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Quick to notice any unusual and potentially dangerous or difficult circumstances; vigilant.
  1. 'schools need to be constantly alert to this problem'
  2. 'He is very alert to matters of procedural fairness.'
  3. 'Though at times they don't seem to be the most aware of animals, sheep are very alert to mood swings, and this time was no exception.'
  4. 'It has however been equally alert to the fact that a State might present a charge in this way, when in reality it was seeking to impede imports, or in circumstances where there was no commercial exchange at all.'
  5. 'We were all surely alert to the subliminal messages in the deceptive modesty of his glances.'
  6. 'One consequence is that consumers are more alert to influences than ever before.'
  7. 'So Pacific Islanders today are very alert to their ocean, and their ownership of that ocean, and their custodianship of that ocean.'
  8. '"Thanks to the efforts of police and the media, the public is more alert to these practices.'
  9. 'His poetry continued as it began, very alert to Art as politically acquiescent, complicit or compromised.'
  10. 'Firstly Ballyfin's Eoin McEvoy had to be very alert to deny Conroy.'
  11. 'The man was completely alert to his surroundings.'
  12. 'Still active and alert Mary attributes her longevity to plenty of hard work, good genes, a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook on life in general.'
  13. 'Tanner was alert and able to answer questions but was not extremely active.'
  14. '‘She is a very bright little girl, very alert,’ she said.'
  15. 'It is the first principle of an alert intellect.'
  16. 'Advocaat was appropriate raw material for such an alert intellect.'
  17. 'Throughout his life he remained very alert and active until very recent times.'
  18. 'She was a very active and alert lady and was a founder member of Clonaslee ICA.'
  19. 'The swelling in his face is nearly gone and he's much more alert and active, which is really encouraging.'
  20. 'On his good days, he is very alert mentally and engages clearly with the issues at hand; on other days he finds it difficult to focus.'
  21. 'Surviving in a comatose state, his mind is still alert and active.'


