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A chicken of a small breed, the cock of which is noted for its aggression.
  1. 'Birds affected by this disease are fowls, bantams, turkeys, geese, ducks, pheasants, guinea fowl and other wild and captive birds, including ratites such as ostriches, emus and rhea.'
  2. 'The £7.99 book was inspired by the dozen bantams and sole chicken, Val, that she keeps in the back garden.'
  3. 'There is an abundance of native birds living alongside badgers, deer and the marauding foxes which cleared out the bantams of a previous tenant.'
  4. 'I had not tasted a real ‘home-grown’ egg till I befriended a wholesome farming woman, whose Rhode Islands and Sussex bantams run freely around the adjoining fields.'
  5. 'Out back were the Vietnamese pheasants and bantams that Kilroy-Silk breeds.'
  6. 'He's a prize-winning breeder of poultry and waterfowl and started breeding bantams and poultry when he was seven.'
  7. 'And if you know me, I couldn't get ordinary bantams, I had to get pedigree ones.'
  8. 'To his credit, Higgins is an exception, standing up like a bantam fighting cock when he feels inspired.'
  9. '‘I have enjoyed my job, but it will be nice having more time to carry out my hobbies,’ said Eric, a keen gardener and breeder of more than 30 varieties of bantams.'
  10. 'He prowled, then pounced - ballet technique in high gear - like a prize bantam; she shimmied - midriff bare, legs striking out from her flaming outfit - to dish out a hot-pepper attitude.'
  11. 'I played defense on teams in bantam hockey until three years ago.'
  12. 'Good luck to the Strathmore Reds AA bantam baseball team, as they gear up for the Provincial Championship this weekend.'
  13. 'Five local bantam age players were selected in the first ever Manitoba Junior Hockey League draft last weekend in Swan River.'
  14. 'WBC bantam champion Veeraphol Sahaprom stopped Boy Givara in round seven of a ten-round non-title bout at the Mall Shopping Center Stadium in Bangkok.'
  15. 'The win has clearly established Burke as the king of the bantams, especially when paired with his USA class victory this past July.'

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1. (often initial capital letter) a chicken of any of several varieties or breeds characterized by very small size.

2. a small and feisty or quarrelsome person. adjective

3. diminutive; tiny: bantam editions of the classics.

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Mid 18th century: apparently named after the province of Bantam in Java, although the chicken is not native there.