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Causing laughter and providing entertainment.
  1. 'Declarations of love and lustful interest can often be both amusing and embarrassing simultaneously.'
  2. 'But it does have the amusing benefit of pulling out randomly entertaining figures and presenting them as charts.'
  3. 'I made this little quiz and I thought you might find it amusing.'
  4. 'It's a stream of consciousness one man play about a man with a bucket on his head and is amusing and interesting rather than riotously funny.'
  5. 'There was an incredibly amusing interview with the cast a while back with some more about the deleted scenes.'
  6. 'So the amusing photo that doesn't look anything like me is up instead.'
  7. 'The concluding item was an amusing sketch which took everyone by surprise as the finish was wholly unexpected.'
  8. 'It is in appalling taste and naturally I therefore found it very amusing.'
  9. 'Mary hid her laughter; she knew of the amusing masquerade that the two were carrying on.'
  10. 'Along the way he meets a variety of outlandish and amusing animal characters, each of which has its own distinctive style of dance and music.'


1. pleasantly entertaining or diverting: an amusing speaker.

2. causing laughter or mirth; humorously entertaining: an amusing joke.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be amusing with challenges."

"people can be amusing in conversations."

"people can be amusing in contrasts."

"goals can be amusing as things."

"activities can be amusing for spectators."

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