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A number expressing the central or typical value in a set of data, in particular the mode, median, or (most commonly) the mean, which is calculated by dividing the sum of the values in the set by their number.
  1. 'To repeat, we measured the perceived overall extent of succession planning by the average of the averages obtained for the five parts of the process.'
  2. 'The school was above the national average in this category.'
  3. 'That is more than twice the national average over the past decade - 6 million acres.'
  4. 'Standards in maths are very high and are well above the national average in English and science.'
  5. 'Across Leeds as a whole results have improved on last year, and the city's schools are above the national average in all three subjects.'
  6. 'Data in the figures is an average of the data obtained in the presence and absence of FCS.'
  7. 'Sutton's senior schools are performing well above the national average, new Government figures reveal.'
  8. 'Home prices in Shanghai are more than twice the national average, and rose by nearly a quarter last year.'
  9. 'Paradoxically, this is way above the national average 13 for a unitary authority.'
  10. 'Pupils continue to achieve well in Years 1 and 2 and reach standards in reading, maths and science that match and sometimes exceed national averages and the results of similar schools.'
  11. 'underground water reserves are below average'
  12. 'On average, Maori life expectancy is 10 years less than that of Pakeha.'
  13. 'On average, we consumed more fruit and less vegetables last year, with the potato seeing the biggest plunge in terms of demand.'
  14. 'On average, we can expect imported television to be of better quality than domestic.'
  15. 'On average, a 10 minute interval separated each loading cycle.'
  16. 'On average 15 people a year die from heart attacks or collapses each year in towns of a similar size.'
  17. 'On average, Irish consumers spend €88 each time they use their credit card.'
  18. 'Babies who are put in walkers take three weeks longer on average to stand alone and walk than those who come to it naturally, researchers say.'
  19. 'On average 5.75 tons of paper are collected from individual areas in the borough each month.'
  20. 'Even after the recent rate hikes, real interest rates remain below average compared with consumer price inflation.'
  21. 'On average, the number of drivers speeding at camera sites dropped from 55 per cent to 16.'
The apportionment of financial liability resulting from loss of or damage to a ship or its cargo.
  1. 'But in all other cases where a ship is intentionally run on shore for the common safety, the consequent loss or damage shall be allowed as general average.'
  2. 'An example of particular average is fire damage to a vessel and cargo aboard the vessel.'


