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Containing or relating to alcohol.
  1. 'Yet such indulgence is often the way, as people laugh off alcoholic excess while working themselves into a righteous moral lather over something smelly in a cigarette.'
  2. 'Alcohol stimulates candida growth, so avoid wine, beer, hard alcoholic drinks, fermented apple cider and root beer.'
  3. 'Alcari was a strong mixture of alcoholic drinks and distilled milk.'
  4. 'They involve music, dancing, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages such as chicha, brewed from corn.'
  5. 'At least 137 people have died in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi after drinking an alcoholic brew laced with methanol.'
  6. 'Caught in a downward spiral of depression, dissipation and alcoholic excess, Boswell died on 19 May 1795.'
  7. 'The items of interest in this study are nine items related to the consumption of any alcoholic beverages or drugs.'
  8. 'In general, however, in India as in Britain, policy equated opium with alcoholic spirits, whose consumption should be regulated but not prohibited.'
  9. 'Then Jack Daniel's, with alcoholic Hard Cola drinks available at the corner grocery.'
  10. 'It can also be soured into vinegar and fermented into an alcoholic drink.'
  11. 'alcoholic liver disease'
  12. 'Clinical trials with PPC are ongoing in patients with alcoholic liver disease.'
  13. 'The half-lives of the metabolites but not bupropion itself are increased in patients with alcoholic liver disease.'
  14. 'Elevated liver enzymes are found in 18 percent of older alcoholics, and may indicate alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver or cirrhosis.'
  15. 'Yet these specialists still rated the patient with the poorest prognosis as more suitable than the patients with alcoholic liver disease or a criminal record.'
  16. 'Proteins made in microtubules of the liver cells cannot be released and lead to enlarged balloon-like cells, the hallmark of alcoholic liver disease.'
  17. 'If you're actively drinking, almost no center in the United States will transplant you, if it's caused alcoholic liver failure.'
  18. 'If you had an alcoholic liver disease, the liver does not then metabolise oestrogens correctly in the body, and you end up with a rise in oestrogens.'
  19. 'These lesions, well-described in many textbooks of physical diagnosis, are clearly related to chronic alcoholic liver disease.'
  20. 'They are viral infections; alcoholic liver disease; drug induced Hepatitis.'
  21. 'Patients with autoimmune liver disease, drug-induced hepatitis and alcoholic liver injury were excluded.'
Suffering from alcoholism.
  1. 'Dorothea Dix was born in Hampden, Maine, the daughter of an alcoholic Methodist preacher who was the black sheep of a wealthy merchant family.'
  2. 'The author did, in fact, suffer a nervous breakdown and alcoholic collapse at the cabin, but recuperated with the help of ‘Larry’, who had become a very close friend.'
  3. 'A success in her career, who's the product of a broken home, the daughter of an alcoholic philanderer.'
  4. 'She's pushing 83 and having to parent her alcoholic daughter all over again.'
  5. 'Caught between an alcoholic father and a mother suffering from depression, the ninth child of ten vowed to rise above the drama and accomplish great things.'
  6. 'The only caregiver was her first daughter, herself married with an alcoholic husband and mother of a Down's syndrome daughter.'
  7. 'Red Lights concerns an arguing couple who split up during a road trip, which leads to a horrific 24 hours wherein the alcoholic protagonist suffers all kinds of torture trying to get back to his wife.'
  8. 'It opens with the matchmaking of the daughter of a retired military officer with an alcoholic, unemployed man.'
  9. 'She describes her youth in Sligo as chaotic, being the daughter of alcoholic parents.'


A person suffering from alcoholism.
  1. 'We've got the all out no hopers total alcoholics and then there's the younger hardened drinker set.'
  2. 'The vast majority of amnesic patients are chronic alcoholics, suffering from Korsakoff's syndrome.'
  3. 'I'll bet I'm probably one of the few alcoholics who never smoked or took illegal drugs.'
  4. 'Soon it became standard for down-and-outs, alcoholics and drug addicts to give their blood for easy cash.'
  5. 'Early studies found male alcoholics to be overwhelmingly pathologically jealous.'
  6. 'They were also concerned about Sparrow Hill being so close to Broadfield Park, which they said was used by alcoholics and drug users.'
  7. 'Since its foundation AA has helped hundreds of suffering alcoholics to achieve daily sobriety.'
  8. 'Seven of the 20th Century's Nobel Prize winners for Literature were alcoholics.'
  9. 'The TTK Hospital takes up the treatment and rehabilitation of the alcoholics at Chennai.'
  10. 'What I mean is that some people are alcoholics and some are hooked to drugs.'


1. of, relating to, or of the nature of alcohol.

2. containing or using alcohol.

3. caused by alcohol.

4. suffering from alcoholism.

5. preserved in alcohol. noun

6. Pathology. a person suffering from alcoholism.

7. a person addicted to intoxicating drinks.

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