makes the industrial revolution possible.'
  5. 'Beads of murky water dripped down stone walls blackened by grime, and the floor was cold gray stone.'
  6. 'Let me first say that this work blackens your heart and destroys everything good and decent in your sole.'
  7. 'His blue eyes blacken and I watch aghast, as he buries his face in his hands with a barely stifled groan.'
  8. 'Flames leapt up around them, black smoke stained the sky, blackened out the moon.'
  9. 'Halve and deseed the peppers and place, with rounded sides uppermost, under a preheated grill until the skins blacken.'
  10. 'The ground itself was blackened and burned, and was several feet lower than it should have been.'
  11. 'Kels asked him, smiling to reveal a row of soot blackened teeth.'
  12. 'The once snow-white stones were now blackened by a combination of being burnt out and years of built-up dirt and dust, casting a midnight shadow over the landscape.'
  13. 'I blackened my teeth, coloured them against the advice of my dentist.'
  14. 'Young girls blackened their faces and hobbled like cripples to avoid molestation but it made no difference.'
  15. 'Children also used to blacken their faces, as Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators might have done.'
  16. 'The night before Bonfire Night was once known as Mischief Night, when children would blacken their faces and play pranks.'
  17. 'This went on until several men were hired to blacken their faces, hide, jump out and shout ‘boo!’'
  18. 'Kevin confessed to having the same problem - light hair - but always got around it by blackening things up with mascara.'
  19. 'The herb was added as it can blacken hair and it will also add to the astringent quality of the formula.'
  20. 'It is believed that ancient Hawaiians blackened their faces and limbs when in mourning.'
  21. 'They burn cork and blacken their faces, painting on big red lips, donning white gloves.'
  22. 'Jack grinned then, his teeth flashing white through the charcoal that blackened his face.'
  23. 'she won't thank you for blackening her husband's name'
  24. 'And they did a superb job of smearing them - his character has been totally blackened, and so has hers, to a degree.'
  25. 'What is a well known is that Romans blackened the reputation of their enemies so their own ruthless barbarism might appear in a better light.'
  26. 'Since then he has done everything possible to politically destroy his opponent and blacken his name through a series of trumped up charges.'
  27. 'The brothers believed that, while the inquiry seemed to clear Ministers of wrongdoing, it blackened their own reputation.'
  28. 'Having determined that they were unable to silence him, the government then set about blackening his reputation.'
  29. 'First they accused the film writer of plagiarism to blacken her name and destroy her credibility, then attacked the film script.'
  30. 'This is an administration so wedded to spin and manipulation that it is seeking to blacken a decent man's reputation even as his body lies unburied.'
  31. 'Thus he cheerfully permitted his supporters to blacken his political opponents' reputations with false accusations and innuendo, but refused to use information about their private lives that would have destroyed them.'
  32. 'But a lot of innocent people had their names blackened and their careers damaged during the hunt.'
  33. 'A Yorkshire historian is calling on the Queen to help to clear Richard III of the double child murder which has blackened his reputation for more than 500 years.'

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1. (especially of fish) coated with spices and sautéed quickly over high heat so that the outside chars.

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"trees can be blackened by smokes."

"results can be blackened among jews."

"faces can be blackened."

"ruins can be blackened."

"people can be blackened."

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