Constituting the result obtained by adding together several amounts and then dividing this total by the number of amounts.
  1. 'On the scalp, where hair is usually densest and longest, the average total number of hairs is between 100000 and 150000.'
  2. 'As a result, more radiation is blocked, and the average surface temperature of the earth increases.'
  3. 'What this means is that there are inefficiencies within the firm or industry resulting in rising average costs.'
  4. 'As this model is analyzed only in terms of average payoffs, these results are not affected by these assumptions.'
  5. 'He pointed out that cold weather over the remainder of the year could bring the average total temperature down.'
  6. 'These data show that the total average approval time increased to 213 days from 172 days.'
  7. 'The results were averaged to determine the average temperature increase for that mill.'
  8. 'All benchmarks were run a total of three times, with the average results shown here today.'
  9. 'The sliding velocity was obtained by dividing the average value of the lengths of tracks by the given period of time.'
  10. 'The income figures are based on average household earnings divided by population.'
  11. 'a woman of average height'
  12. 'Those rates beat the average level of ownership in most European countries.'
  13. 'This isn't due to a sudden drop in average IQ levels, but to a secret backroom deal between lavvy manufacturers and environmentalists.'
  14. 'How long do members think it will take to pay off that amount, at an average interest rate of 18 percent?'
  15. 'That's about normal for the time of year and is the average level of registrations expected.'
  16. 'This average rate of profit, in turn, regulates the prices of production.'
  17. 'That means sea level has been rising at an average rate of 1.8 millimetres per year.'
  18. 'In determining the expected level of use, consider both the average rates and any surges in use.'
  19. 'He was of average height by Aetheris standards, with a swimmer's physique, and a handsome face.'
  20. 'Price airfares and vacation packages on several different sites to see what the average rate is for your travel dates.'
  21. 'Today's average levels are not typical of values throughout human evolution.'
  22. 'Bow Wow may be more famous than the average teenager, but that hasn't made him exempt from life's growing pains.'
  23. 'This results in the average person being able to do things with computers they've never been able to do before.'
  24. 'Your average record store can obtain any CD the vast majority of customers are going to reasonably want.'
  25. 'As a result, the average citizen today not only feels, but in reality is quite removed from the political process.'
  26. 'An average day at Standard Chartered will involve meetings on forthcoming deals, relations with governments or internal issues.'
  27. 'The two boys showed a camera crew around their average lad's room with its posters, messy CD racks and superhero bedding.'
  28. 'The day was rough by normal standards, that is, the standards of an average Roman citizen who live in Byzantium.'
  29. 'Chris Brand reports poll results showing that the average Brit is a lot more tough-minded than the British government.'
  30. 'According to a government census the average adult watches a total of about 70 days of TV per year!'
  31. 'As the great musical icon of the Sixties counterculture, Dylan has always been expected to live up to higher moral standards than the average rocker.'
  32. 'a very average director making very average movies'
  33. 'The first was the flavoring: your average butter, sugar vanilla frosting ingredients.'
  34. 'I don't find the cinema experience awesome enough to warrant sitting through average movies.'
  35. 'This task is done in considerable detail, but also with more than adequate explanation for the average player.'
  36. 'The seasons, frighteningly unfamiliar to your average cook, are second nature to Susan and Margaret.'
  37. 'Suggests that she only cares about social status, which is actually not as true as the average teen movie would have it.'
  38. 'Perry is prone to injury, but when he's healthy, he's an adequate defensive player with average power.'
  39. 'It may not make your movie good, but it will make the movie different from your average film.'
  40. 'The full frame video is a carbon copy of years past, with adequate and average colors, definition, and detail.'
  41. 'This week's quote is from a similarly average movie.'
  42. 'It's just your average forgettable movie knockoff of a better movie.'


