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An area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose, or use, or subject to particular restrictions.
  1. 'a 40-km demilitarized zone'
  2. 'It wants to split the area into parking zones at each end and introduce a road traffic order in the middle to safeguard the loading bay with a larger sign.'
  3. 'The Courthouse car park would be improved, and a pedestrian zone created at the front entrance.'
  4. 'A buffer zone is recommended in which no irrigating is done.'
  5. 'More than 100,000 people were belatedly evacuated from the zone following the disaster.'
  6. 'The proposed enclosure would stretch from wet sand to dry areas above the tidal zone, but allowed people to walk at the water's edge along the beach.'
  7. 'Thousands of landmines have made patches of the fertile land into no-go zones.'
  8. 'The area in question has now been declared a disaster zone, and provincial funding has been requested to help the afflicted fishermen.'
  9. 'Heavy rains are expected in the earthquake zone this weekend.'
  10. 'The chain wants to convert the ground floor to what they describe as a traditional ale house and wine bar, with no-smoking zones and a family area.'
  11. 'But once inside this military zone the atmosphere is more relaxed and you are able to walk around freely.'
  12. 'a zone of easterly winds'
  13. 'The eastern Himalayan region is a high-rainfall zone that yields excessive water in basins during the monsoon.'
  14. 'Located in the temperate monsoon zone, Japan is also strongly influenced by seasonal weather patterns.'
  15. 'I'm not sure when the time zone changes, so I'll have to figure that out.'
  16. 'Mars will be closest to Earth in 2005 on October 29 or 30, depending on your time zone.'
  17. 'If you take melatonin too early in the day, you may become sleepy before bedtime and it may take you longer to adapt to your new time zone.'
  18. 'Fortunately, whether your child is starting school in a new time zone or just down the street, you can help smooth the way.'
  19. 'The fact that this World Cup is basically being played in our time zone means most soccer fans are able to see a lot more of this event and understand how big it is.'
  20. 'Go and look at a map - Portugal is actually, if anything, below and to the left of most of Britain, so it makes complete sense that they are in the same time zone.'
  21. 'The comet was struck on July forth for the Eastern and Central time zones, but it hit on the third for us in the Rockies and the Western time zone.'
  22. '‘If we can't run two offices in different locations in the same time zone then we have big problems,’ he said.'
  23. 'As I turn back towards home, my mobile phone beeps into life. A new year greeting sent from a different time zone, halfway across the world.'
  24. 'Also, those of us with satellite dishes can watch a different time zone.'
  25. 'I was in the zone, completing the first nine holes in one under par'
An encircling band or stripe of distinctive colour, texture, or character.
  1. 'In addition, plants that are colonized by mycorrhizal fungi have a zone termed the mycorrhizosphere.'
  2. '‘Palmate’ sclerites are situated in the dorsal zone of the animal's body.'
  3. 'Like modern frogs, she says, the bones show an inner zone of yellow, fatty marrow, encircled by an outer zone of red marrow.'
A belt or girdle worn round a person's body.


    Divide into or assign to zones.
    1. 'There are no regulations, zoning restrictions, fences or white lines to tell you where to go.'
    2. 'For new construction, this can be of vital importance, particularly where zoning restricts building height.'
    3. 'I'm sure any zoning plan will be a small sacrifice for the recreational angler to make for the future sustainability of our fish stocks.'
    4. 'First, consider the principle that time, place, and manner restrictions such as zoning generally do not violate the First Amendment.'
    5. 'The local zoning authorities for a long time just outright banned big box stores, stores of over something like 10,000 square feet.'
    6. 'All the indications are that Cherrywood will receive the town centre zoning.'
    7. 'The move was made to restrict zoning, said Stevens, in order to avoid having a retail store set up where it was unwanted.'
    8. 'Stiff zoning laws, even when they're well-intended, result in unintended consequences.'
    9. 'Cllr Flynn says while Westport Town Councillors won't be zoning this particular piece of land they will be making their opinions felt.'
    10. 'The company will even lobby local government to change zoning regulations in order to get the location they want.'
    11. 'the land is zoned for housing'
    12. 'The canal area is zoned for new homes and restaurants, and some redundant cotton mills are being converted into flats.'
    13. 'Since the building is now zoned for residential use, the house can be occupied by only three unrelated people at a time.'
    14. 'The remaining 12 acres are zoned for agriculture.'
    15. 'The owners were hard done by following the council decision to zone the land as green area.'
    16. 'The Railway Square site is zoned for general business under the 2002 Waterford City Development Plan.'
    17. 'The purpose of the proposed variation is to zone lands in Tullow and its environs to use for residential, institutional and industrial uses.'
    18. 'The land was zoned at that time for agricultural purposes.'
    19. 'There is land zoned for industry, so the sooner the County Council purchases this land the better.'
    20. 'The owners have now had a change of mind and efforts are being made to lease the 8,000 sq. ft property, which is zoned for retail use.'
    21. 'Listowel town manager Michael McMahon asked councillors to consider zoning a portion of land for the use of discount retailers.'
    Encircle as or with a band or stripe.

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      1. any continuous area that differs in some respect, or is distinguished for some purpose, from adjoining areas, or within which certain distinctive circumstances exist or are established: The decisions were formulated in a zone of uncertainty. The temperature lies outside the danger zone.

      2. Geography. any of five great divisions of the earth's surface, bounded by lines parallel to the equator and named according to the prevailing temperature.Compare North Frigid Zone, North Tempe

      More examples(as adjective)

      "proximities can be zone."

      "individuals can be zone."


      Late Middle English: from French, or from Latin zona ‘girdle’, from Greek zōnē.


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