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(of food or drink) sweet with a bitter aftertaste.
  1. 'the ale has a fine bittersweet nutty taste'
  2. 'The best drink discovery so far has been the bittersweet hot chocolate in Murphy's Ice cream shop in Dingle.'
  3. 'She sipped a bittersweet brew of Oriental herbs.'
  4. 'And the texture and flavor of each variety is as dramatically different as its look; from starchy to waxy, from nutty to bitter-sweet.'
  5. 'The whirling flavours release bitter-sweet lime, aromatic bitters and fiery ginger with every twist.'
  6. 'She carves me a slice, and serves it up with a spoon of the bittersweet cloudberry compôte.'
  7. 'He was nursing a cup of strong black coffee, revelling in the bittersweet, acrid tang and the caffeine rush it provided to his dozy brain.'
  8. 'I picked the last rhubarb of the year today, and then I picked the first bitter-sweet cooking cherries and will make something interesting and desserty with both of them this evening.'
  9. 'The color is a radiant, bright light-scarlet and the aromas are filled with bittersweet cherries and strawberries.'
  10. 'The flavors are bright and full of bittersweet blackberry and raspberry flavors.'
  11. 'Michael rolled his tongue backwards in his mouth, savoring the bittersweet beer he clutched in his pale soft hands.'
Arousing pleasure tinged with sadness or pain.
  1. 'But the bitter-sweet news is that local farmers who made a special protest visit to Brussels earlier this year got at least part of what they wanted.'
  2. 'Nonetheless, it still produced some beautifully bitter-sweet tunes like this underrated piano-driven gem.'
  3. 'We are a small group of old friends tied together by such bitter-sweet remembrance of things past and by the common hope that the forthcoming year will bring us health and some modest success in our life and work.'
  4. 'The businessman said: ‘This is a bitter-sweet victory for us as I gain no pleasure from what I see as a complete waste of council-tax payers' money.’'
  5. 'They even visit Canterbury on their way, but the tales they tell (mostly to us, not each other) are the bitter-sweet flashbacks of memory, not episodes of instructive fiction.'
  6. 'I want everything I write of it to be true, hard-edged where it needs to be, bitter, sweet, bitter-sweet.'
  7. 'But again, his memories of the abbey are bitter-sweet.'
  8. 'Candy Bar Kid is described as a bitter-sweet urban story of innocence and darkness.'
  9. 'The final day of camp was a bitter-sweet one as the youngsters bid teary-eyed farewells to their colleagues, at the same time looking forward to their first day of secondary school.'
  10. '‘Comfort’ is too weak a word for the bitter-sweet sense of loss evoked by reading or re-reading children's books.'


  1. 'The name bittersweet seems to come more from the taste of the bark/twigs (bitter…then a bit acrid…then sweetish).'
A vine-like American climbing plant which bears clusters of bright orange pods.
  1. 'His poems on crocus, bittersweet, sycamore, sassafras and the like are celebrations of the natural world.'
A widely distributed bivalve mollusc which has a pale rounded shell that is typically marked with wavy lines.
  1. 'Many of the inhabitants of intertidal sand and mud flats also occur subtidally, where they are joined by tusk shells, awning clams, bittersweets, pen shells, and gastropods such as tons, helmets, harps, olives, volutes, cones and terebras.'

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1. both bitter and sweet to the taste: bittersweet chocolate.

2. both pleasant and painful or regretful: a bittersweet memory. noun

3. Also called woody nightshade. a climbing or trailing plant, Solanum dulcamara, of the nightshade family, having small, violet, star-shaped flowers with a protruding yellow center and scarlet berries.

4. Also called climbing bittersweet. any climbing plant of the genus Celastrus, bearing orange capsules opening to expose red-coated seeds, especi

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"decisions can be bittersweet for groups."

"appearances can be bittersweet at games."

"victories can be bittersweet."

"songs can be bittersweet."

"moments can be bittersweet."

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