Amount to or achieve as an average rate or amount over a period of time; mean.
  1. 'Later the line moved indoors; we were told that the wait had averaged two hours for the entire day.'
  2. 'The US economy has averaged around four percent annual growth over the past five years.'
  3. 'Inflation is expected to average 0.7 per cent this year and 1.1 per cent next year.'
  4. 'Iran has one of the highest road accident rates in the world, averaging five deaths every two hours.'
  5. 'She had been contracted to average a 20-hour week but was averaging only 15 to 16 hours a week.'
  6. 'It also said that the rate of unemployment is expected to average 4.2 per cent this year and next year.'
  7. 'The company continues to expand at a rate averaging 30 new stores a month.'
  8. 'A teacher in California maybe averages an annual salary of $52,000.'
  9. 'At the nearby Lady Tennyson small amounts of copper ore averaging twenty-five to thirty percent were also raised.'
  10. 'The business now concentrates solely on milk production, averaging an annual output of 2.3 million litres.'
  11. 'they earned only £35 weekly when their seasonal earnings were averaged out'
  12. 'Proportions were first averaged for each nestling with multiple bill load estimates.'
  13. 'Mean values for each trait were calculated by averaging the population replicates for each species.'
  14. 'In each region, we averaged the estimates of all studies.'
  15. 'You, in turn, average their estimates and take the result as the collective output.'
  16. 'Item ratings were averaged to calculate an overall SDO score for each participant.'
  17. 'We calculated a mean exclusion probability by averaging the probabilities for individual nests.'
  18. 'Scores for these global scales were calculated by averaging item responses.'
  19. 'In this case, the running average was calculated by averaging each point with its neighbor on either side.'
  20. 'The growth rates were estimated from coleoptile lengths averaged over two independent experiments.'
  21. 'RGR is then calculated for each pair, and the values averaged over all pairs.'
  22. 'The price you pay for units over time averages out - and provided the unit price when you come to cash up your investments is higher than the average you paid for units, you will make a profit.'
  23. 'This involved cutting out a pie-shaped wedge of bone, so it was bent towards my thumb below the knuckle, and then bent the other way at my knuckle, to average out sort of unbent.'
  24. 'When the signal is correlated with a dwell time much longer than its frequency, the signal gets effectively averaged out in each dwell time and the calculated correlation function gets damped.'
  25. 'Every parent should resist the urge to see our kids as extraordinary - each child has talents and develops some skills earlier than others, but most of them average out.'
  26. 'It is always difficult with a new school in a new area, you can never get it spot on, but the problem does average out over a few years so that there are only local children at the school.'
  27. 'Because the capacity on each parallel ring is shared between the nodes, traffic variations are averaged out - the network is more robust to unforeseen changes in traffic behavior.'
  28. 'It has been calculated that if the total rainfall over the Earth were averaged out, each place would get something like 800 millimetres of rain a year.'
  29. 'You just hope that the good averages out the bad.'
  30. 'Recording times averaged out quite well over about a month of almost daily use.'
  31. 'The hydrofoil surfaces swept up and down producing lift forces which averaged out over the whole cycle to a forwardly directed propulsive resultant force.'
  32. 'the cost should average out at about £6 per page'
  33. 'That averages out at 9706 a week, or 1386 every single day.'
  34. 'While I can appreciate that some tenants may be in temporary difficulties, the total figure is now averaging out at £5 for each council house we own, and this represents a very large sum of money.'
  35. 'One vehicle acquired in September 2002 has only done 2,710 recorded miles, averaging out at just under 25 miles a week.'
  36. 'My subscription is for 1 DVD at a time costing £7.97 per month, but by paying 3 months in advance at a cost of £18.91 the monthly cost averages out at just over £6.30.'
  37. 'According to recent statistics, roughly $50 billion is spent annually in the U.S. on weddings, which averages out to $20,000 per wedding.'
  38. 'The top six polls' latest results average out at 40.9 percent for the ruling coalition.'
  39. 'Total transactions on the exchange, which trades in gold and agricultural commodities, more than doubled last year from 388,000 lots in 2003 to 999,000 lots, averaging out at 3,842 lots per day.'
  40. 'The compensation is to paid in recognition of the inconvenience caused by additional traffic going to and from the landfill and averages out at 6500 a year.'
  41. 'All results were taken 6 times and averaged out to one result over a 48 hour period.'
  42. 'I don't see anything even slightly wrong with that, as long as the total number of minutes of advertising over the entire 3 hours of the program averages out to 16 minutes per hour.'


1. a quantity, rating, or the like that represents or approximates an arithmetic mean: Her golf average is in the 90s. My average in science has gone from B to C this semester.

2. a typical amount, rate, degree, etc.; norm.

3. Statistics. arithmetic mean.

4. Mathematics. a quantity intermediate to a set of quantities.

5. Commerce. a charge paid by the master of a ship for such services as pilotage or towage. an expense, partial loss, or damage to a ship or cargo. the incidence of s

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"volumes can be average at shares."

"turnovers can be average at rands."

"volumes can be average after turnovers."

"turnovers can be average at pounds."

"sales can be average for times."

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Late 15th century: from French avarie ‘damage to ship or cargo’, earlier ‘customs duty’, from Italian avaria, from Arabic ‘awār ‘damage to goods’; the suffix -age is on the pattern of damage. Originally denoting a duty payable by the owner of goods to be shipped, the term later denoted the financial liability from goods lost or damaged at sea, and specifically the equitable apportionment of this between the owners of the vessel and of the cargo (late 16th century); this gave rise to the general