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Having or revealing natural creative skill.
  1. 'You have a deep artistic and creative side which shows through a love for music and literature.'
  2. 'Athletic skill and artistic talent pair with classic stories as the tales of these Disney favourites unfold.'
  3. 'Another member of the family was well-known locally for her artistic skills.'
  4. 'You have the time and space to be creative, poetic, artistic and sensitive.'
  5. 'Tutors at the college were bowled over by her natural artistic talent and offered her a place on the course.'
  6. 'Fintan, who was so creative and artistic, even wrote poems about depression.'
  7. 'You have an artistic imagination and the skill to express it well.'
  8. 'But there is something, perhaps, that explains the interest beyond mere artistic skill.'
  9. 'It is completely devoid of his previous sensitivity, and to a large extent, of his artistic creativity.'
  10. 'Still, spurred on by my, as yet unfulfilled artistic creativity, I'm off to night school to learn to be a sculptor.'
  11. 'a denial of artistic freedom'
  12. 'Or if there is a strong creative or artistic aspect in their charts, they can aim for the arts.'
  13. 'Throughout his career he was an advocate of Constructivism not merely as an artistic movement but as the ideology of a way of life.'
  14. 'Sickert seemed to share Degas' artistic vision in a way he never did with Whistler.'
  15. 'Both the state and communal administrations support artistic formation and creativity.'
  16. 'His conclusion was that the year had been rather better for the cause of artistic freedom than it had been for art itself.'
  17. 'Yet in his lifetime the horse was of course as much a problem for Stubbs's reputation as it was the cornerstone of his artistic practice.'
  18. 'This is artistic licence and I think Rubens is taking it to portray sheer power.'
  19. 'For a museum man of those days Reynolds was unusually aware of current artistic trends.'
  20. 'The sculptor subsumes his own artistic personality into this collective whole.'
  21. 'It is one of the great artistic, cultural and creative centres of the world.'
  22. 'In his hand was a blue envelope with his parents' address written on it in his mother's fine, artistic handwriting.'
  23. 'Am I ready for the blandness of tasteful white walls and artistic black and white photographic prints?'
  24. 'Generally, viewers are amazed that sexual motifs can be so beautiful and artistic.'
  25. 'It was such a beautiful, artistic shot, with the blackness outlining this post as it jutted up from the water.'
  26. 'It is only after people have a good command of the basics that they can do so in an elegant and artistic manner.'
  27. 'Children who take along their own flowers will be shown how to turn them into artistic creations.'
  28. 'His beautiful artistic hands began to lengthen, his claws replacing his nails.'
  29. 'The powers-that-be assured me that the shots were going to be lovely and artistic.'


1. conforming to the standards of art; satisfying aesthetic requirements: artistic productions.

2. showing skill or excellence in execution: artistic workmanship.

3. exhibiting taste, discriminating judgment, or sensitivity: an artistic arrangement of flowers; artistic handling of a delicate diplomatic situation.

4. exhibiting an involvement in or appreciation of art, especially the fine arts: He had wide-ranging artistic interests.

5. involving only aesthetic consider

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"people can be artistic with foods."

"people can be artistic for values."

"people can be artistic for kinds."

"people can be artistic by natures."

"impulses can be artistic at alls."

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