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(of a room or building) spacious, well lit, and well ventilated.
  1. 'a large, airy room'
  2. 'The building has been transformed into a bright and airy restaurant [, Eat on the Green, which has had no trouble attracting a steady flow of customers].'
  3. 'Three of these large and airy rooms come with en suite facilities as does the master bedroom, which enjoys possibly the best views from the house with large windows framing a wide vista.'
  4. 'The giant airy building was in constant motion.'
  5. 'The room is light, airy, spacious and bright with sweeping stairs leading up to the lounge [Lounge] area.'
  6. 'Hour of craft and games in a bright and airy room.'
  7. 'The kitchen/breakfast room is spacious and airy.'
  8. 'The rooms are spacious and airy and feel more like an upscale Bed and Breakfast in their comfort.'
  9. 'The apartment is big: tall, white walls; big, spacious windows; huge, airy rooms.'
  10. 'Diana half smiled at she stepped into her bright, airy room.'
  11. 'The bright, airy building proved an ideal setting for the colourful mix of traditional and modern paintings and drawings that make up the display.'
  12. 'Made on light tart shells filled with airy cream and loaded with sweet fresh figs, these were truly a standout, a perfect light dessert.'
  13. 'Instead, Mileece deploys complex and delicate structures to create airy, spiritual, soundscapes.'
  14. 'During summer, clouds of blooms cover its delicate stems, making this plant superb for creating an airy effect against a wall or dark green background.'
  15. 'There's an airy, audible crispness to the shell, and a fine, pungent kick to the filling.'
  16. 'Sea-urchin roe also accompanies refreshing slices of hamachi, their airy delicacy highlighted by a spry sprinkling of sour-plum vinaigrette.'
  17. 'Sweeping strides and soft steps swathed in airy veils and supple furs…'
  18. 'The airy feathers on her wings bristled suddenly, and she turned an alarmed glance to the ceiling.'
  19. 'It's cool, in a toned-down bowling-shirt sort of way, but its polyester yarn is spun soft and airy, and subtle mesh vents in the back evacuate excess body heat.'
  20. 'A fine, floating, airy thing they called cloud.'
  21. 'Perhaps the perfect comfort food is fresh bread, warm and pliable, filled with airy pockets and yeasty incense, and as satisfying to make as it is to consume.'
  22. 'her airy presence filled the house'
  23. 'Dara's laughter, light and airy, mingled with his.'
  24. 'It flavored her light, airy tone as she spoke, partially to herself, and somewhat to Mira, who sat back on her heels and watched the scene unfold, nonplussed.'
  25. 'His light, airy falsetto reminds me of the voice of Green Gartside from Scritti Politti - all candyfloss and angel hair.'
  26. 'The long perspective, at the end of which they stand, floats in airy grace and reverberant light; yet Vermeer, the son of tavern-keepers, was aware of more than peace and sunlight.'
  27. 'He was aiming for a light and airy samba feel, with a breathy girl singer.'
  28. 'The production features dance and live music played by the company, a genuine Broadway fortepiano and sumptuous period costumes, all presented within a light and airy set.'
  29. 'Richardson, for most of the movie, gives a fair, airy performance, but her final scene is beyond awful.'
  30. 'He asked in a light, airy voice when she caught back up.'
  31. 'She turned very slowly at the quiet hail, and offered a smile to the woman standing in her doorway, all dark and powerful and hardened, as opposed to her own light, airy, pale self.'
Not treating something as serious; casual.
  1. 'Its driver, insouciant about having one more dent to add to the several he had already accumulated, waved an airy palm of instant forgiveness.'
  2. 'After thanking Cynthia and Florence for the evening, I stepped outside and offered an airy, unfelt wave to the three people gathered around the threshold.'
  3. 'While a highbrow documentary on American lesbian crime-writers was certainly dull enough to kick my brain into neutral, I decided that I needed something lighter, more airy to chew on.'
  4. 'then, because this looks like a lot of fun to me, light and airy, but a lot of fun with Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac.'
  5. '‘I can tell you like what you see,’ she said in a light airy voice.'
  6. '‘Perfectly fine,’ said Harp in an airy voice and starting to get up from the bed, ignoring the stinging pain in his arm.'
  7. 'Her voice was no longer light and airy, but deep and filled with venom.'
  8. 'A light and airy story about the trials and tribulations of love, the play will appeal to many.'
  9. 'An airy, feminine voice giggled as a delicate hand snatched up the plastic packet of wafers away from Wayne's hand.'
  10. 'I commanded, gesturing him forward with an airy wave of my arm.'


1. open to a free current of fresh air; breezy: airy rooms.

2. consisting of or having the character of air; immaterial: airy phantoms.

3. light in appearance; thin: airy garments.

4. light in manner; sprightly; lively: airy songs.

5. light in movement; graceful; delicate: an airy step.

6. light as air; unsubstantial; unreal; imaginary: airy dreams.

7. visionary; speculative.

8. performed in the air; aerial. 9. lofty; high in the air. 10. p

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be airy in spites."

"interiors can be airy in styles."

"houses can be airy with doors."

"bedrooms can be airy in furnitures."

"bedrooms can be airy in designs."

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