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Able to adjust to new conditions.
  1. 'Doctors need to be balanced, open, and adaptable to change.'
  2. 'Women are more adaptable, compliant and possess the communication skills required by the call centre service economy.'
  3. 'The highly divided gecko foot is also minutely adaptable to bumpy surfaces and is easy to reposition, he says.'
  4. 'They must be flexible and adaptable to ever-changing schedules and situations.'
  5. 'All the depicted vegetation is highly resilient and adaptable to the most hostile surroundings.'
  6. 'Rational beliefs tend to be moderate, flexible, and adaptable to life events.'
  7. 'Insects and diseases don't bother them, and the plants are incredibly adaptable to almost any climate.'
  8. 'And keep an extra eye on the elderly and young children since their bodies are not as adaptable to the heat.'
  9. 'We have created units that are flexible, creative and adaptable to the changing marketplace around us.'
  10. 'Living languages are in constant use and therefore must be adaptable to changing situations and circumstances.'
  11. 'telephone links that are adaptable for modems'
  12. 'The receiver is of the flat-top variety with an accessory rail that is adaptable to most optical sights.'
  13. 'One type of filter was not adaptable to all the gases used, so the masks were ineffective sometimes.'
  14. 'It is a compact, drop-point fixed blade designed for easy carry and adaptable to many uses.'
  15. 'The till is adaptable to the individual needs of the retailer.'
  16. 'Now the Home Office says that these guns are easily adaptable to fire live ammunition.'
  17. 'Therefore, it would be easily adaptable for multiple purposes.'
  18. 'Citylink has found that Linux readily is adaptable to whatever the company needs it to do.'
  19. 'And the systems had to be easily adaptable to handle other birds, such as turkeys and ducks.'
  20. 'The machines are adaptable to either single or multiple filling operations.'
  21. 'Acoustical control poses one of the greatest challenges to adaptable interiors.'

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1. capable of being adapted.

2. able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions: an adaptable person.

More examples(as adjective)

"systems can be adaptable to systems."

"tailingses can be adaptable to winnings."

"structures can be adaptable to functions."

"softwares can be adaptable to functions."

"people can be adaptable to varieties."

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