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Willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.
  1. 'Our outings attract like-minded, adventurous travelers with cooperative spirits.'
  2. 'I don't have to experiment or be adventurous and choose something different every time I eat in an Indian restaurant.'
  3. 'For the adventurous urbanite, how about experiencing a taste of farm life by visiting a working farm or ranch?'
  4. 'Residents of the former East Germany are making up for the years of enforced immobility by becoming the world's most adventurous travellers.'
  5. 'I miss feeling adventurous and having fun ideas that I want to try out with someone special.'
  6. 'You now feel a little more adventurous and are willing to take on a little more risk.'
  7. 'We are reminded that boys are conditioned from an early age to be adventurous and take risks, while girls are taught to be cautious and not stray too far.'
  8. 'I tried to convince myself to be spontaneous and adventurous and brave.'
  9. 'The more adventurous travelers hike their way into the Inca sanctuary, situated high on a mountain peak in the cloudy forest.'
  10. 'If you feel adventurous, like new experiences, and have a fairly grounded personality, go for it.'
  11. 'they wanted more adventurous meals'
  12. 'If anything, his work is getting less interesting and adventurous, reworking old ideas for a speculative market.'
  13. 'On the other hand, that would still leave nearly two hours of vital, adventurous music.'
  14. 'The influence of sociology also encouraged experimentation with a variety of more adventurous and imaginative research methods and new sources of data.'
  15. 'You are ready for fresh personal experiences and adventurous work projects.'
  16. 'It was both stylistically adventurous and powerfully moving.'
  17. 'Stirling is a lively and adventurous arts and cultural centre which stages a rich programme of events.'
  18. 'Despite an adventurous menu and attractive decor, the place was never busy on a clear, bright summer's Friday night.'
  19. 'This is not a rant against modern or adventurous architecture.'
  20. 'The film may not be stylistically adventurous, with long scenes and conventional editing, but the content bites.'
  21. 'But its recovery is near completion and the enlightened and adventurous regeneration is attracting record numbers of visitors.'
  22. 'They embarked on a life that was both romantically adventurous and cozily domestic.'
  23. 'She considers her time in Bulgaria to have been an adventurous experience.'
  24. 'Its zig-zag course and the steep cliffs on either side make a two-hour raft trip down the river an adventurous experience.'
  25. 'Secondly, we are all aware that we should try kit out in shallow water before gradually building up our depth and experience and undertaking more adventurous dives.'
  26. 'Kathryn had many mind-opening and adventurous experiences on her travels.'
  27. 'The second of our thrillers is an adventurous modern love story, firmly located in London but with universal themes.'
  28. 'At the end of the line, all they may have is a head full of adventurous mishaps to tell their grandchildren about.'
  29. 'Relating to that audience, if it's a Buddies audience, can be an adventurous experience.'
  30. 'Once considered an adventurous shopping experience, these price slashers are now in easy proximity to the suburban jungle.'


1. inclined or willing to engage in adventures; enjoying adventures.

2. full of risk; requiring courage; hazardous: an adventurous undertaking.

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"investors can be adventurous in/at/on weeks."

"people can be adventurous with modicums."

"people can be adventurous with choices."

"people can be adventurous in ways."

"people can be adventurous in choices."

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Middle English: from Old French aventureus, from aventure (see adventure).