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Quite enjoyable and pleasurable; pleasant.
  1. 'The woman smiles, quite pleased by his agreeable tone, but then she frowns and squints at him under the street lamp.'
  2. 'What ever dressing was on those greens of yours is quite agreeable.'
  3. 'Come on, he was just inferring that children - untainted by a harsh and brutal world - were innocent and agreeable companions.'
  4. 'Equiano refers to him as ‘a kind interpreter, an agreeable companion, and a faithful friend’.'
  5. 'The morning was thus quite agreeable, and the conscientious ice cream vendor would have been out hitting the streets and taking advantage of those fair-weather revelers.'
  6. 'His versatility makes him an agreeable companion but owning one is not for the novice dog owner.'
  7. 'Eden was a capable man of business and an agreeable companion but acquired a reputation for self-seeking.'
  8. 'He just seems so nice and kind and agreeable, no matter what he's saying.'
  9. 'He was a consummate horseman, an agreeable companion, a hospitable host.'
  10. 'Only fair weather and a buggy could tempt me, and, if a little food was involved, I think I could find a round of golf quite agreeable.'
Willing to agree to something.
  1. 'Local groups would be very agreeable to meet with the council to discuss the matter.'
  2. 'And it's always her way or the highway: how can I get my best friend to be more open and agreeable to doing what I want to do for a change?'
  3. 'If China is agreeable to this, security cooperation among the United States, Japan, and South Korea could proceed in tandem with China's cooperation.'
  4. 'We are agreeable to do so in the future but this will be a private meeting and not a meeting of the Council.'
  5. 'Council asked him if the company would be agreeable to making a financial contribution to the upkeep of the traffic infrastructure in the area if there was significant extra capacity during the next decade.'
  6. 'I woke Justin and he was totally agreeable to going home.'
  7. 'Should a professor choose to reject the study or insist on changes not agreeable to the sponsor, another university scientist will very likely be more solicitous.'
  8. 'And if the developers have done that, they're hardly going to be agreeable to contributing further to public amenities.'
  9. 'The cook, who was not only well versed with family recipes and personal favourites, but also agreeable to being the sole, general body at hand for all contingencies!'
  10. 'The Scottish Football Association's board of directors have agreed to establish the system, leaving Vogts with the task of determining a financial figure that is agreeable to his players and employers.'
  11. 'a compromise which might be agreeable to both coal owners and unions'
  12. 'In the end, the park should have a zonation that is agreeable to all stakeholder parties - one that will therefore be a robust and effective management tool.'
  13. 'Jackie suggested to parents that the teenager might come up with suitable punishments for themselves that are agreeable to both parties.'
  14. 'To enquire about a price is to enter into a binding agreement: the stall-holder will keep knocking the price until he or she arrives at a tariff agreeable to you.'
  15. 'If for some reason the item has to be exchanged but you don't like anything I am selling at that moment, I may give you a store credit if this is agreeable to both of us.'
  16. 'He added that the government was not obliged to coordinate every single one of its actions with the agency but to work out a package of measures agreeable to the fund.'
  17. 'Compromises and concessions need to be reached on both sides, so that whatever choices are made about family and career are mutually acceptable and agreeable.'
  18. 'He said it would take some time to launch the fund, as more study needs to be done ‘to come up with the most suitable mechanism agreeable to everybody.’'
  19. 'It will take planning, but the trick is to work something out that's agreeable to both families, Meantime, you guys can talk anytime you want!'
  20. 'It all comes back to the validity of local knowledge teamed with a qualified person agreeable to us.'
  21. 'Tracey and Steve were hoping that couples therapy would help them move on in a direction that was mutually agreeable and satisfying to both of them.'


1. to one's liking; pleasing: agreeable manners; an agreeable sensation.

2. willing or ready to agree or consent: Are you agreeable to my plans for Saturday?

3. suitable; conformable (usually followed by to): practice agreeable to theory.

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"people can be agreeable to things."

"functionaries can be agreeable to things."

"unions can be agreeable to offers."

"sounds can be agreeable in quantities."

"solutions can be agreeable to israelis."

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Late Middle English: from Old French agreable, from agreer ‘make agreeable to’ (see agree).