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Keeping or showing a balance; in good proportions.
  1. 'It is a balanced business with activities in Britain and America.'
  2. 'The pair of them make a delightfully balanced couple, his gentle intellectuality counterpoised by her firm practicality.'
  3. 'With a balanced attack, your team can maintain a higher pace using frequent platoon-style substitutions.'
  4. 'It enables a balanced workload within the team and, as outlined in IBM's proposal request, is transparent to the end users.'
  5. 'The duty of the pediatrician and the parent is to support the child's body in ways that facilitate its return to a balanced state.'
  6. 'Overall the team is more balanced; there are fewer gaps between their lines.'
  7. 'We have brought more youngsters into the team and the team has a more balanced look about it.'
  8. 'Rathvilly are an evenly balanced team, strong in all positions and belief in themselves should see them just about secure a place in the next round.'
  9. 'Well you'd expect a balanced team to work together and it hasn't done that.'
  10. 'This is not good news for the development of a balanced physician workforce thought to be necessary for effective, sustainable healthcare.'
  11. 'accurate and balanced information'
  12. 'This account makes no effort to present a balanced view; rather, the author implies that his assessment is based on incontrovertible evidence.'
  13. 'What this member is trying to do is to get the full information together so that it can be presented in a balanced manner, even if the member who is asking for it is not.'
  14. 'To ask electors for an opinion without providing them with comprehensive details is bound to result in emotional responses rather than a balanced and logical reply.'
  15. 'Your predecessors of the Business Roundtable regularly asserted a balanced philosophy of corporate responsibility.'
  16. 'Our own media have some responsibility to try to present a balanced picture instead of always gravitating for the sensational.'
  17. 'Having put the recent storms over the use of intelligence into a balanced and reasoned perspective, he concludes with the following sobering observation.'
  18. 'The site purports to be a balanced presentation of information about New Zealand's future energy needs and how we might solve them.'
  19. 'So they're already presenting a pretty balanced picture.'
  20. 'Glenny does his best to combat stereotyping and present a balanced, analytical account.'
  21. 'That to me sounds like a reasonable and balanced approach.'
  22. 'You should eat a balanced diet with foods rich in folic acid, such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli, oranges, and bananas.'
  23. 'Everything was perfectly balanced and cooked just right.'
  24. 'The passion fruit and mango syrup complemented the dish well with a very good combination of flavours, a well balanced dish which refreshed the palate.'
  25. 'Many health experts encourage people to incorporate soy foods into a balanced diet and discourage solely taking soy supplements.'
  26. 'The first is about healthy eating and a balanced diet, with the focus on enjoying quality food rather than feeling deprived.'
  27. 'There is always a shortage of properly balanced food items in your local homeless shelter.'
  28. 'The Chinese viewpoint of a balanced diet is very different from that in the West.'
  29. 'A malnourished body requires a complete balanced food packet that builds up its ability to absorb nutrients.'
  30. 'They can't replace the hundreds of nutrients in the foods of a balanced diet.'
  31. 'a balanced personality'
  32. 'The goal is not just to have children with a high IQ alone, but also to strive to have a child with a balanced personality.'
  33. 'And he talked about this as a place that helps him become a balanced person.'
  34. 'The voltage value is set to provide a balanced ion condition in the work space near the electrical ionizer.'
  35. 'After incubation on ice for 45 minutes, the cells were washed twice in a balanced electrolyte solution.'
  36. 'It is based on solenoid injectors with balanced valve and feedback control strategies.'

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1. being in harmonious or proper arrangement or adjustment, proportion, etc.

2. Football. pertaining to or noting an offensive line formation having three linemen on each side of the center.Compare unbalanced (def 5).

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"places can be balanced on dates."

"volumes can be balanced by programmes."

"situations can be balanced in places."

"sectors can be balanced with demands."

"risks can be balanced to upsides."

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