Adjective "Assortment" definition and examples

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A miscellaneous collection of things or people.
  1. 'The bartender serves beer on a glass-topped counter displaying a wide assortment of ammunition.'
  2. 'At the backpackers' bar you could find the usual assortment of international drinkers.'
  3. 'No sooner have you sat down than an assortment of dishes is laid before you.'
  4. 'It is filled with an assortment of junk including hundreds of nuts and bolts and years' worth of empty wine bottles.'
  5. 'There are many, many large-flowering varieties available in a wide assortment of colors.'
  6. 'Mr Davenport has lived on the farm, which has an assortment of hens, sheep and geese, for 40 years.'
  7. 'Noted for our ever popular cheese curds and huge ice-cream cones, we also have one of the finest assortments of home-made cheeses anywhere in the country.'
  8. 'He has drawn on a wide assortment of evidence and gives us, in the end, a wider picture than perhaps he set out to give.'
  9. 'This important passage contains at least one blatant lie and a wide assortment of half truths.'
  10. 'The collections of college and university art museums are sometimes motley assortments of works of art donated by alumni to their alma mater - uneven collections with glaring gaps.'

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1. the act of assorting; distribution; classification.

2. a collection of various kinds of things; a mixed collection.