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Attractive or interesting.
  1. 'How attractive and appealing is the other clothing in the store?'
  2. 'Low, built-in shelving provides appealing wall storage for young children's toys.'
  3. 'A publicist is to the arts what the man with the bucket and scoop is to a circus; an attempt to make things look fresh, appealing and attractive.'
  4. 'While it lacks the mock seriousness of the film that spawned it, it more than compensates with some preposterously appealing action sequences.'
  5. 'His kindness, his gentleness and his intelligence, which she had foolishly deplored as somehow unromantic, now suddenly seemed very appealing and attractive.'
  6. 'There are two major bonus features on this DVD, each one far more interesting and appealing than the movie itself.'
  7. 'What it is exactly that I'm supposed to find appealing or interesting in people who end up wading knee deep in gore I simply don't understand.'
  8. 'The dishes above are already designed to have appealing colors for beautiful presentation, so just put them together.'
  9. 'Just like good picture quality makes a film look better, an appealing body and good looks adds to the credit of an actor.'
  10. 'At one point, when we had the camera out, she decided to take centre stage, and posed beautifully, one appealing stance after another, for a full five minutes or more.'
Showing or expressing a desire for help or sympathy.
  1. 'The women, with tears and appealing gestures, crowded around the officer, begging him to spare their sons and husbands; the men stood silent, with bloodless faces and dumb imploring eyes.'
  2. 'Taking the lead are small landowners or Western farmers who make appealing pleas to be left alone to enjoy their property and take care of it conscientiously.'

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1. evoking or attracting interest, desire, curiosity, sympathy, or the like; attractive.

More examples(as adjective)

"policies can be appealing with features."

"methods can be appealing to buyers."

"volumes can be appealing to arrivals."

"techniques can be appealing to flukes."

"techniques can be appealing to errors."

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