The state of being watchful for possible danger.
  1. 'Hospitals and doctors have been placed on alert to be prepared to quarantine patients suspected of suffering from the early stages of the virus.'
  2. 'And Ergon Energy stockpiled materials and put crews on alert yesterday in preparation for possible damage to the electricity network.'
  3. 'Police guarded key sites in New York, on alert for possible truck bombs, suicide bombers and chemical and biological attack.'
  4. 'No matter how carefully drivers stay on alert against unexpected pedestrians rushing out in front of them, disasters will still occur and there are always casualties.'
  5. 'Army reserve units have also been placed on alert for possible call-up.'
  6. 'The President had urged the public to be on alert for possible terrorist actions in September or October.'
  7. 'Forestry Minister John Browne has urged forest owners to be prepared and on alert and to help to stamp out fires in plantations.'
  8. 'However, as they approached and she saw the ambulance and all the patrol cars, she put her defenses on alert and prepared herself for anything.'
  9. 'France was on alert yesterday for a possible upsurge of violence as the country headed into a long holiday weekend, two weeks after rioting broke out in a run-down suburb of the capital.'
  10. 'And now, as his execution by lethal injection nears, some clinics providing abortions are on alert for possible violence.'
  11. 'a bomb alert'
  12. 'There have been alerts warning of bombs being hidden in cameras, cell phones, even stuffed toys.'
  13. '‘These floods are an alert,’ said Dr Mike Hulme, reader in climatology in the climate research unit at the University of East Anglia.'
  14. 'If a flood alert is issued, the Association of British Insurers advises that valuables and furniture are shifted to higher floors.'
  15. 'The Environment Agency is hoping to be able to issue flood alerts for all major watercourses in the future.'
  16. 'Science may not yet be able to predict earthquakes with complete accuracy, but an early warning network exists in the Pacific Ocean to issue alerts about the danger of tsunamis.'
  17. 'Normally it sounds text-message alerts about 90 times a day.'
  18. 'A bomb alert was issued at a post office in Germany this week after a package waiting to be delivered began vibrating and emitting a strange noise.'
  19. 'Preventive alerts and warnings sometimes issued at the local level were not repeated nationally.'
  20. 'A flood alert was sounded in Kinnaur, Shimla, Kulu and Mandi districts last evening after water started overflowing from the lake, bringing along a lot of silt.'
  21. 'The district administration has sounded an alert.'
  22. 'The country is on a war alert following terrorist attacks on its Parliament building.'
  23. 'The plan, devised with the help of York Council emergency planning co-ordinator Barry Kelly, aims to speed local response when an alert occurs.'
  24. 'At the same time, the government has ordered a general alert, canceling all leave and reinforcing positions.'
  25. 'The incident follows a similar alert at a post office earlier this week.'
  26. 'When exercising outdoors during a smog alert, even healthy people may cough or wheeze.'
  27. 'I think if we are going to have these high alerts in the future, I think it is incumbent on the attorney general to give us more information.'
  28. 'In what I earnestly hope will be a source of lessons learned, a large meteor entered Earth's atmosphere near Jakarta this weekend during a terror alert.'
  29. 'What To Do During Hurricane Alerts.'
  30. 'In a nervous age of orange alerts, who will take the place of Mister Rogers?'
  31. 'a vibrating alert is a discreet alternative to ringtones'
  32. 'It is forecast that in the future mobile phones will be used to send multimedia alerts, with audio and images, and electronic greeting cards.'
  33. 'With the news alerts tool, users type in the news topic they would like to track, and choose whether they would like to receive bulletins once a day or ‘as it happens.’'
  34. 'Whenever the number of deaths rises or falls unexpectedly, the software triggers an alert which prompts a clinical investigation into the possible causes.'
  35. 'And if you want to be alerted when a new user is added to the system, ask for alerts on users.'
  36. 'However, it was the features of the new release that stood out: the product will now support foreign keys, stored procedures and database alerts.'
  37. 'In addition, our company has also introduced SMS alerts for worldwide parcel deliveries.'
  38. 'It took a little getting used to, but after a while, I realised I was back in Singapore, where it doesn't matter if phones ring or SMS alerts beep loudly on the trains.'
  39. 'Capabilities are provided for automating customer service requirements and the system provides alerts to tell users when a problem has occurred, such as an invoice that has not been paid.'
  40. 'There is a hands-free speaker mode and a vibrate alert.'
  41. 'Local severe weather alerts, delivered to city Web pages and individually to e-mail, cell phones or personal digit assistants.'


Warn (someone) of a danger or problem.
  1. 'police were alerted after three men drove away without paying'
  2. 'I mention this by way of alerting you to the only moment in the book where we feel even mildly uncomfortable.'
  3. 'Lizzie had seen the glow of the flames when she went upstairs and alerted her parents.'
  4. 'She said the words as loud as she could without alerting the driver of the van that they were both awake.'
  5. 'To hunt a man without alerting the people is like finding a needle in a haystack.'
  6. 'She had just started relaxing when her laptop gave a small beep, alerting her that she had mail.'
  7. 'She gave him a pointed look, alerting him that she was aware of his duplicity.'
  8. 'To be able to take the money out of her pouch without even alerting her would have taken real skill.'
  9. 'Somehow, she made it out to the poolside without alerting anyone inside the house.'
  10. 'Wenger did the game a service by alerting us to the dangers.'
  11. 'The ensuing silence was heavy, alerting him to just how still the room was, how lonely.'


1. fully aware and attentive; wide-awake; keen: an alert mind.

2. swift; agile; nimble. noun

3. an attitude of vigilance, readiness, or caution, as before an expected attack.

4. a warning or alarm of an impending military attack, a storm, etc.: We'd just boarded the bus when the alert sounded.

5. the period during which such a warning or alarm is in effect. verb (used with object)

6. to warn (troops, ships, etc.) to prepare for action.

7. to warn of an impending ra

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"people can be alert to possibilities."

"reserves can be alert to possibilities."

"people can be alert in footages."

"people can be alert in/at/on times."

"people can be alert for packages."

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Late 16th century (originally in military use): from French alerte, from Italian all' erta ‘to the watchtower’.