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Causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.
  1. 'it is amazing how short memories are'
  2. 'It is amazing how mistaken people's memories can be after many years since an event.'
  3. 'It's an amazing spectacle, but it takes practise and dedication to get the most from it.'
  4. 'As it turned out she's had an amazing life, and the family that raised her are wonderful.'
  5. 'Yet the most amazing thing about all of this is that it is just a coincidence.'
  6. 'Some of the big palms were stunningly beautiful, displaying amazing detail and symmetry.'
  7. 'This was all the more amazing when one considers the short space of time in which it was all organised.'
  8. 'To see that happen in front of you is still an amazing, exciting experience.'
  9. 'The wonderful jazzy numbers set the scene for some truly amazing tap routines.'
  10. 'The most amazing thing about these performances is that they were all improvised.'
  11. 'I hold courses on codependence and have seen amazing results and complete life changes in a very short time.'
  12. 'There is also an amazing number of restaurants for such a small street.'
  13. 'He lives on the street and sells the most amazing drawings at shows and art openings around the city.'
  14. 'In addition to the music being amazing, the people watching was phenomenal.'


1. causing great surprise or sudden wonder.

More examples(as adjective)

"volumes can be amazing in quarters."

"varieties can be amazing to anyones."

"people can be amazing for people."

"people can be amazing for ages."

"things can be amazing."

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