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Made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural.
  1. 'an artificial limb'
  2. 'Now I work with Mahavir Seva Sadan, a manufacturer of artificial limbs.'
  3. 'Visitors to Huntington Cemetery have been upset after a new sign went up banning ornaments, artificial flowers, jam jars and vases by gravesides.'
  4. 'Sometimes the salad is kept in plastic bags where bugs incubate under artificial supermarket display lights.'
  5. 'Most women will opt for a set of artificial nails rather than trying to grow their own out to impossible lengths.'
  6. 'Natural and artificial light is reflected from the polished and honed surfaces of the stone clad interior.'
  7. 'We had chosen real hair rather than artificial as although more expensive it definitely looks better.'
  8. 'High precision work is usually found to be lacking in the various units that manufacture artificial limbs.'
  9. 'Through the use of large glazed areas and reflectors, the best use is made of natural light and less artificial light is needed.'
  10. 'He also makes a point of using liqueur ingredients with natural rather than artificial flavorings.'
  11. 'A rich collection of dried flowers from Nagaland is available for those who are interested in artificial and plastic flowers.'
  12. 'the artificial division of people into age groups'
  13. 'All this meant that there was an artificial shortage of television advertising time available to be sold.'
  14. 'We would like to see a policy that is led by the police, rather than an artificial device such as class A, class B, and class C drugs.'
  15. 'He went on to call the situation ‘an artificial crisis,’ caused by an increased demand resulting from all the publicity.'
  16. 'Life gets so much easier if we give up the artificial notion that progress is linear.'
  17. 'It looks stagy, artificial and old-fashioned, rather than cinematic.'
  18. 'Cultures grow through interaction, not through artificial isolation.'
  19. 'But it creates an artificial crisis for which there is absolutely no need.'
  20. 'That would be to limit the operation of the provision to artificial situations, for which there is no justification either in principle or in the language used.'
  21. 'Moreover, his selection of 1766 as an end point for his book seems rather artificial.'
  22. 'In this article we have made the somewhat artificial assumption that all new mutations have the same fitness effect.'
(of a person or their behaviour) insincere or affected.
  1. 'Yes, they are very artificial in their point of view.'
  2. 'While it seems artificial at first, it's a remarkably affecting technique.'
  3. 'The acting in Blackboard is of the stilted, artificial kind that seems so jarring to the modern viewer.'
  4. 'Ugly thougths of Jessica and her artificial friends entered her troubled mind, making her cry out in animosity.'
  5. 'Straight through her flawless appearance and extraordinary manners I saw an artificial person.'
  6. 'It was the first time in years the day didn't seem forced and artificial.'
  7. 'I have been repelled by attempts to portray him as a vacuous man with an artificial smile and no convictions.'
  8. 'These people are so artificial, she thought as she passed a group of girls who waved at her as if they were long-time friends.'
  9. 'I have seen a few people who sound horribly artificial on the phone.'
  10. 'A quick smile works sometimes, but it feels a bit artificial.'
(of a bid) conventional as opposed to natural.
  1. 'Bids which carry an agreed meaning other than this are called artificial or conventional.'


1. made by human skill; produced by humans (opposed to natural): artificial flowers.

2. imitation; simulated; sham: artificial vanilla flavoring.

3. lacking naturalness or spontaneity; forced; contrived; feigned: an artificial smile.

4. full of affectation; affected; stilted: artificial manners; artificial speech.

5. made without regard to the particular needs of a situation, person, etc.; imposed arbitrarily; unnatural: artificial rules for dormitory residents.

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"styles can be artificial in senses."

"pieces can be artificial as clothes."

"pasts can be artificial for links."

"pasts can be artificial for instances."

"pasts can be artificial for continuities."

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Late Middle English: from Old French artificiel or Latin artificialis, from artificium ‘handicraft’ (see artifice).