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Made up of small parts that seem unrelated.
  1. 'It's so bitty, and it doesn't actually address the root cause (whatever that may be).'
  2. 'The new book is less successful; it's bitty and incomplete, suggesting that even the visual form needs time and distance from its subject before it can hope to get to grips with it.'
  3. 'Reeking of cash-in, this bitty, piecemeal approach only served to fill in details of Croft's relationships with other characters, and was nothing more than a snack for fans of the series.'
  4. 'You can use a mixture of different finishes to distinguish the parking area from the pathway to the front door, but don't use more than three different surfaces or it will start to look bitty and disjointed.'
  5. 'Secondly, McGreevy's compositions, although littered with a hodgepodge of essentially bitty elements, are cohesive.'
  6. 'It is so often the case that choral concerts tend to be rather bitty, a less than carefully thought out selection of items from a choral society's current repertoire.'
  7. 'By the time it has wandered into its final room, this bitty exhibition has proved that Degas was a genius, British painters were absurdly doomy, Toulouse - Lautrec was a difficult talent to trap and Sickert had concrete wrists.'
  8. 'They have annoying bitty schedules that demand endless driving, busing or pushing prams, leaving very little time to do anything of substance in between.'
  9. 'Many of the issues the protesters raise - the environment, endemic poverty, redistribution from rich to poor - cannot be tackled at the level of bitty, fragmented states, no matter how well-meaning their governments.'
  10. 'They are funny, but feel like separate films and don't connect with the rest of the characters, which merely adds to the film's random, bitty feel.'
  1. 'It's an amazing sight to see: Little bitty ducklings hunting bugs like cats after mice.'
  2. 'My great-great uncle's funeral was held in Winchester, this little bitty town outside of Giddings which is on the way to Austin.'
  3. 'It totally would fit in my little bitty purse and still give me room for my phone, wallet, and other stuff.'
  4. 'The camera is, in fact, tracking them, but they are moving so slowly, in such little bitty steps, and the distance between them remains so steady, that they look as if they're not moving at all.'
  5. 'He wanted to be a marine since he was a little bitty guy.'
  6. 'They make little bitty cubicles and stuff people in them.'
  7. 'I think the adversarial part of it comes from the fact that the technicians from the testing lab are beat up and worn out, and they're driving a little bitty pickup truck with 50 cylinders in the back.'
  8. 'I know there's stuff for little bitty kids, but I don't know the publisher.'
  9. 'And this explained why his book had seemed so huge: it was huge in proportion to his little bitty hands.'
  10. 'I've only seen the bitty roaches out here in Brooklyn.'

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1. Informal. tiny; itty-bitty: a little bitty town.

2. Chiefly British. containing or consisting of small bits or pieces; fragmentary.

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"volumes can be bitty."

"structures can be bitty."

"stories can be bitty."

"shades can be bitty."

"seas can be bitty."

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